The Party

The Big Q turned five years old this past week. Well that's not really true. He turned 5 on January 26th but we just celebrated this past weekend. Strange, it's not like us to ever be late.

I can hear you snickering.

Anyway. His original plan was to have a snow party. He wanted to build snow forts, have a snowball fight, paint the snow with waterguns filled with water and food coloring, have snowball cookies, etc...It was quite a good plan for a five year old. EXCEPT there was no snow on the ground and no real chance of accumulation. So he decided to choose the complete opposite of a snow party, a POOL party. My parents got a room in a local hotel with an indoor pool. Check-in was at 3 and by 3:30 the pool was crawling with 12 kids with cabin fever and their parents. I'm sure the Hampton Inn was loving us. It was funny to watch as other hotel patrons showed up at the glass doors only to gawk at the chaos inside and then take their flip-flops back to their rooms.

There was a no food or drink rule in the pool area so we decided to swim from 3:30 to 5:30 and then all meet up at a local mexican restaurant where we reserved a room to do dinner, cake, and presents. After the kids wore themselves out running from the pool to the hot tub to the sauna for a little over two hours, they were all slightly exhausted and quite hungry. After retrieving a pair of children's underwear from the bottom of the deep end, we got the kids dried off and dressed. Perfect time for dinner. Except for the fact that the restaurant had no recollection of our room reservation and we ended up in a back room that had no heat and smelled slightly of an old septic tank. We could take it or we could pack up 12 hungry, wet kids and try to find another place to hold all 25+ of us at 6 p.m. on a Saturday night. We decided to take our chances in the septic room. As long as we kept the door closed, we didn't actually shiver too much.

10 minutes after getting the room situated the ONE waiter that we had came and took our drink orders. Things were taking a little while but, hey - our little group is used to things not being perfect. We adjusted. We decided to open presents while we waited for our food. So we opened presents. That took all of about 15 minutes. Then they came and took our food orders. It was getting interesting. The whine factor had increased incredibly. 2 of the kids had actually fallen asleep at the table. I was ill prepared for activites to fill the time. I figured we would eat, sing, open presents and be out. At one point while waiting for the food to come, I heard a rousing game of "spin the bottle truth or dare" going on behind me. I heard, "Is it true that you used to eat boogers?" and "I dare you to lick the light switch on the wall." and at one point my attention was drawn to a young boy standing on a chair and dancing. It was turning into a 5 year old Animal House. Q came up to me in tears saying his tummy hurt and he thought he was going to throw up. Alfred took him to the bathroom for a while with no results. While they were gone the food arrived (one hour and 15 minutes after arrival time). Everyone ate and as people were finishing we cut the cake and sang happy birthday to Q as he struggled to sit up straight lest he hurl on the table. But he smiled and was excited to blow out the candle with his germy breath. :) And while we avoided Quinton throwing up, Serena was not quite so fortunate. From my table I heard her yelling "I NEED MORE PAPER CUPS!" When I looked over, her 10 year old was tossing his cake. Alfred scrambled to find him a garbage can. For real, throwing up in a garbage can has a much higher level of dignity than paper cups, wouldn't you say? Poor kid.

Oh well. It was the perfect end to a not so perfect party. BUT had it been perfect, we wouldn't have quite as many funny stories to recall next year, right!?

That night before bed, Q said he had the best day ever. That made it all worth it. He (we) are so blessed to have a group of people surrounding us who don't care if we seem to have it all together or if our party decorations match the tablecloth. We have a family that enjoys being real around eachother. We can relax and just have a good time without worrying about appearances. Everyone brought him gifts (which were very much appreciated) but as he grows up, I hope that he can see WHO the real gifts are in his life.
  • friedaj
    What????? Your decorations did not match the table cloth????
    I am glad Q had a great time. I am sure that HE did not notice all the "perfect" things going on around him.
    by friedaj at 02/09/11 8:57AM
  • curlie
    Oh, wow. I am glad he had a memorable birthday! :D You Chillicothe people are legendary!
    by curlie at 02/09/11 11:37AM
  • marie
    You forgot to tell about the best part when Alfred and Dan went into the pool fully clothed from head to boots with wallets and cell phones (Alfred's anyway) in pockets. Good times!
    by marie at 02/09/11 5:14PM
  • becfie
    That sounds great. I can't believe Q is 5! I can remember you being pregnant on here!
    by becfie at 02/10/11 10:27AM
  • cdawg
    five, he's almost a teenager now
    by cdawg at 02/17/11 6:53PM
  • sarah_seaton
    haha, I know... I was actually really surprised when he stepped up and said he would be interested in doing it. He has forbidden me to go to a service held in the prison, though ;) It'll be a month that we've been here this week... so we're just now finished unpacking and everything, so he hasn't got to spend a lot of time at the prison, but he has already started the process of being allowed access to the local prisons and having Bible studies with the prisoners. I don't know all of the logistics of it, but he is almost finished with background checks and everything :)

