Women's Renewal Weekend 2010!!!

Womens Renewal Weekend 2010
by lorileigh at 02/02/10 12:03PM
Theme ~ Diamonds: Refined to Radiance

"Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness, you who seek the LORD: look to the rock from which you were hewn, and to the quarry from which you were dug." Isaiah 51:1

Dear Lady,

You are invited to our series of lectures and discussions on

Friday April 23-Saturday April 24, 2010

at six o'clock in the evening Friday

to three o'clock in the afternoon Saturday

Camp Otyokwah & Retreat Center

3380 Tugend Road

Butler, Ohio 44822

Please refer to www.womensrenewal.org for more information and for the registration flyer.

Women's Renewal Weekend 2010 Lectures:

Diamonds in the Rough (2 Co 4:6-11) by Shawn Beltz of Indianapolis, Indiana
Diamonds are rough pieces of carbon that are created under adverse conditions--tremendous pressure and heat. Instead of absorbing light and becoming black like coal with sin, we, as Christian women, need to reflect God's pure light and righteousness like a diamond. As daughters of the Almighty, we need to be refined in maturity to shine like our creator, the rock from which we were hewn. The trials and tests that we go through, allow us to shine even brighter, glorifying the Lord. Likewise, for a diamond's brilliance to be realized, certain things need to be chiseled away so its true radiance shines forth like Christ's.

Idle to Industrious (1 Tim 5:11-15) by Sarah Longhenry of Norwalk, Ohio
Women are often pictured to be idle, gossiping on the phone all day, etc. instead of working in the Kingdom. Discuss ways to not let situations, seasons of life or idleness keep women from reflecting God's light. Focus on how trials can take us on a different path toward becoming industrious in the Kingdom and on what we can do instead of what we can't do.

Angry to Amiable (Ps 37: 4-8) by Andrea Dalton of Norwalk, Ohio
Women are often stereotyped as nagging, bitter or causing strife due to unhappiness, a lack of peace and unity. Women also often let trials or tests make them angry and resentful. This lecture focuses on ways to trust in the Lord by refraining from anger and wrath, so that one can become an amiable light in situations that glorify the Lord.

Murmuring to Ministering (Phil 2:14-15) by Judy Eddy of New Matamoras, Ohio
Instead of murmuring, turn difficult situations or personal trials into ways to minister to others. This lecture will discuss how grumbling holds women and others back from being productive in the Kingdom and keeps God from being glorified. Discuss practical ways to avoid murmuring in yourself and in others.

Obstinate to Obedient (Rom 6:16-19) by Emily Johnson of Akron, Ohio
This lecture will discuss how women are to be in submissive to God, parents, a husband, the elders, the government at various stages of life. Instead of being obstinate, learn ways to become obedient from the heart so God can be glorified.

Neglectful to Not Ashamed (2 Tim 2:15) by Terry Rempel of St. Anns, Ontario, Canada
In this lecture, neglectful attitudes toward God, studying his Word, sharing the gospel with others, etc. will be discussed. Learn how not to be ashamed of God, as a worker that handles his Word with accuracy, reflecting God's light to others.

Desire for Self to Determined for Christ (Phil. 3: 7-14) by Amanda Little of Waverly, Ohio
Desires for more money, lust, personal time, etc. keep women from contentment and from serving God faithfully. Learn how to chisel out those selfish desires that keep us from wholly serving Christ. This lecture will discuss how to have a mindset of choosing to be satisfied even when faced with trials. It will focus on how to be less desirous for self and more determined for Christ, so He can be glorified.

Shining into Sanctification (1 Pet 2:4-5, 9) by Karen Szabo of Galena, Ohio
No imitations (cubic zirconium), please. We, as living stones from a royal priesthood, are to be sanctified in holiness to reflect Christ's light like a true diamond. Trials and tests refine us, leading to sanctification and shining more radiantly for the Lord.


Friday, April 23rd:
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Registration
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM Dinner
8:00 PM - 8:15 PM Opening Announcements, Songs
8:15 PM - 9:15 PM Opening Lecture:
"Diamonds in the Rough" by Shawn Beltz of Indianapolis, Indiana

Saturday, April 24th:
7:30 AM - 8:45 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM -11:15 AM Lecture Rotations (Sessions 1 and 2):

9:00 AM -10:00 AM Session 1
"Idle to Industrious" by Sarah Longhenry of Norwalk, Ohio
"Angry to Amiable" (especially for young women) by Andrea Dalton of Norwalk, Ohio
"Murmuring to Ministering" by Judy Eddy of New Matamoras, Ohio

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM Session 2
"Obstinate to Obedient" (especially for young women) by Emily Johnson of Akron, Ohio
"Neglectful to Not Ashamed" by Terry Rempel of St. Anns, Ontario, Canada
"Desire for Self to Determined for Christ" by Amanda Little of Waverly, Ohio

