Almost 4 years later...

Pleonast is still here. And alas, by the grace of God, so am I.

God bless,


I was reminded of something last night that had long been forgotten...


Oh Pleonast, would that I could link thee with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Alas... I cannot.

God bless,

  • the_gaffer
    by the_gaffer at 07/29/11 5:25PM
  • nickkrumrei
    So let it be written, so let it be done. Thx for the addendum. btw mostly just do this for a couple family members. The bad thing is also the good thing very few people here, and likely no hackers.
    by nickkrumrei at 08/22/11 9:10PM
  • rainout
    by rainout at 08/24/12 10:53AM

Ironically... there is not much pleonast on pleonast these days.

Facebook is dominating the social network landscape. Admittedly I spend much more time there than here. I got on Pleo late, and about year later it seemed to be in decline. That seems to be the norm for me in the techno world. As such, I expect Facebook to be declaring bankruptcy in about 6 months. Buyer beware.
  • madtomkidd
    I wish it would be so. FB is the land of superficial superfluity. There are some good games, but it's not a good place for meaningful dialogue - more for sharing pictures with the technically inept. I still greatly prefer this site, but I prefer depth to drivel in general.
    by madtomkidd at 02/02/11 10:38PM
  • the_gaffer
    Pleo is where I put the 'good stuff'.
    by the_gaffer at 02/03/11 8:12AM
  • granny
    I'm glad you are still here :)
    by granny at 02/07/11 2:24PM
  • maucknot
    I occasionally stop by in the world of Pleo; but Facebook allows me to stay in touch with a lot more folks...local and abroad.
    by maucknot at 04/01/11 6:07PM
  • rainout
    by rainout at 08/24/12 10:53AM

My Birthday

Pretty sure I've shared this before, but it was about this time of day 16 years ago on a Sunday afternoon that three dear friends of mine came to my home and talked to me about the gospel of Jesus Christ. They influenced me to break down the walls that were separating me from being in Christ. I was baptized that afternoon.

You never know what day you might have the power and influence to change someone's life forever. Literally. Maybe today is that day for you.

God bless,

  • jenkegley
    Happy Birthday! :)

    I'm glad we got to see you last night.
    by jenkegley at 12/04/10 4:33PM
  • granny
    I knew there is a reason I should have learned Spanish!
    Still laughing.
    by granny at 01/01/11 11:27AM
  • carolattheriver
    You put it perfectly, David!
    by carolattheriver at 01/10/11 8:49PM

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wonder what vegetarians who don't like football think about Thanksgiving?

I think we are staying in this year.

May God bless you in your holiday adventures.

  • jenmurff
    ha! I wouldn't know the answer to that one!! Happy turkey day to you!
    by jenmurff at 11/24/10 10:50PM
  • madtomkidd
    I don't like american football, but it's not about that!

    I am disgusted that so many call it "Turkey Day" instead of remembering what it's all about
    by madtomkidd at 11/25/10 2:12PM