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  • dragonqueen95
    My Dad just recently gave me gold. i'm really excited about it!
    by dragonqueen95 at 06/14/07 1:42PM
  • runforrest
    I just signed up for Gold and after the first month I will see if I continue to need it. If I do want it for a year how do I change so it won't deduct $5 every month and then how do I pay the yearly fee? Thanks!
    by runforrest at 07/05/07 5:19PM
  • aj1210
    I'm wondering the same thing. I wanna change my subscription. Actually, I wanna cancel it, cause I don't think that I used it enough to want to continue to pay for it.
    by aj1210 at 07/08/07 1:08PM
  • rainout
    does paypal automatically charge you at renewal time? we were recently charged and we only notified after the fact.
    by rainout at 07/10/07 3:32PM
  • kennon
    As it clearly states when you sign up, its an automatically recurring membership.

    To change your membership, cancel it (your gold status will always last until the end of the term of your membership), and then when its turned off, sign up again for the term that you'd like. Nothing gets lost when gold is turned off, you just won't have access to it until you sign up again.
    by kennon at 07/14/07 1:00PM
  • texasboy
    ^The groups stay^
    by texasboy at 08/02/07 8:18PM
  • kenny1234
    by kenny1234 at 08/31/07 6:16PM
  • kenny1234
    by kenny1234 at 08/31/07 6:16PM
  • runforrest
    9/17/07 please cancel my monthly subscription.
    Thank you!
    by runforrest at 09/18/07 1:47AM
  • baizal
    To cancel your subscription, you have to go to Paypal and cancel it there.
    by baizal at 09/18/07 11:00AM
  • fireflys_lilight
    QUESTION: is it possible to move your gold perscription to another account? just like transfer it and not have it on the original one?
    by fireflys_lilight at 10/02/07 9:20PM
  • stylinmama
    I ordered gold like a week ago and became gold when I ordered and now I'm not gold anymore. What happened?
    by stylinmama at 10/22/07 11:57AM
  • notcool
    please cancel my gold. Thanks!
    by notcool at 11/28/07 6:09PM
  • baizal
    Go to Paypal and find subscriptions. Under subscriptions your Pleonast Gold subscription should be listed. Cancel it and when it comes time to renew, the gold status will be removed from your account.
    by baizal at 01/09/08 8:13AM
  • keaira
    Oh Ok! Thanks!
    by keaira at 01/09/08 9:05AM
  • mrs_rosshead
    Does Gold fees come up for auto renewal on Paypal? I got a notice saying from Paypal saying they weren't able to renew bc of old info. I just want to make sure I'm not getting scammed! Thanks.
    by mrs_rosshead at 01/11/08 9:27AM
  • Arwen_Undomiel
    Question: If your gold subscription runs out and you don't want to renew and you are the owner of groups do you have to transfer owenership to another person or does it do it automatically?
    by Arwen_Undomiel at 01/20/08 5:28PM
  • just2seeusmile
    Question: later down the line can you let it be where we can choose the color our name turns when we join with gold. And did I hear gold had some "new features" coming this year or is this a rumor? Thanks :)^..^
    by just2seeusmile at 01/24/08 8:45PM
  • dbsmelser
    I just signed up for gold, and everything went gold, my name, my options, but when I leave a private comment, there's no comment; I only see my name, followed by this:
    [x] (private comment)
    ...but there's no comment! What gives?
    by dbsmelser at 01/26/08 4:14PM
  • kimmy_jordan08
    by kimmy_jordan08 at 02/29/08 10:26PM

it's here!!

pleonast gold is finally here!!!!

go here to order!

post any comments/questions below. please email any billing problems to [email protected].

  • sheofgod
    the galleries will delete for good...mine is gone now. i don't know about if you renew; but i wish i'd known that my gallery would go away cause i wouldn't have made it...
    by sheofgod at 05/08/05 7:57PM
  • kennon
    no, they aren't deleted. they are just not accessible if you're not a gold member.
    by kennon at 05/10/05 7:01PM
  • jessie_the_grump
    I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate the time I know has to go into all of this. Thanks a lot. ^_^
    by jessie_the_grump at 05/12/05 9:01PM
  • alex
    kennon, please add a option to delete galleries from our gallery area.
    by alex at 05/14/05 7:40PM
  • cyndibeanie
    is there a reason my name isnt gold anymore? i dont feel special now :(
    by cyndibeanie at 05/15/05 9:41PM
  • nate
    hey! I don't want my name to be gold! That's the whole reason I signed up! I feel like I've been bamboozled!
    by nate at 05/16/05 9:13AM
  • poppins_mom
    Oh gold names are back!
    by poppins_mom at 05/16/05 12:48PM
  • hammys
    thats why the galleries are in gold..to tell you its a gold feauture. yes surprised me :-P
    by hammys at 05/16/05 3:46PM
  • poppins_mom
    Woah! Dots next to group posts. weirded me out just now lol.
    I assume they are in their original order as they were posted now because one group I am in had a dot on like the 5th entry so are they not being knocked to the top now, just dots? Thats cool. I like that!!!! I like them in the order they were posted with dots since there's no dates next to them to know when they were posted like reg message boards, I really like it this way!! Great job!!! Keep up the great work!!! Thanks!!!
    by poppins_mom at 05/19/05 11:47AM
  • poppins_mom
    WOW!! Very cool! My husband just pointed this cool thing out to me. When you hover over the name of a person in comments, you can tell what time they posted!! In groups and in blogs! AWESOME!! I just found that out soooooo cool!
    by poppins_mom at 05/19/05 3:05PM
  • sunnytab
    Thanks soooo much for all of your hard work. It's appreciated.
    by sunnytab at 05/20/05 2:58PM
  • cookieswithmilk1
    you have to pay for this
    by cookieswithmilk1 at 05/23/05 11:56AM
  • david
    i dunno if i like my name turning yellow... can we opt not to?
    by david at 05/25/05 10:47PM
  • adambomb
    The hovering time thing has been there since the dark ages of Pleo Gray.
    by adambomb at 05/26/05 8:54AM
  • hannahrunswithendurance
    hey i've got a question for the King... with the whole rearranging your friends list, is there an easier way? Like a click and drag thing would be nice. Of course, I'm totally pleased and satisfied with gold, and I love it dearly, and whenever I get a job, I'll get a year's subscription. And thanks for all your work. And if the click and drag thing doesn't work, hey, it's just a friends list. there's always weblog watch :)
    by hannahrunswithendurance at 06/22/05 10:02PM
  • pianobub
    Is there any way for non-gold members to "give the gift" of gold to someone? Thanks
    by pianobub at 07/03/05 1:24PM
  • susan
    hmmm.... is there any way to view sent messages? that would be nice...
    by susan at 07/14/05 9:07PM
  • ashleelee
    yeah it would...?
    by ashleelee at 07/25/05 12:49PM
  • ashleelee
    i don't know!!! yeah it would be nise!!! yeah i made up my mind!!!
    by ashleelee at 07/25/05 6:06PM
  • ashaleelee
    nice** sry
    by ashaleelee at 07/26/05 4:34PM