Don't faint...

Wow, it's been 4 months since I posted anything. Time has a way of passing by so quickly. Did you ever notice it really passes by quick when you're sleeping? You look at the clock when you wake up and sometimes you just feel so confused and say, "How could it be that time?" Ugh!

So what's my excuse for not posting? Work. I got a job at Tech Credit Union and I am working 40 hours a week as a teller. With the holidays thrown in the last 2 months, that explains the no time whatsoever to even be ON the computer. This month, on my days off, I actually feel like it is a day off. There is somewhat time available! I actually feel surprised about it. (I know I am just rambling, but it does seem weird to me.) It won't last for long, I'm sure though. Eric will be graduating so there's the graduation party to get ready for. Also my parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in April, so my brother and sister and I decided to throw them a party.

Next month on February 18th, Jeff and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary! Wow! I'm really happy and excited about that! I'm not sure what we will be doing to celebrate, but we'll figure something out. It's going to have to be something economical since we have the other events coming up as well as Eric going off to college.

Eric is pretty much set on going to Purdue West Lafayette for Engineering. He thinks it will be electrical engineering, but he could change his mind if he finds another type more interesting.

So that is the latest that is happening. God bless everyone in this new year! Love to all!

  • teelduo
    :faint: WOW HI FRIEND!!! I barely get a chance to say hi even at worship. I was going to talk to you yesterday and I turned around and you were gone. How'd I miss you?
    by teelduo at 01/19/09 5:14PM
  • btrflybarb
    Look! It's Laurie!! So good to see you posting!
    by btrflybarb at 01/19/09 6:17PM
  • dorothy129
    Laurie, The merge was suppose to happen this Sunday. I think it is going to be postponed. It will probably still happen but some things need to be worked out. Please pray for allof us.
    by dorothy129 at 04/23/09 8:52AM
  • jandpsdad
    jk - means just kidding
    by jandpsdad at 04/28/09 7:02AM
  • dorothy129
    The merger happened on schedule as planned. We had two wonderful services.
    by dorothy129 at 05/04/09 7:01PM

Sweet observance of boys to men

Jeff and Ben building the roof.

This is a picture of our garage addition that Jeff is building, along with a little help from Eric and I. I, being the weaker vessel, am not able to lift too much and I definitely do not like heights. Jeff asked me to climb up an extension ladder to help him check if something was level. I reluctantly climbed up to the same rung of the ladder that he was on (except he was on another one about 8 feet away). As I waited there for him to be ready, I was watching him reach out away from the ladder to nail something and I got woosy! I felt that little dizzy feeling and a strange feeling in my stomach. Then he was ready and I had to reach out to grab the level from him ("panic") then he told me to see if this header was level. I looked up and realized that I would have to go up one more rung (Aaaah). But I did, and grasped onto another header that was nearby. I got that done and said, "Can I get down now?"

Now Eric wouldn't mind helping, but we don't want him to overdo it with his back. He helps when he can though. So we have our nephew, Ben come over. He is a great kid! I was so thankful he came to help because Jeff really needed it. It is pretty difficult to build a roof by yourself. But as I watched and handed them things they needed, I saw that Ben was a little nervous as well about being up high. But he sucked it up like a man and did what he had to do. I am just amazed at the young men our nephews (all of them) have become! You think about the cute little guys running around playing and the times they all tried to impress eachother with the things boys do and now look at them! Now they are flexing their muscles and pushing eachother around and wrestling and there is that manly bond. They even do this with their uncles and dads. They grow up, but yet they never grow up. :) I like it! It's so......neat!
  • teelduo
    You would think Ben would be used to heights since he walks around almost 7 feet tall as it is. giggle

