umm yeah hi! its been a while :)

Well, let's see in the last almost 2 months since I blogged, we have since moved to Florida, made great friends and got in a car wreck...the latter is what I'm gonna blog about...

I love it here, the congregation is wonderful, have wonderful friends, wanting to thank a few people for all their generosity in this tough time right now-and Sunday all the women that helped out with getting the potluck running smoothly!

Anyway, car wreck...we live on a major highway, US 27, two lane no curves, we're in farming country, nothing but cows, hay, cotton and dirt roads...and my favorite trees that look like they're dripping Spanish moss. To continue, we were heading home from Branford-small town about 15 mins away, gonna turn left into our church parking lot to go home. I was waiting on clearance someone who lives way behind us on the dirt road was turning right. All of a sudden, I hear tires squealing and then BAM, we go flying! I hit the steering wheel on impact and then my seat buckles and breaks taking me back with it. My car is in the other lane heading toward the van, she swerved and avoided a head on collision. Paul says "I think we've been hit" my glasses are laying in the backseat on the passenger side! We stopped where the "drive safely" sign is in the median about 500 feet or so from the parking lot.

We're okay though, from impact I have bruised a couple ribs, and I'm pretty sore-and half scared to drive again. Our car is totaled, we're having to buy a new one, with payout on ours we can make a down payment, and Lords willing we have a car lined up in Jacksonville we're going tomorrow. The whole we're okay is that we are not lying in Lake City medical center is because of the Lord. Our car is so damaged, if you haven't seen the pics on fb, my whole trunk is smashed and both seats are broken. If I wasn't wearing a seat belt I since drivers side was impacted worse, I wouldve been thrown out the back window, she was going at least 55 if not 60-speed limits 60 on that stretch! Thanks to the generosity of a couple from church they have loaned us their car until we get ours-ours is not driveable hopefully it will be towed tomorrow. But we are safe, the woman who hit me was about my age and she was TEXTING! There is no law in Florida against that, but I know she got a hefty fine from the state trooper!

Moral of the story, don't use your cell phone while driving, do not text while driving especially!

How shall the young secure their heart?

I've been watching Jesus Camp, about a fundamentalist "Christian" group that kids are so into being "Christians" they go and teach others and bring others to Christ. The church of Christ is dwindling with this younger generation, it seems we let the world influence these kids and not God. Understandably what they believe is wrong, but the zeal and fire is what I am thinking about. We have lacadasical pew warming Christians in many churches, their kids are involved in sports, plays and things that take away from the Lords work. Parents, we need to get back to the bible. Yeah I'm not a parent yet, but I've grown up in the church and there have been fewer and fewer Christians my age that stay faithful once they go off to school.

We need to start from the beginning, bible studies at home, showing our children was Christianity is about, take them with you when you go out and try to teach the lost. We've got to do that if they're gonna be faithful. Kids don't raise themselves, and I really pray that parents realize that the world isn't going to raise their kids, they should. I watched this movie and saw kids as young as 7 or 8 going up to complete strangers and asking them if they know Christ. Amazing isn't it? Half the time we adults can't even go up to people and ask them. We're supposed to be lights in the world, like the song kids sing in bible class.

As my generation has kids, or adopt kids, we should teach them, and the next generation that comes after us will be stronger and willing to withstand. The world is teaching that its okay to be a homonsexual, we come from dirt, fornication is okay as long as your "safe"about it. Is this what we want our children to believe? I pray not. Paul and me might not have our own kids but we plan to adopt and I want our kids to know the bible, be willing to stand up for Christ, evangelize. We're living in the last days, and the church might continue on, but it won't be the powerhouse it was in the past. May we have the conviction to teach our childrean the truth, help them learn the truth and be able to teach others the gospel.

ch ch changes...

I've been home alittle over a week and changed a lot of things already. First, i'm walking with a cane now when I go out (even though sometimes I forget...) its helping my balance and keeping some of the endometriosis growths from sticking together internally and making me hunchbacked. Got my multi vitamin in a bottle, there's a great organic drink I found that tastes like the Starbucks frappuchino that I'm drinking to build up my low iron levels and get some energy! I haven't had junk food in almost 9 days so its like detox for me. I went back to work last night-so I crashed today and spent the day in bed. I'm making homemade fruit smoothies to combat the chocolate craving-we all went to mcdonalds sunday night..but that's the worst I've eaten...

There is a wonderful website I'm a member of, its for anyone with chronic illness and it is my support system for bad days and other things. We are kind of like a facebook for sick people :) Read the spoon theory, it sums up life with chronic illness like endometriosis, our unofficial nickname are "spoonies" using spoons to manage each thing we have to do each day. My mother in law is staying til sat morn, I'm still not able to really be alone yet-but I am getting better-and it feels so wonderful to be off all the meds I was on-except my depot lupron shot that's making the endometriosis manageable.

One update, paul officially resigned from preaching here in Summersville, so we are looking elsewhere. We go to Florida in less than 2 weeks for a tryout. Lord willing it will be the right place to go and begin working with them. Paul however in the meantime is holding down the fort, working at advance and mcdonalds-closing at mcdonalds so some night he's doesn't get home til 2:30am Lord willing its temporary and we're praying that this is temporary and He will send us to where we are needed again. Please pray for us, times right now are tough, and it is rough on our marriage too-no details however, I would appreciate support and prayers as we transition to a new situation.