    I got an email that Alfred sent out updating everyone on his work with the prison. It sounds like its going great for you guys and I'm so happy for you!! We miss you guys a lot and think of you often!!!
    by sarah_seaton at 04/12/11 12:40AM


One of my goals is to drink more water. There are a few problems with this goal. First, I don't really like it. Second, my bathroom usage increases so dramatically that I get frustrated (up in the middle of the night two or three times type of increase). Lastly, I could drink 32 oz of Diet Coke and be fine but whenever I drink even a glass of water, I can feel it sloshing around in my stomach (weird, I know).

Any suggestions?
  • rissaj
    do it! :) This may sound weird but try to figure out how you like water i.e. room temperature(I do), with lots of ice, cold, etc. you can put fresh squeezed lemon in a bigger container and fill your glasses with that throughout the day.

    Another way to get through it is to get a larger container as your goal intake for the day and just keep in mind you need to get through all of that and you'll be done.

    Give yourself a break; it's difficult to do anything we don't like just like a child eating peas but, you'll do it because if you do it long enough you'll notice a difference in your weight, complexion, flexibility and overall stamina.

    reward yourself; once you've reached your instake for the day have a glass of diet coke and ween yourself off of it if you are wanting to totally quit.

    Water is a great start to any diet and or healthy lifestyle in general! :)

    I know what you mean about the sloshing thing....that'll subside with the habit increasing.

    Happy water drinking!!! :))
    by rissaj at 01/06/11 9:22AM
  • rissaj
    WOW, I had WAY to much to say about that, ha.
    by rissaj at 01/06/11 9:22AM
  • mimi71
    I agree wholeheartedly with Carissa. I love water, though :) I would try water as an "add-on" to your meals. Try drinking a glass of water in the middle of your meals and see if that helps the "sloshing". I have no idea if it will, but the thought popped into my head and ran right out of my fingers to here!! ;) I also have a friend here at work who drinks the dollar general flavored water. She dilutes it, though. She takes an empty bottle (or glass even) and pours 1/2 of the flavored in and then fills the rest with regular water. She says it doesn't seem like water to her then...maybe that's mind over matter??

    At any rate - good luck! and you can do it! I know you can!! Gooooooooooooo Rhonda!! :)
    by mimi71 at 01/06/11 11:20AM
  • friedaj
    I am the same way with water and it has more of a tendency to make me sick at my stomach. I can drink all the Pepsi anyone can but not water. My sister was like that but my brother said it was all in her head. I beg to differ. I think it is what your body has adjusted to over a long period of time.
    by friedaj at 01/06/11 1:41PM
  • alp1926
    I find adding lemon helps. Try to finish your goal before say 6 pm. That way maybe you won't be up so much during the night.
    by alp1926 at 01/06/11 7:20PM
  • becfie
    I am not a huge water drinker either, but I find that the Wal-mart brand of flavoring is really good and has no sugar in it. The grape one tastes just like grape kool-aid. I usually get the big ones and make a pitcher of it.
    by becfie at 01/06/11 9:30PM
  • hoose
    Tell yourself that you'll only have a diet coke after you have a big glass of water. Or no diet coke until you reach your water goal for the day. Then treat yourself like a child and don't drink anything after a certain time so that you don't pee in the bed. :-)
    by hoose at 01/07/11 9:48AM
  • bruke
    At one time I was trying to do the 8 8oz. glasses per day "rule," but figured out later that that isn't a requirement, and as far as kidney health is concerned, to be honest, as long as your urine is nearly clear or light in color, you're getting enough water! I love water, so it's not a problem for me. I've also read that adding a squeeze of citrus to each glass helps you absorb water better.
    by bruke at 01/13/11 7:22PM

