09/15/12 8:24PM

Enjoyed my day working with over 70 kids at the NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge. Many of the kids had never shot archery before. Cassie was a great help to me. She loved working with the little kids (her Memaw's spirit is alive and well in her). I enjoyed working with the older kids so we made a good team. It still thrills me to see young shooters take their first shot and break into a huge smile.

Our meeting went well. Thank you to all those who came and visited. Visitors are so important at meetings. You just don't realize how encouraging you are by just showing up.

Lovin' this fall weather!
  • derbydi
    Beautiful day today!
    by derbydi at 09/15/12 9:32PM
  • shannonwk
    Our meeting is going on through Wednesday and Tac's lessons are always thought-provoking. Great day, lovely weather.
    by shannonwk at 09/17/12 9:05PM

Yes, I'm still here

Hello Pleonasters. Lots going on right now with our family.

Most important:

Kenwood Church of Christ Gospel Meeting
September 9-14
Preacher: Steve Lee
Singing on Sunday at 2:30
Monday - Friday 7:30

  • kingslh
    by kingslh at 09/04/12 10:18AM
  • kamille
    I was wondering about you the other day.
    by kamille at 09/04/12 12:05PM
  • monk
    thank you so much.
    by monk at 09/04/12 1:24PM
  • squeaky
    Hope we can come had planned on going to Oak Grove and haven't felt real good. Hope I'm better next week.
    by squeaky at 09/04/12 6:19PM
  • shannonwk
    Glad you haven't deserted! Thanks for the info.
    by shannonwk at 09/05/12 3:15PM

Where has time gone?

Eight years ago tonight we spent our first night back in Louisville. How many things have happened in these eight short years!
  • shannonwk
    That is hard to believe....time flies.
    by shannonwk at 08/04/12 1:44PM

Oh What A Wonderful, Wonderful Day!

Cassie was baptized tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To make things even sweeter we just found out that her dear friend Emily P. was baptized tonight as well!

Oh Happy Day!!!!!!!!!
  • kamille
    Happy for you all!
    by kamille at 05/06/12 8:13PM
  • monk
    and for you, too.
    what a great day!
    by monk at 05/06/12 9:10PM
  • JavaJoeDude
    by JavaJoeDude at 05/06/12 9:35PM
  • squeaky
    That does make it a wonderful day. tell her how happy we are to have another new sister in Christ.
    by squeaky at 05/06/12 9:37PM
  • kingslh
    ;). What time was Cassie baptized? Emily was baptized before services started and spoke to her mom about it around 5:40-5:45. She said she couldn't wait for after services which was great! Makes me think she was inspired "remotely" by Cassie. Happy for you all!!
    by kingslh at 05/07/12 12:17PM
  • sarai_31
    by sarai_31 at 05/07/12 7:41PM
  • juliamiriam
    by juliamiriam at 05/08/12 3:31PM
  • marlabrown
    I have learned that you know some friends that I work with at Brooks Elementary!!!!
    by marlabrown at 05/08/12 9:43PM
  • sallyanne
    by sallyanne at 05/12/12 1:11AM

04/08/12 7:20PM

Precious Lord,
Take My Hand,
Lead Me On,
Let Me Stand.

I Am Tired,
I Am Weak,
I Am Worn...
  • squeaky
    by squeaky at 04/08/12 8:10PM
  • derbydi
    by derbydi at 04/09/12 8:08AM
  • kamille
    by kamille at 04/09/12 12:32PM
  • monk
    by monk at 04/10/12 2:41AM
  • mullenpatch
    i know how you feel.
    by mullenpatch at 04/11/12 8:14AM