life update

Life continues to be busy in Nebraska. Lots of studies and good opportunities.I recently attended the funeral of my 100 yeart old grandma. It was truly a blessing to be there. She was alive during 27 presidents, numerous wars, and all sorts of cultural changes. Of course the Cubs never won the world series in her life time, they did the 2 years before she was born. She was the first registered female physical therapist in the state of Alabama, though she left that to serve people when she married my grandpa who would go on to preach for half a century plus. They didn't have much in this world, because of their life choices, but the love of their children. Truly a greater treasure than a bank account, it resulted in them spending their last years being cared for in the homes of their family. Jane Barnes lived the last 12 years of her long life and died peacably at home. Those who honored her could not have asked for it to have gone better. I am thankful to the Lord for her life and the example those involved gave me.
  • whipsmile
    This is a great homage to her.
    And the Cubs line made me smile.

    Love you Nathan!
    by whipsmile at 09/17/09 12:07PM
  • nthnswmn
    That is a beautiful testimony to her life with a few good lessons for us to learn. Thanks for sharing that.
    by nthnswmn at 09/17/09 12:19PM
  • sirtarin
    Lovely post. =)
    by sirtarin at 09/17/09 2:22PM
  • sjbgurl
    Thank you for sharing :) I really wish I could have been there. I hate that I missed seeing all my family!
    by sjbgurl at 09/17/09 5:36PM
  • btrflybarb
    Very wonderfully said.
    The Cubs line made me smile, too.
    by btrflybarb at 09/17/09 6:00PM
  • ed
    Love you brother! I would love to have known her, she sounds like an amazing woman.
    by ed at 09/17/09 6:47PM
  • jlmanager
    Excellent post. Glad all is well in Nebraska.
    by jlmanager at 09/18/09 6:51AM
  • madtomkidd
    Wonderful tribute to your grandparents! Keep up the good work!
    by madtomkidd at 09/18/09 8:50AM
  • beckylboyer
    I can see she clearly had a great impact on you! And you are right - she had everything that mattered.
    by beckylboyer at 09/18/09 12:51PM
  • ousinger
    aww, Ms Jane...she was such a sweetheart. I really enjoyed spending time with her when she lived here in Columbia. Hearing her sing "barney google" :) lol! She was so sweet. Glad you got to go to her funeral. What a wonderful woman!
    by ousinger at 09/19/09 9:26AM
  • i_am_a_sheep
    I can still here her singing the Chattanooga Choo-choo
    by i_am_a_sheep at 09/26/09 5:17PM
  • dressednyella
    What a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. I wish I had known her!
    by dressednyella at 09/29/09 5:06PM
  • auamy
    It was good to see you again. I hope you are doing well up there.
    by auamy at 10/13/09 8:26AM
  • create_a_way
    wow. very nice. you are blessed.
    by create_a_way at 11/12/09 1:59PM
  • fullofgrace

    by fullofgrace at 12/24/09 2:11PM
  • phorgain37055
    Good thoughts about your grandma. Encouraging post.
    by phorgain37055 at 02/09/10 10:05AM
  • jayhawks
    hey nathe dont thinkyou get on pleonast any more but i go to camp with you you were my first councler :]
    by jayhawks at 08/07/11 4:22PM


  • dezwaans
    Sounds fun?
    by dezwaans at 07/12/09 10:30AM
  • sjbgurl
    by sjbgurl at 07/12/09 3:24PM
  • sirtarin
    by sirtarin at 07/12/09 4:35PM
  • whipsmile
    we finally get a post from you.

