itz not Paul

Well itz Abe and i hacked into Paul's blog pretty cool eh? Well i tell u how i did it.

First of when Paul was making his blog he didn't know his password to his e-mail so then i knew my e-mail password and Paul's account is under my e-mail. Then Paul activated his account off my e-mail so then he fogot his password(I said this on my blog before). So i went to "Forgot password" punch in puhawboy then it sended the passowrd to my e-mail then I have his password.

Confusing isn't it? Yeah I made it the way.

  • tony thats stupid:P...You ...uh...rock??
    by tony at 10/01/05 2:38PM
  • steph
    kk then that is intresting
    by steph at 10/01/05 4:26PM
  • abrahamp
    All in a days work.
    by abrahamp at 10/01/05 6:55PM
  • jusplayin
    cool, now make him post!
    by jusplayin at 10/02/05 12:41AM
  • highwayman
    Go Abe. Now Paul has no excuse not to post.
    by highwayman at 10/02/05 8:55AM
  • rosemarie
    by rosemarie at 10/02/05 6:51PM
  • elfprncssflys
    haha... man im sooo going to bug paul!!!
    by elfprncssflys at 10/02/05 7:29PM
  • steph
    abe u really make me laugh but... this is pauls blog and he should be writing on it!!
    by steph at 10/06/05 8:09AM
  • abrahamp
    Sorry guys i can't really make Paul write on his blog so i guess we'er gonna make do
    by abrahamp at 10/06/05 2:08PM
  • thedoctorisin
    not confusing, quite funny, hacking rocks :P
    by thedoctorisin at 10/06/05 5:57PM
  • reesescup
    thats awesome, i should try it sometime!
    by reesescup at 10/08/05 3:56PM
  • angel_of_music
    smart kid lol
    by angel_of_music at 10/12/05 5:43PM
  • volleyball_guy
    by volleyball_guy at 10/15/05 10:16PM
  • thediesel
    abe ur such a jurk
    by thediesel at 02/20/06 7:06AM
  • almostlucky7
    hey Paul
    by almostlucky7 at 03/13/06 3:42PM
  • mizz_leah_x3
    hey is this paul peters cus ive heard lots about u from the girls at my church haha are u goin to camp noah this year?
    by mizz_leah_x3 at 06/25/06 9:14PM
  • nickc23236
    hey paul wat was up with your brother missing camp?
    by nickc23236 at 08/11/06 10:37PM
  • thedoctorisin
    wow, if he leaves this post here for one more month he will have not updated for a whole year
    by thedoctorisin at 09/05/06 9:44PM
  • joy2u
    hey Paul
    by joy2u at 10/17/06 8:59PM
  • deusvitae
    Hope you have a happy holiday season and a good new year. :)
    by deusvitae at 12/23/06 9:21AM