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Just wanted to let you know that Ihave posted a sermon on instrumental music and a sermon on baptism over at my "serious" site -
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    checking it out
    by danielstephen at 06/08/09 2:04AM
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    will check it out
    by cmvermont at 06/08/09 4:25PM
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    Very helpful, thank you.
    by nick_katie at 06/09/09 4:48PM
  • chessman
    I still don't understand what a cotton line is for...
    by chessman at 07/16/09 8:34PM
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    DUDE! you were on a clip from the conan o'brien show when he went to the barbershop harmony society!
    by cmvermont at 10/22/09 3:16AM
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    Hi! :) I'm back on here now. :)
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    Your 'where I preach' link is broken...
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I Almost Punched an Old Geezer

Yesterday I met with what I affectionately call my "Old Ladies Class," a Bible study I do at Morningside of Belmont. When class was over I got on the elevator with one of the members (Frances), and an older gentleman who has visited class from time to time also got on (Bill). Bill is at an age and stage where he doesn't remember much, and Frances reminded him that he had visited our class on occasion.

As we exited the elevator, Bill looked at me and said, "You should teach about the seven ways to lose weight." It is not uncommon for older people to just blurt out things about my weight, so I just benignly smiled and walked away. I was looking for another lady who no longer attends class, but who I always try to find to say hi to.

I couldn't find her, so I turned around to leave, and then I spotted Bill imitating me as a fat person to one of the staff. I couldn't believe it. That is something little kids in school do, not adults. And I really wanted to go over and punch him in the face. Instead, I just glared at him for a minute and walked away.

I really hope that he is no longer responsible for his actions, that what he did is not an indication of a lifelong habit of cruelty, but instead the result of the infantile behavior that accompanies senility.

I have to admit that I thought later about other things I could have done to him, like:
-Grabbing his walker and taunting him to chase me for it.
-Asking him why his family doesn't love him and put him in a nursing home.
-Punching him again.

And there is a good chance he would not remember any of this tomorrow!

But the experience made me appreciate with greater awe and admiration how Jesus responded to those who viciously attacked him-

1 Peter 2:21 For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps. 22 He committed no sin, neither was deceit found in his mouth. 23 When he was reviled, he did not revile in return; when he suffered, he did not threaten, but continued entrusting himself to him who judges justly.

After all, I am fat - there's no denying it! But Jesus was slandered as a false prophet, impugned by false witnesses, condemned by cowards, and beaten and murdered. There was nothing true or right or just in how He was treated. But He did not "revile in return." He trusted in God.

Lots of you have been slandered and abused in ways much worse than I can imagine. Take heart in Jesus' example - put your trust in God, and in due time, He who "judges justly" will vindicate you.
  • cmvermont
    well, if he wouldn't remember it tomorrow...
    good job with the self control brother :)
    by cmvermont at 05/20/09 2:27PM
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    Funny stuff...
    by slave_of_jesus_jdb at 05/20/09 2:30PM
  • chessman
    You could hang him upside down from your Cotton Line...
    by chessman at 05/20/09 2:55PM
  • jandpsdad
    Not funny - thought provoking! As always - good job bro!
    by jandpsdad at 05/20/09 3:03PM
  • navydoc
    Sometimes I get made fun of cuz I'm bald. But hey, bald is in. I think I'm quite sexy. So what if you're fat. Be sexy with it.
    by navydoc at 05/20/09 6:55PM
  • lynny
    I can kind of see you taking his walker.
    by lynny at 05/20/09 9:38PM
  • lilsis
    I feel your pain. It's like when a big person makes fun of a tiny person for only filling up 1/5 of their recliner!
    by lilsis at 05/21/09 11:55AM
  • lilsis
    Ryan & I are going to study the book of Proverbs together... we're looking for a good study guide or commentary to use. Nothing too technical, something more devotional oriented. Is there a book or books you'd recommend?
    by lilsis at 05/23/09 10:28AM
  • lilsis
    Do you know if there's an online sermon bank with some of Kenny Chumbley's sermons?
    by lilsis at 05/23/09 11:16AM
  • btrflybarb
    I have to admit I chuckled here and there, but I'm glad you used restraint. Would have been very embarrassing to be banned from a nursing home! Particularly one where you have a study!!
    by btrflybarb at 05/25/09 10:25AM
  • holly_ann
    What a horrible old man. How wonderful that you found a great lesson in that! But I would have punched the dude.
    by holly_ann at 05/26/09 2:20PM
  • lefantstaf
    i like the walker idea. that would be the most amusing, atleast.
    by lefantstaf at 05/28/09 7:11AM
  • jimmybuck
    ROFL! I may choke on my steak from Outback, or the accompanying cheese fries, or the piece of pie I'm contemplating...
    by jimmybuck at 05/28/09 7:57PM
  • mayflower
    Makes me pray that either I don't deteriorate to his level of senility, or I die young.
    by mayflower at 06/01/09 12:19AM