    by whipsmile at 07/13/09 8:32AM
  • sirtorin
    What an update. =)
    by sirtorin at 07/13/09 12:12PM
  • freymarlow
    WOW!! Lots of information you have here!!! its...its...OVERWHELMING!!!...rotflol!!
    by freymarlow at 07/13/09 12:24PM
  • troutlikethefish
    Speaking of which, we miss you man. Come back to NJ!!!
    by troutlikethefish at 07/13/09 12:43PM
  • cellophane
    by cellophane at 07/17/09 1:06PM
  • scrimp
    It was SO wonderful.. :)
    by scrimp at 07/18/09 1:57PM
  • beckylboyer
    Great to be with you again! You always make me laugh! Loved your impression of Jasmine. :)
    by beckylboyer at 07/18/09 5:42PM
  • calebs
    im with ya on that. :) oh, and sorry i didn't play with you on friday. i woke up at six but didn't even make it out of the bed. :P i woke up to you playing your trumpet. haha
    by calebs at 07/18/09 6:08PM
  • i_am_a_sheep
    Have fun!!
    by i_am_a_sheep at 07/18/09 9:23PM
  • dukie
    you are reading my pleonast right now
    by dukie at 07/27/09 12:35AM
  • heidiw
    It was great to finally meet you, Nathan! Thanks for showing us around Lincoln, for organizing Ultimate, and for just a good time in general! Visiting Lincoln and spending time with you all pretty much made my trip. Seriously. You're an encouragment! keep it up and have a good day!!
    by heidiw at 07/29/09 10:49AM
  • heidiw
    Any time!!! It's my pleasure. :)
    by heidiw at 07/30/09 6:41PM
  • chekit
    thanks? :) How are you?!
    by chekit at 08/01/09 10:36PM

8 random facts

I got tagged, why not???

1. I was born with out knee caps (is there still anyone in this world that doesn't know that?)

2. I listened to country music for about 2 years and didn't tell anyone, or listen to it around anyone else, because I always prided myself in not liking country...

3. I have a hard time gaining weight. It's a combination of a high metabolism, and the fact that I deal with stress the opposite way that most people in this world do (I don't get a bowl of ice cream when I feel pressure)

4. March is my favorite month of the year, followed closely by September.

5. I played one season of water polo in high school.

6. If I wasn't a preacher, I'd want to be an accountant. I've always loved numbers and have never found them boring. When I was young, I always tried to find patterns between the 5 songs put on the board at services. (if you take the first number, double it and add it to the second number you get the 3rd number plus the 4th number, subtract the fifth number plus 5)

7. When I was young, I should have paid a lot closer attention in church (see above).

8. I have a really fat tongue. Probably fatter than everyone on my friends list, regardless of their overall size.
  • dressednyella
    Very interesting!
    by dressednyella at 01/24/09 5:33PM
  • scrimp
    Nathan, you're awesome : )
    by scrimp at 01/24/09 9:36PM
  • ed
    i remember you telling Law and myself about really didn't need to show us though...
    by ed at 01/25/09 2:00AM
  • beckylboyer
    I love number 7. LOL
    by beckylboyer at 01/25/09 7:44AM
  • charliesangel
    are you going to be at lectures?
    by charliesangel at 01/25/09 9:06PM
  • freymarlow
    Are you in teh guieness book of world records for number 8? I bet you could eat ice cream real gfood with a big tongue. I wish I had that big of a tongue to eat ice cream with...
    by freymarlow at 01/26/09 1:18PM
  • freymarlow
    This is all intresting and I wish I knew more about you like can you kneel without kneecaps?
    by freymarlow at 01/26/09 1:19PM
  • chekit
    I knew all of these things! now is the time for our friendship to glow with pride. talk to me listening.
    by chekit at 01/27/09 10:16PM
  • gilgurl
    interesting, i didnt know that you were born without knee caps. I understand about the country thing though.
    by gilgurl at 01/29/09 8:19PM
  • justjoey
    It was great meeting you too man! Look forward to seeing you next year.
    by justjoey at 02/04/09 11:09PM
  • lefantstaf
    i actually was just telling someone this week about your knee cap-less-ness.
    by lefantstaf at 02/07/09 9:00AM
  • create_a_way
    hey bro, are you down here for lectures?
    by create_a_way at 02/09/09 12:57PM
  • brigster
    haha, i did the same thing with songs. When song numbers got boring, i did statistics with the number of chapters and verses in the Bible. That was actually peripherally helpful later on in life
    by brigster at 02/12/09 2:44PM
  • create_a_way
    hey bro, I was crazy-stupid to suggest that I would email you on Monday night! Once lectures started I was slammed, non-stop. Give me a few days to catch up and I will email you. Hey! I met the family you live with, you basement priest, you!
    by create_a_way at 02/13/09 2:26PM
  • natestation
    I must be gaining weight for you...
    by natestation at 03/12/09 8:02PM
  • natestation
    Say hey to Seth for Sav and I!
    by natestation at 03/12/09 8:02PM
  • dr_corndog
    I deal with stress with coffee. And if you still need some knee caps, then...on second thought, you can't have mine. Sorry.
    by dr_corndog at 03/16/09 12:48PM
  • sportsfan
    I can relate to your number 6. I used to add up all the numbers. Maybe that is why I memorized the book. Have fun with the teen weekend. God bless.
    by sportsfan at 05/15/09 11:40PM
  • millychloe
    Thanks for the comment, yup I absolutely agree with you on that. Didn't know there were only about 15 people, nor whether the county talked to them personally before appealing to the authorities. Anyway, thanks for that article, I'm glad they apologized!
    by millychloe at 06/07/09 11:27AM
  • millychloe
    Yeah..I have been practicing that one, I shall record it soon.I don't understand why I said "threat of design" doesn't make sense. Did it make sense to me once? It should have been thread.
    by millychloe at 06/10/09 9:29AM


