every angel is terrifying

07/14/08 1:53PM

the eschaton

"God will reign: He will fit created time to triune time and created polity to the perichoresis of Father, Son, and Spirit. God will deify the redeemed: their life will be carried and shaped by the life of the Father, Son, and Spirit, and they will know themselves as personal agents in the life so shaped. God will let the redeemed see Him: the Father by the Spirit will make Christ's eyes their eyes. The end is music."
-Robert Jenson
  • cmvermont
    by cmvermont at 07/02/06 8:05PM
  • imelgringo
    didn't that guy write the book of Ezekiel
    by imelgringo at 07/06/06 3:14PM
  • rosemary
    hey dan
    by rosemary at 07/06/06 4:05PM
  • sunshinelove05
    i like music. and you! missss you, dan.
    by sunshinelove05 at 07/06/06 10:56PM
  • icecreamman
    by icecreamman at 07/12/06 3:17PM
  • kuriaeiren
    Hi Dan, I hope all is well with you tonight. =)
    by kuriaeiren at 07/26/06 10:24PM
  • slave_of_jesus_jdb
    Do our heads get to glow like Theirs in that picture? They look kind of tired...
    by slave_of_jesus_jdb at 07/27/06 12:36PM
  • SaraJones
    Do you need help in moving your belongings over to the Burt abode?? Let us know and we will help you, friend. "The problem with Dan is I disagree with almost everything he says, but he is so darn good at defending his arguments."
    by SaraJones at 07/28/06 4:43PM
  • rosemary
    i was think'n bout you today, hope all is well!!
    by rosemary at 08/03/06 7:21PM
  • cattleman
    so, how was mr. adams?
    by cattleman at 08/04/06 3:13AM
  • coulter
    they do look tired
    by coulter at 08/21/06 8:19PM