The Lord Has Been Mindful of Me, He Blesses Again and Again

First - you must know that I haven't the skill to describe the past few days in their full beauty.

Saturday was such a productive day. I accomplished some much-needed housework: straightened my room, washed laundry, and cleaned my bathroom top to bottom. I took my sister to work and I picked her up from work. I went to the store and got a better idea of my choices in a certain Christmas gift I've been trying to pick out for someone in my family. When I got home, I helped welcome our friend Dustin who drove into town for the weekend. Then I dressed and ate and we all drove to the church building where our congregation had this year's last quarterly singing - where we also met up with another friend, Jonathan Engel (engelishgentleman). The singing was fantastic. There were about 17 song leaders and they all led about 2 songs each. They were so enthusiastic about it, from the thought-provoking songs they picked ("Master, the Tempest is Raging", "There's a Rainbow", "Faith is the Victory", "Land of Somewhere", "And Can it Be?", "When the Storm Passes By", "How Long Til the Morning", "Abide with Me", and so many more!) to the gusto with which they led them (you know...waving their hands all over the place, grinning the whole time, closing their eyes). Afterwards, 6 of us (me and my sister and 4 random guys haha) all went to Chik-Fil-A and talked about cupcakes...and muffins...and World of Warcraft. Of course.

The next day was a beautiful Lord's Day as well as the wedding day of two of our members, a middled-aged couple who met one another earlier this year. She is a widow with 4 kids and he has never been married, so everyone was excited. That afternoon we cooked for the wedding (it was a potluck wedding) and that night after the worship service, we all drove over to the wedding hall which was about 5 minutes away from the church building. It was beautiful! That afternoon several of the members had gone and decorated the place with tulle, white twinkle lights, and table-top center pieces with little lights that flickered like candles. The effect was warm, glowing, and romantic. We got good seats at a table near the stage so we saw the whole show very well. Halfway during the ceremony, the preacher turned to the bride's daughter and nodded. It was her que for the duet she'd rehearsed with one of our other members at West Side. She smiled and waited for the music to start, but nothing happened. We all waited. Nothing... The preacher said, "And NOW there will be a song." Nothing. I still feel bad for laughing out loud, but I couldn't help it. Finally the music started. Then it stopped. Then it started again. And finally her singing partney came down the isle and he and Ericha sang their duet and they did a great job! I hope my own wedding is as quirky as this one was - how special it is, I think, when things aren't rigidly formal and instead you're all together like one big, happy family!

After the ceremony, we formed a long line and filled our plates and sat back down for the speeches. Both the father of the bride and the father of the groom made a speech. I love speeches at weddings. They fascinate me as they offer more insight into the lives of the couple. The father of the groom teased him for marrying later in life, and then read a poem from Winnie the Pooh. The father of the bride talked about meeting his new son-in-law earlier that year. I hope there will be speeches at my wedding. I have also decided that I want someone to sum up my love story for the guests - how we met, how we came to be interested in each other, how we came to date, and how our love blossomed. It's so much more meaningful when you know the quirky details!

Not to say yesterday was a bad day - but let's skip to today. Today began normal enough. I drove my sister to work, then drove to South Lake where I work, went through the CFA drive-thru, and drove to work where I parked and ate lunch. Then I went to work. Best. Day. At. Work. Yet! After the main stockers left early in the afternoon, we newbies had full reign of the stockroom (more or less). One of the newbies looks to me, though I am several years younger, simply because I've been there a week longer than she has. She said something about how I know where everything is (which was a very gracious thing to say, as it's far from the truth!) and that I am very pleasant. Those words were just what I needed. After that, I laughed and joked and answered so many requests from the store (the cashiers and salespeople use walkie-talkies to request certain merchandise be brought out to the floor) that I myself was able to respect my hard work - and that is so important when starting out, is knowing you are really giving it your all!

After work, I walked across the square to Bath & Body Works to pick up some lip balm. And then I decided to treat myself to coffee at Starbuck's nearby! Surprise! When I got to the counter and ordered my tall carmael brule frapp, the cashier informed me that a customer had left money to pay for as many coffees as it could cover. So my coffee was bought by a stranger! "Really? That's amazing!" I cried. "Yeah, isn't it?" she smiled. I walked out the door and was feeling so good, I knew I must walk past the big fountain on my way back to the car. So I walked past and looked in at all the pennies and decided that next time I'd throw in my penny, too! Then I drove home, drinking my frapp, and in the rush-hour traffic, I sang Adele at the top of my lungs and hooted and hollered for all the joy inside of me.

Oh! By the way, I caught the bouquet at the wedding. It's now in a glass by my bed, a wonderful bunch of pink flowers. I was congratulated for catching it, which surprised me, because I don't have a groom yet. But I was still pleased and thanked them for the congratulations. Others just teased me. I was wearing purple that night and one woman said, "All I saw was a blur of purple fly for that bouquet!" Yeah, well, that bouquet was MINE.... (:

I suppose there's sweet little details I have left out of this post, but even without those, it's so obvious to me how richly God chooses to bless me. I want to sing "The Lord Has Been Mindful of Me" sometime in the near future. I know, though, that the Lord can take away blessings as easily as He can give them. But I also know that the Lord will never stop blessing me in wonderful big and small and ordinary and creative ways.

  • snoopy
    I like this post Emily! It made me happy :) Now I feel like running up to that fountain and throwing in a penny with you :)
    by snoopy at 11/22/11 9:40PM
  • engelishgentleman
    Ah, the cupcake-muffin discussion. LOL! We talked about World of Warcraft at CFA, really? I must have missed that.

    "how special it is, I think, when things aren't rigidly formal and instead you're all together like one big, happy family!" - Amen x1000 to this!

    Interesting idea about wedding speeches...I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like what you described.
    by engelishgentleman at 11/23/11 1:10AM
  • celticgirl1787
    God is So Good. :)
    by celticgirl1787 at 11/26/11 5:20AM
  • sirtarin
    Very enjoyable post. I'm glad to hear that you've been having an exceptional few days. =)
    by sirtarin at 11/26/11 12:34PM
  • thejoyoftom
    Thank you so much. Everyone loved my mom. I will miss her very much! We had a wonderful service on Saturday. The godly life of a loved one, even in death is cause to rejoice. I intend to describe in some detail our Eulogy in Song honoring Mom and praising God.
    by thejoyoftom at 11/26/11 7:25PM