11:30 AM -12:15 PM Edifying One Another in Song
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM Lunch

1: 30 PM - 2:30 PM Closing Lecture :
"Shining into Sanctification" by Karen Szabo of Galena, Ohio

2:30 PM - 2:40 PM Closing Announcements

  • pooky
    I always did think that your elbows were lovely. ;-)
    by pooky at 05/13/10 3:27PM
  • friedaj
    You are so welcome. I hope you get to feeling better real soon.
    by friedaj at 11/29/10 3:43PM

Rainbow Sherbet Tree

This was taken last Saturday in Butler, Ohio while my Mom and I were at the Prairie Peddler Festival. Happy Autumn!
  • polaramy
    What beautiful colors! We're just starting to see hints of change down here.
    by polaramy at 10/17/09 1:31PM
  • bruke
    Ah, I miss that.
    by bruke at 10/17/09 8:07PM
  • rockymtnslover
    I was noticing the gorgeous leaves this weekend. This is beautiful!
    by rockymtnslover at 10/18/09 8:39PM
  • racheldean
    Beautiful! Did you all have fun?
    by racheldean at 10/19/09 8:41AM
  • kristindoula
    Ah, so pretty! One thing we miss about Midwestern Autumn. We just don't see the gorgeous colors down here (though these Southerners *think* they do ;-)). Even the trees that change (soooo many pine trees down here) just don't get as brightly colored.
    by kristindoula at 10/19/09 9:09AM
  • lorileigh
    by lorileigh at 10/20/09 1:42PM
  • valleryy911
    That is SOOOO beautiful!
    by valleryy911 at 10/21/09 4:46AM
  • take_the_wheel
    trees are terrrific!! (remember that commercial with the owl? well, thats definitely what came to mind when I saw this pic) Good pic, Rachel. :) from the sky fall trees look like fruit loops. :)
    by take_the_wheel at 10/21/09 5:49PM

Bless His Heart

Matt's agenda this morning:
* Eat breakfast
* Shower/get dressed
* Go get his hair cut

Caleb really needs his hair cut, too, so I asked Matt if he would take him, too. Sure.

Then, Violet jumps on the wagon, too. "I need a haircut, too, because I always put my hair in my mouth and they can cut these sides off! And I need to go so I can make sure Caleb stays out of trouble." (We've been working with her on not doing this for awhile now.) I told her she was NOT getting her hair cut today. Matt said she could come, too. Caleb is bawling hysterically going out the door because I'm not going with them....

Please pray for Matt's sanity and that Violet doesn't come home with a mullet!!!
  • thecube
    by thecube at 08/15/09 11:16AM
  • funsahm
    It would be easier to shave it off anyway.
    by funsahm at 08/15/09 12:58PM
  • mattdevore
    Rachel, you're so nice.

    Our children were praised for their good behavior by the hair cutters. That praise mostly belongs to my dear wife.

    They ended up cutting my hair the way I like it but shorter than Rachel wanted it - pretty much normal. The didn't really seem to do much with Caleb's hair. They said we could come back for a retry for no extra charge. I hope they give him another sucker.
    by mattdevore at 08/15/09 2:35PM
  • mattdevore
    by mattdevore at 08/15/09 2:35PM
  • mattdevore
    You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.
    by mattdevore at 08/17/09 2:22PM
  • mattdevore
    I love you for taking Violet to the ladies' Bible class and for filling out her medical forms for kindergarten.
    by mattdevore at 08/18/09 12:52PM
  • mattdevore
    I love you for getting Violet's school supplies.
    by mattdevore at 08/23/09 2:42PM
  • mattdevore
    I love you for getting Violet safely to school on her first day of kindergarten.
    by mattdevore at 08/25/09 8:55AM
  • mattdevore
    I love you for waking up with me.
    by mattdevore at 08/26/09 12:43PM
  • mattdevore
    I love you for taking the movies back and shopping late at night for us.
    by mattdevore at 08/27/09 11:05AM
  • mattdevore
    I love you for being you.
    by mattdevore at 09/01/09 11:28AM
  • mattdevore
    I love you for appreciating my quiche.
    by mattdevore at 09/02/09 12:40PM
  • angieprice
    You two are way too sweet! :)
    by angieprice at 09/03/09 7:35AM
  • mattdevore
    I love you for dealing with the UPS Police.
    by mattdevore at 09/03/09 11:22AM
  • mattdevore
    I love you for not serving me fruit roll-ups and then claiming that they're real fruit.
    by mattdevore at 09/05/09 7:11PM

Love's Sound

What does love sound like?