Shane Scott Online - www.shanescottonline

I have been having lots of trouble with my blog at Wordpress has been unimpressive to me. So I am moving stuff over to a new site -

This stands for Shane Scott Online, not Shane's Cottonline
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    I think you should start a cottonline... it would be fun
    by entropy at 05/19/09 9:02PM
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    you're sitting on a gold mine, trabek!
    by cmvermont at 05/20/09 12:01AM
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    Here is a link to Shane's Cotton Line.
    by phat_man at 05/20/09 12:06AM

Some new stuff (finally!) And come see my quartet and chorus Saturday!

Wow, I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted! Just wanted to give you a heads up that I will be posting manuscripts from a series I did on the historical reliability of the gospels at

Also, my quartet and chorus have a show coming up this Saturday here in Nashville (at the new Cane Ridge High School). Showtimes are 2 pm and 7:30pm.

The Lesson of Billy Clyde

Those of you who follow college basketball know that my beloved Kentucky Wildcats fired their head coach, Billy "Clyde" Gillispie, and just today announced the hiring of John Calipari. Lots of national media people have attacked UK for firing Gillispie, assuming that it was just because we had a poor season this year (by Kentucky standards).

While there are a lot of us who think the dismal coaching job Gillispie did this year merited a canning, that is not why UK let him go. The reason they fired him was because Gillispie stubbornly refused to do any of the normal things a coach does outside of recruiting and teaching X and Os. For example, Kentucky coaches had a tradition dating back to Adolph Rupp of speaking to the Lexington Rotary Club - Gillispie refused.

Things finally came to a head when Gillispie told an ESPN reporter that he was NOT an ambassador of the program - just a coach. This was after the adminstration publicly said they expected him to be exactly that. And so he was fired.

There is an important lesson here. We all are expected to do things in our jobs that are not spelled out in the contract, but which are important nonetheless. I know that a lot of preachers grumble because members expect them to make hospital visits, for instance. And if a preacher is not careful, he can allow those sorts of things to crowd out the time he needs to study and prepare.

BUT, there is also great value in taking time to show people how much you care for them. There was a member in the second church I worked with who lived just down the street from the building. She was in her 60s, and any time she needed to move something big in her house, she called me to come help. At first I kinda grumbled to myself that she would think that I didn't have anything better to do with my time, but I always went over to help. In the first place, it only took a few minutes. In the second place, I often got a reward (dessert!). And in the third place, it gave me a chance to show her that I genuinely cared for her. And the next time I was in the pulpit, I knew that she would interpret my teaching in precisely that light. That's important!

We have all heard the cliche that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. But there is great truth in that statement. Small acts of kindness, acts of unrequired service, are a crucial way we can all show people how much we care.

  • terryfrancis
    Of course since Gillespie never signed a contract...
    by terryfrancis at 04/01/09 1:30PM
  • pregador
    Excellent lesson.
    by pregador at 04/03/09 7:20AM
  • coulter
    yeah i thought you would get into his refusal to sign a contract! stupid. But your points were better directed.
    by coulter at 04/13/09 8:22AM
  • lefantstaf
    i always found Gillispie a bit shady.
    by lefantstaf at 04/20/09 1:58PM