    I know exactly what you mean in the post. OXOX
    by teelduo at 09/22/08 1:58PM
  • btrflybarb
    (((Laurie))) You need a ladder with side rails. LOL
    by btrflybarb at 09/22/08 2:48PM
  • pbandchoc
    ^^Now there's an idea!^^
    by pbandchoc at 09/22/08 5:15PM
  • teelduo
    I think she would need a ladder with more than just side railes. They mmight have to build her a whole room around it. LOL
    by teelduo at 09/22/08 6:52PM
  • dorothy129
    I think I would want one of those lifts that has a platform on it. I give you much credit Laurie for going up that ladder.
    by dorothy129 at 09/22/08 7:50PM
  • dorothy129
    I tagged you! Check out my blog. :-)
    by dorothy129 at 09/23/08 11:18PM
  • teelduo
    We were told to cut them down and Craig did that and they enver came back. I haven't even bothered to plant these. They are just in a pot on my porch.
    by teelduo at 09/26/08 9:27AM
  • dorothy129
    I am very proud of Lissy, I just wish she were a Christian. It gets really scary as she gets older and still does not make that decision.
    by dorothy129 at 10/04/08 1:21PM
  • btrflybarb
    Laurie - MEL is wanting to start a blog for Christian WOMEN to have a place to have discussions. Add her to your list of friends and check it out!
    by btrflybarb at 12/30/08 4:26PM

New movie coming

I saw this on my friend Craig Dehut's blog. He is a recent graduate from film making school and his mission is to infiltrate the movie industry with good, wholesome movies that Christians want to see. He highly recommends this movie that is coming out on September 26th. It tells a story about a fire fighter that is having trouble with his marriage and turns to God for help. These are the movies we need to support!
  • teelduo
    by teelduo at 09/14/08 4:53PM


Foggy sunrise Pictures, Images and Photos
Last week I woke up one morning and looked out my window and there was this layer of fog on the ground, but the sky was clear. It looked so beautiful I had to take some pictures. Of course it looked better in person. Here are a couple more.

Fog 1 Pictures, Images and Photos
Fog 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
It made me feel so peaceful. I looked up a couple verses that had to do with peace and this is what I found:

Psalm 85:10-11
"Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other. Faithfulness springs forth from the earth, and righteousness looks down from heaven."

Psalm 119:165
"Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble."

Love to all my friends!
  • dehutmom
    WoW! Great job girl!
    by dehutmom at 09/11/08 7:16AM
  • btrflybarb
    That is peaceful!
    by btrflybarb at 09/11/08 7:52AM
  • teelduo
    by teelduo at 09/11/08 8:34AM
  • curlie
    Those are beautiful.
    by curlie at 09/11/08 8:52AM

Enjoying my visit....

Neil and Jacqie came up to Indiana to escape hurricane Gustav. They arrived Sunday evening around 7:00. I am really enjoying the time we have to be with them. They are expecting to leave Thursday morning. Neil wants to be back to work Friday to help his plant get things moving again. Their town of Slidell did not get any major damage. Some trees came down and put out power lines, but they don't know if their house received any damage. Neil's boss said he might drive over there to check for him if he has any downed trees, broken windows... That's nice of him. Their power was out for a couple days, but it is back on now. So they are hoping their food in their freezer might still be ok. We are going to go for lunch with Neil's grandparents this afternoon and I think Jacqie wants to go say goodbye to her family later on after tonight's bible class. We'll hate to see them go, but are thankful we got to see them.
  • teelduo
    I get to see them tonight. I am almost thankful for Gustav for that reason. *smile* I pray nothing has been damaged.
    by teelduo at 09/03/08 11:10AM
  • btrflybarb
    Yeah right! You can tell you've never been in a hurricane! :o) I will be looking forward to seeing them tonight, too!
    by btrflybarb at 09/03/08 1:16PM
  • dorothy129
    I am glad you have had this time to visit with them.I will pray for their safe travel home. I hope they don't have to return home to a mess.
    by dorothy129 at 09/03/08 1:49PM
  • btrflybarb
    I signed up at facebook - did you?
    by btrflybarb at 09/04/08 4:38PM
  • dorothy129
    I am on facebook too. If you sign up add me as a friend please. I love keeping up with friends and making new ones.
    by dorothy129 at 09/06/08 8:57AM
  • pbandchoc
    ^^I don't think I will sign up on facebook. Sorry.
    by pbandchoc at 09/08/08 6:45AM
  • dorothy129
    ^^That's ok I can still contact you on pleo.
    by dorothy129 at 09/08/08 10:41AM