To me it sounds like the loud, high-pitched whirring of the coffee grinder, given by a dear friend,
Screaming out of the kitchen waking me up.
It means my husband is making coffee for me.

Love sounds like the soft crinkle of a homemade love note slipped inside my pillowcase,
Reminding me my husband is happy to share me with my sisters in Christ for an encouraging ladies' retreat.

Love sounds like the humble power of 89 sisters' voices blending Singing "Father, we love you, we worship, and adore you...",
Reminding me each and every soul is precious in His sight.

Love sounds like another sister telling me,
"Even though we've never met, you are a long lost kindred spirit,"
Thankful that He's made these relationships possible in the first place.

Love sounds like Jesus commanding, "Love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.
By this all men will know that you are My disiples, if you have love for one another,"
Encouraging me to keep serving Him by serving others.

~Rachel DeVore 4/20/09

What does love sound like to you?
  • mattdevore
    Good day sunshine
    Then we lie beneath a shady tree
    I love her and she's loving me
    She feels good, she know she's looking fine
    I'm so proud to know that she is mine
    Good day sunshine
    by mattdevore at 06/12/09 8:42AM
  • pooky
    pictures of the hair! :)
    by pooky at 06/16/09 4:25PM
  • valleryy911
    by valleryy911 at 06/23/09 8:36AM
  • valleryy911
    your public demands a new performance from the lovely devore duo
    by valleryy911 at 06/23/09 8:36AM
  • mattdevore
    I want to play with your cute hair.
    by mattdevore at 06/23/09 9:50AM
  • mattdevore
    Your lips drip nectar, my bride; honey and milk are under your tongue; the fragrance of your garments is like the fragrance of Lebanon.
    by mattdevore at 06/24/09 12:37PM
  • mattdevore
    Behold, you are beautiful, my love; behold, you are beautiful; your eyes are doves.
    by mattdevore at 06/25/09 3:43PM
  • ektustin
    Her hair is adorable! I had a great time today! Glad you could make it!
    by ektustin at 06/25/09 7:47PM
  • mattdevore
    An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain.
    by mattdevore at 07/01/09 2:19PM
  • mattdevore
    In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. I have long considered you as one of the handsomest women of my acquaintance.
    by mattdevore at 07/06/09 10:26AM
  • mattdevore
    About three things I was absolutely positive.
    First, Rachel was a vampire.
    Second, there was a part of her, and I didn't know how dominant that part might be, that thirsted for my blood.
    And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with her.
    by mattdevore at 07/07/09 8:20AM
  • mattdevore
    Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.
    by mattdevore at 07/09/09 9:41AM
  • mattdevore
    Make of our hands one hand. Make of our hearts one heart. Make of our vows one last vow. Only death will part us now.
    by mattdevore at 07/10/09 9:25AM
  • mattdevore
    by mattdevore at 07/10/09 12:07PM
  • mattdevore
    That film was released the year my parents were wed.
    by mattdevore at 07/10/09 12:08PM
  • mattdevore
    I felt, I knew something never before was going to happen, had to happen. But this is so much more. So beautiful. I love you.
    by mattdevore at 07/21/09 1:23PM
  • mattdevore
    14 years on Wednesday...
    by mattdevore at 07/27/09 9:09AM
  • mattdevore
    I love you, my bride.
    by mattdevore at 07/29/09 7:51AM
  • mattdevore
    by mattdevore at 07/29/09 9:16AM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 07/29/09 9:38AM

Some First Words for a [Reading Girl|sweetviolet]!

He why
to day
it milk
I kiwi
my me
Mom Dad
of the
you yes no
  • rachelandra
    There's more, but those are just the ones she found within the last 5 minutes.
    by rachelandra at 03/24/09 1:08PM
  • friedaj
    Justin brought a library book with him this time called Rowan. I just could not believe the words he was able to read.
    by friedaj at 03/24/09 4:21PM
  • valleryy911
    SHES AMAZING. I'm sure you're busting your buttons proud. xo
    by valleryy911 at 03/25/09 12:12PM
  • matermagistra
    WAY TO GO, Violet and Mommy!!

    There is nothing like seeing your child read their first words!!
    by matermagistra at 03/25/09 11:19PM
  • pooky
    How old is she now?
    by pooky at 03/29/09 5:00PM
  • funsahm
    She's a smart girl...must get that from her titi Sharon
    by funsahm at 03/30/09 11:26AM
  • racheldean
    Hee Hee, I was confused at first when I started reading your comment, thought you had posted it to the wrong person. Your welcome, glad you enjoyed it.
    by racheldean at 04/06/09 7:39PM
  • lorileigh
    Hi! ~Kyle
    by lorileigh at 04/08/09 7:19AM
  • valleryy911
    Enjoy your renewal:)
    by valleryy911 at 04/17/09 12:36PM