There are no words

  • fredtheorca
    Is scared the appropriate response to this I need to know because I am a little right now
    by fredtheorca at 12/18/10 1:16AM
  • hoose
    Check this guy out. He was actually a very famous singer in Russia in the 60s and 70s; I think he's like a pop icon there:
    by hoose at 12/18/10 1:19AM
  • fredtheorca
    Why cant this guy make words did the Soviets outlaw words at sometime?
    by fredtheorca at 12/18/10 1:23AM
  • madtomkidd
    I thought it looked like "Mr. Bill" but lifesize and wikipedia bears that out
    by madtomkidd at 12/18/10 4:39PM

Not that my opinion matters

Ten things that I used to think were cool that now annoy me (in no particular order):

10. Personalized license plates (sorry Serena).

9. The combining of two names to make one name for a couple (i.e...Bennifer for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner). Although I still refer to my husand and Cal as Calfred on occasion.

8. American Idol audition shows.

7. Glitter Graphics

6. Loud bass coming from a car with rims twice as big as they should be.

5. Uggs. Come to think of it...I never liked them.

4. Glenn Beck

3. People who swear by the Atkins Diet.

2. When people spell their kid's names weird just to be different...Like Madysyn instead of Madison.

1. Bluetooth headseats.
  • friedaj
    UGGS may not be the prettiest boot but they sure keep my feet warm!
    by friedaj at 12/03/10 10:55PM
  • hoose
    I take issue with you ever having liked 10, 9, 7, or 6. (Sorry Serena.)
    by hoose at 12/04/10 4:09AM
  • mamahastings
    I am with you on all those, especially the bluetooth headsets! Drives me crazy when a person standing next to me at Wal-mart suddenly starts talking to themselves. Seriously people? Do we have to be THAT reachable?
    by mamahastings at 12/04/10 10:14AM
  • curlie
    or 4 or 2! :P

    In California you can't talk on your phone without a BT, so I may eventually use one. Depends on how much time I'm spending in my car.
    by curlie at 12/04/10 10:29AM
  • deusvitae
    I feel sorry for the recipients of the names of #2, as someone who has had his name butchered perpetually throughout his existence.

    Blueteeth are handy.
    by deusvitae at 12/04/10 10:50AM
  • bruke
    I have to agree with you on all of those. Uggs are ugg-ly. Most people that wear bluetooth headsets don't really need them. I've been with people for HOURS that insistent on wearing the earpiece non-stop during the entire time and never received a call! I think some people feel like they are important if they wear one.
    by bruke at 12/13/10 1:53PM
  • ericjennifermills
    my husband loves Glenn Beck hee hee
    by ericjennifermills at 12/15/10 4:45AM

What do you think...Beautiful or Sad?

The Perfect Friend
by Shannen Wrass

Today I found a friend
who knew everything I felt
she knew my weakness
and the problems I've been dealt.
She understood my wonders
and listened to my dreams,
she listened to how I felt about life and love
and knew what it all means.
Not once did she interrupt me
or tell me I was wrong
she understood what I was going through
and promised she'd stay long.
I reached out to this friend,
to show her that I care
to pull her close and let her know
how much I need her there.
I went to hold her hand
to pull her a bit nearer
and I realized this perfect friend I found
was nothing but a mirror.

  • mimi71
    Thank you for words to me, Rhonda :) Feeling a little less tired after reading what my dear sisters had to say :) I am certainly blessed to have you all in my life!
    by mimi71 at 11/20/10 8:24AM
  • rockymtnslover
    by rockymtnslover at 11/20/10 9:55AM
  • rissaj
    I can see both sides but, I take it as beautiful. She finally realized she has everything she needs in herself and can depend soley on that for help, assurance and love.
    by rissaj at 11/30/10 6:29AM
  • bruke
    I think it's distressing because in a spiritual context, it paints a picture of "I love me" mentality. When Jesus is supposed to be our support in times of loneliness, she turns to herself. Then again, maybe I"m reading into it too much.
    by bruke at 11/30/10 8:55PM