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Im still a drummer.... lol. for those who havent heard i have a face book so thats why i havent been on as much. Love yall!

-Scott Foster


Hey people i havent heard from you guys in a long while, school is fine.
Im now in jazz band as well as drumline. Jazz Band is fun but at times can be excruciating. Its finally a good chalenge for my skills as a drummer.
the songs we play are here as follows (not all of them will be in the playlist that i might put on):
25, OR 6 TO 4

Theres more but i cant think of any right now, on the playlist its most likley going to have sing sing sing and 25 or 6 to 4.
  • padfoot

    Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones
    by padfoot at 02/04/10 6:56PM
  • curlie
    Ooh... I really like 25 or 6 to 4. :)
    by curlie at 02/04/10 8:39PM
  • adeline
    lol cool
    by adeline at 02/05/10 10:52AM
  • misslynn
    Wow! I was never in Jazz band, but Mr. Steve was and he loved it! Have fun!
    by misslynn at 02/06/10 12:17PM
  • padfoot
    oh and im playing bohemian rhapsody!
    by padfoot at 02/10/10 4:54PM
  • roseofsharon
    I love jazz bands!
    by roseofsharon at 02/18/10 11:07AM


I have no clue what to say so im just going to do whatever i can.
Sooo to upgrade my log I guess i will just keep you updated on whats happining here in Mn. First off: ITS REALLY FREEZING!!! more like below freezing the hottest its been here is mabey 40F but to us thats really hot! every body is wearing shorts and T-shirts! One time I even saw a guy in a hot tub, he diddnt even have his shirt on! It was really wierd!! But the next day its usually -15, thats normal for us, one time it got so be -40 with a really cold wind chill but they still diddn't cancel school! Seriously folks! When its -40F and theres a negative wind chill on top of that, so I think they should've cancled school! I think this is the most that I've ever written so a new record!!! Yay me!! Well tomorrow Im going on a 7th Grade field trip to the Ordway to see a play about Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. So yah, umm, yah, I hope I get to come down to Texas to stay, all I want for my B-day is to come down to visit!!! Man, I LOVE TEXAS!!! GO LONGHORNS!!! Oh you should look at this:

  • roseofsharon
    Like the music. And yeah, you for adding a video!
    by roseofsharon at 02/18/09 8:45AM
  • misslynn
    Hang in there! Warm weather is around the corner!
    by misslynn at 02/21/09 3:32PM
  • dianna
    I think your family is brave! -40 is waaaayyy to cold for me! :) How was the play you went to see on your field trip?
    by dianna at 02/24/09 12:09AM
  • iamchriswindham
    that sling shot guy is awesome
    by iamchriswindham at 03/14/09 10:38PM
  • adeline
    haha ur so cute :)
    by adeline at 03/25/09 7:59PM

Mom's eight interesting facts about me

1. I have a scar on my wrist that was there when I was born. As I grow, it grows in length.

4. I like to play pranks and scare people.

5. I love to be scared (movies).

6. I absolutely hate spiders of any size.

7. I am a percussionist. I usally play snare cuz im better than alot of people. :P

8. I am taller than my mother (even when she wears heels).

9. I like to fish and hunt with my dad.

10. I like to make people laugh.

Note: these were compiled by my mom - if I ever read this,wich i did and already changed some stuff.
  • iamchriswindham
    all very interesting!
    by iamchriswindham at 10/09/08 9:55AM
  • misslynn
    I have to agree with your Mom on #2 - I think the cowlick is cute, too!
    by misslynn at 10/09/08 5:21PM
  • katcox
    I guess that means you're taller than me, too. Your dog is cute! Todd had a springer spaniel one time.
    by katcox at 10/09/08 10:31PM
  • curlie
    Your cowlick is cute. It's what makes you Scott. We love you, by the way... and I say that just because I know it will gross you out. :)
    by curlie at 10/10/08 9:23AM

My sister Ana.

My sister is sooooo anoying, but only to me cause everyone says she's so cute and funny. Well to me she's a public embarrassment, but when she's embarassing me everyone thinks she's adorable. Well at least you don't have to live with her. She can be funny, but rarely to me. Oh I got a hunting dog. Her name is Hope. I'm her owner. I can't wait until next month. We might go hunting. I love hunting when you can actually get something to shoot. I'll show my dog as soon as I can!!!
  • iamchriswindham
    cool, I hope we get to see some pics of your dog!
    by iamchriswindham at 08/26/08 10:21AM
  • dianna
    Awe...one day your sister will be one of your best friends, but when your kids and teenagers you're like worst enemies. My brother and sisters are now my best friends and growing up we drove each other crazy. I promise it gets better.
    by dianna at 08/26/08 10:32AM
  • curlie
    No school yet? Have you played lots of Rock Band in memory of me?
    by curlie at 08/26/08 11:27AM
  • skilario
    Amen to that Dianna! And Hi Scott. Good to hear about your new dog! What kind of dog is it?
    by skilario at 08/26/08 4:29PM
  • misslynn
    Ana will probably be one of your best friends when you are an adult. Seems like a long time to wait, doesn't it? Hang in there! Don't forget to put up pictures of your new dog. Does your old dog get along with the new one?
    by misslynn at 08/27/08 9:41AM