I am going to bed until Paul gets off work tonight, we are going to Beckley tomorrow to check on the girls (my cats that live with my parents-Chloe,Misty and Sassy) and someone gave us a Chilis giftcard so we're gonna treat his mom to lunch while we're there. I'm a happy person I'm just thinking I'm like Abraham ready for wherever the Lord sends us. I'm just glad I have so much support from my family its wonderful, and I also want to thank everyone for their concern about my hospitalization and everything else I appreciate it. Now I will end this and sleep....I'm so exhausted!
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    fyi, usually chocolate cravings come from a magnesium deficieny, you may try a magnesium supplement.
    by amcmichael at 08/01/11 8:52PM

everyday I get alittle bit stronger!

Some of you that have me on fb already know what happened, and I kno this isn't like headline news or something, I had something similar to an epileptic seizure Weds evening, due to some sort of brain disorder I found out I have, where I get too much stress and eat bad enough my brain just quits, and a combination of meds including the anti depressant my endo doc prescribed me. Basically too much meds, drug interactions and stress landed me in the hospital from Weds night to Sunday afternoon. There are no neurological problems brain tumors etc, and everything turned out okay. I was taken off my anti depressant, so......I am having problems adjusting, ie withdrawl-im not a drug addict-i needed it to keep my hormones in balance, but I'm doing okay without it :) . I'm not allowed to be alone at home for a wek (grr) because I'm under supervised care just in case something goes wrong and I end up like I did Weds night, which I know is not gonna happen, I'm destressing and haven't taken my medication in 6 days :D!!

I did leave yesterday as an AMA, against medical advice, because all they wanted was more tests, and I was feeling okay enough to go home, and I am convinced I was right! I have been drinking my gatorade, protein drinks and fresh fruits and veggies for the last almost 48 hours and I'm feeling great, minus the horrible nausea, dizziness and fatigue that come and go without my meds. My mother in law is staying with me until Saturday! I have finally gotten my 3rd leg, its pink with hawaiian flowers I use on a bad endo day or when I need the extra assistance.

I however want to tell the greatest escapee from the hospital story though. When I signed myself out, I was at Raleigh General in Beckley and I was hungry, soo after I went to my parents showered cleaned up, I forgot to take off my hospital bracelets, so I'm going out to eat with my I'd bracelets, my oh so comfy hospital shorts my hubby brought, and my 3rd leg, I probably looked wonderful. At least I'm home, I pulled out of it, and fought to get unhooked and untethered from everything by sat night. I am thankful for the prayers, visits and cards, and of course the food! I appreciate it. Please keep praying I'm getting better and I'm gonna stay that way!

I had the greatest drs in the hospital,Dr Harvey, Dr D, and that stomach dr I can't pronounce his name! And of course the day nurse asst Casey! He's my dude! I really thank him for doing everything he could and helping unhook me from that IV...and other things, making sure myheart monitor was secured too. I however don't give any thanks to Vix the night assistant I had til Sat morning, he always woke me up because my heart monitor came unhooked and wasn't too nice about rehooking it or bringing me water at 2am! I liked my roommate Mrs Greer she and I had fun :) I hope she's okay she got released sat night and maybe she had that barbeque she was talking about. No kudos to that old bat that woke me up at 3am sunday morning who hogged the tv and yelled about her liquid diet when she saw my not so appetizing breakfast, the oxygen mask she had to wear, the fact she couldn't have her chew, and in general made me want to scream. I don't give kudos to the nurses and vix who woke me up every 2 hours for blood draw and blood pressure check, I have the bruise on my left arm if you'd like to see. I thank Joe at J&J who found me and called the ambulance, the paramedics who were greatn I don't remember everything but Paul said you made sure I was taken care of-including the head brace they stuck me in. Thanks to the E.R team at summersville, I heard my doc was great and sent me to beckley. I thank my mother in law for spending the week with me watching me sleep, making me eat, doing the laundry (I so appreciate it) and dishes. Finally I thank my parents for cacelling their miss trip to stay with me.

Super big thanks hugs and kisses go to to wonderful loving and supportive husband Paul who was there any chance he got made sure I got my clothes (yay no more hospital gown!) And listening to me rant about the guy down the hall, vix and the uncomfortable hospital bed. He's my biggest reason I want to be healthy and not go through it again. I'm 25 and he's 34, we've got a long and happy life together.

I can't wait to go to church again and go out again. Its been a long week! I don't ever want to go through this again, so I'm getting healthy and now I'm going to bed. Please keep praying :) thanks!!!

Count Your Blessings

Going through life we sometimes forget to count our blessings and realixe what truly matters. I may never be able to have kids, but I am blessed with a wonderful husband. We don't have a million dollars in the bank, my clothes come from the clearance rack or as a gift from someone, but I am clothed and I look good, nothing immodest. We don't have steak every night, but we have food to fill our stomachs. My washer has issues, but at least I am able to wash our clothes and keep them clean. We may be considered blue collar-but that's alright with me. My husband makes an honest days living working in the office at J&J's, Saturdays driving for Advance, during the week preparing his preaching work. I work, and I am proud of the work I do, its nice to see my employer and he says well done, keep up the good work-and here are some priveleges. The Lord has blessed us abundantly exeedingly beyond what I ever thought possible. It doesn't mean we're rich in earthly things but in spiritual things I have everything.