Jody is currently doing a lot better, she is out of the hospital (after a 10 day stay!) and back at home waiting to get word from the Mayo Clinic (in Minneapolis) for further tests. Thanks for the prayers. NQ
  • sirtarin
    Huzzah! Will continue to pray though. =)
    by sirtarin at 12/21/08 11:18PM
  • kare_n_huggs
    oh, thanks, that is so good to hear!
    by kare_n_huggs at 12/21/08 11:49PM
  • whipsmile
    that's great!
    by whipsmile at 12/22/08 8:07AM
  • freymarlow
    by freymarlow at 12/22/08 2:09PM
  • ed
    great news
    by ed at 12/22/08 4:29PM
  • i_am_a_sheep
    by i_am_a_sheep at 12/23/08 10:49AM
  • brigster
    can't wait to see you
    by brigster at 12/23/08 1:24PM
  • sjbgurl
    McKenzie had her baby girl!! :)
    by sjbgurl at 12/24/08 3:28PM
  • texaslady
    glad to hear it.
    by texaslady at 12/28/08 11:14PM
  • heroforthenight
    new year happy
    by heroforthenight at 01/01/09 9:41AM
  • sirtorin
    Happy New Year!
    by sirtorin at 01/01/09 3:09PM
  • emrb77
    those are great news! =) btw, were you in IN only on Monday? =(
    by emrb77 at 01/05/09 8:33AM
  • daphneel
    You've been tagged to list 8 little known facts or habits about yourself. After posting yours, tag 8 other people to do the same!
    by daphneel at 01/23/09 4:17PM

prayer request

A lady from the congregation in Lincoln, named Jody was recently diagnosed with MS - she and her husband Doug began worshiping with us about 2.5 years ago. Jody is 31 years old, and the mother of 3 kids (ages 7,4, and 2). In the past week the symptoms have grown considerably worse, and she's been hospitalized for the past week. Please keep her, her husband and their children in your prayers.

  • btrflybarb
    Prayers said.
    by btrflybarb at 12/10/08 10:33AM
  • whipsmile
    of course
    by whipsmile at 12/10/08 10:43AM
  • sirtarin
    Will do.
    by sirtarin at 12/10/08 11:04AM
  • freymarlow
    Thanks, Will do.....
    by freymarlow at 12/10/08 12:47PM
  • ed
    i'm on it! hope you are doing well brother...i think of you often!
    by ed at 12/11/08 5:24PM
  • sirtorin
    Will pray.
    by sirtorin at 12/13/08 2:07PM
  • ajhkygirl
    I will keep her in my prayers! How are you doing?
    by ajhkygirl at 12/14/08 10:44PM
  • rundrummerrun
    She's got prayers!
    by rundrummerrun at 12/16/08 9:53AM
  • natestation
    by natestation at 12/18/08 11:38PM
  • dr_corndog
    You got it.
    by dr_corndog at 12/21/08 8:33AM