What the History Channel Doesn't Tell You About WWII

The reason we defeated Germany was because we had Chewbacca.

  • fullofgrace
    and mutant squirrels, apparently
    by fullofgrace at 08/01/10 1:15AM
  • sjr_dad
    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Dustin, Happy Birthday to you, and many mmmmooooorrrrre!
    by sjr_dad at 04/16/11 8:36AM

This is why

Koreans will someday rule the world... part II.

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  • entropy
    well, I feel rather worthless now.
    by entropy at 07/09/10 12:30PM
  • chooselove
    how old is that kid? like 6? 7? goodness.
    by chooselove at 07/10/10 11:46AM

06/14/10 8:18PM

  • sjr_dad
    I've been saying that for years but, really, I could care less. Well, hold down the fort, I'm "taking the cat to the vet" (see "Working Lego Sniper Rifle").
    by sjr_dad at 06/15/10 6:20AM
  • darrendehut
    I'm so glad you posted this, I'm afraid that the marjority of Americans don't understand the stupidity of using the phrase "I could care less". I've even heard it in songs.... eesh.

    Now find me a video where someone explains that there is not an "R" in Washington and wash
    by darrendehut at 06/15/10 1:35PM
  • el_magnifico
    I find that Office Space helps with job stresses. That and killing zombies with frying pans! I handle stress pretty well, but every now and then it builds up to the breaking point and it takes a little more than zombies to help.
    by el_magnifico at 06/25/10 4:27PM
  • el_magnifico
    FINALLY. IMHO it's better than Shawn of the Dead, but only slightly. :-)
    by el_magnifico at 06/30/10 2:57PM

05/26/10 2:44PM

  • phat_man
    I certainly do!
    by phat_man at 05/31/10 9:14AM

On December 25, 1776...

General George Washington crossed the Delaware River...

And battled a ferocious tiger!