Therefore let everyone who is godly offer prayer to you at a time when you may be found

I think it's been around 3 years since I last posted on here. To begin, let me say I greatly dislike my username, I wish I could explain to my prior self how annoying I would find this username. But that is hardly the point.

I made my profile private months ago because I wanted to have a space to express the things that I don't often find myself talking about. And then I didn't write anything. I want to say it was because I've been super busy and that my life has been in a state of flux in the past six months but honestly, I've been apprehensive about writing. I've used writing as a source of catharsis over the years, but recently I haven't felt anything there. I've actually gone through things in the recent past where I have wanted to write. Write an essay (or blogpost), a poem, a treatise, even write a fictional story, but there was just nothing there.

I left Los Angeles on September 29th 2014 and moved to Chillicothe on October 5th 2014. I left the first place that ever felt like home to me. I left a place where I was challenged intellectually, spiritually, and even ethically at times. I left the most stable living situations that I had had in about 5-7 years. I left an amazing group of eclectic individuals that I got to call my friends. I left a fellow laborer that revived and reignited my desire to return to the fields.

I feel like I left a lot on September 29th, to an extent I feel like I left a piece of myself.

I have come to a place where I have been embraced before I arrived. I have come to the first apartment that has my name on the lease. I have come to a place where I will be challenged emotionally, and have the way I have viewed the world challenged. I have come to a place that is excited for the work I desire to do in this place, with these people. I have come to work alongside 3 godly men who are giving their lives over to proclaiming the Gospel.

I do not know when I will fully realize all of what I came to on October 5th. And whereas I do not know what my path looks like as I go forward, I believe that through YHWH I will replace the piece I left with a new piece forged here in Chillicothe.

Throughout this transition in my life I have been sustained by the steadfast love of YHWH. And I pray that as this new chapter begins that I would truly be prepared to be a slave of righteousness.
  • deusvitae
    God is Creator; God is faithful; may God be glorified in what you do.
    by deusvitae at 11/03/14 12:33AM


So, I'm actually on pleonast. This is actually humorous to me. I can't believe I even remembered my login info, guess I really am a nerd/dork whatever. I'm sure Ethan won't have any argument with that.

So, I'm in California these days. I'm going to school out here, or so I've been told. Honestly, I'm doing more work with the congregation out here, and doing freelance graphic design more, but still maintaining a 3.0. Yeah, that's right...I gots a 3.0...

Anyways. I'm loving the opportunity to be in LA, not just from a designer aspect; but as a Christian. There is such a great opportunity to expand the borders of the Kingdom out here, it's ridiculous. The Venice Church of Christ (which is where I met) had an evangelism event a few weeks ago, and the reception was amazing. I firmly believe that if we approach the people out here in the correct manner we can truly do things. This is not because we are great, or have the answers within ourselves; but this place seems to want something (or at least the section I'm in). I am so excited about the opportunity to be out here, and working here.

Alright, well that's all for now, I have real writting to do!
  • heidiw
    You know, I was just wondering where on earth you'd set up shop. But I'm glad to know that things are so blessed where you are! Miss your face!!
    by heidiw at 04/19/11 4:22PM

posting...again...hmmm...after how many months...

So, I am inching my way closer to graduating with my A.A. degree at FC. It's been a long journey, and the fact it's ending is starting to scare me a little I think. Preaching in Bradenton has been good. There has been growth in the congregation's size, and attitude; which has been encouraging!

ok...enough for now...BYE
  • kattath
    by kattath at 03/03/10 7:42AM
  • sjbgurl
    So you're graduating this spring??? :)
    by sjbgurl at 03/11/10 9:49PM

who knows...

I have no clue why I am posting again, especially in this mood, but here we go. This summer I have had to deal with a couple of things that have really tested me, in most ways. I have grown alot, but at the same time, I see areas that still seem so very bare, and desolate. I hate that! I don't deal well when I can't fix things quickly, or when the solution involves waiting. I am feeling that the congregation that I'm working with might be trusting me more and that is exciting, but then i wonder if they will jeep me here through out the year, because transportation will be difficult. And then I look personally at what I've accomplished this summer, and feel like I'm lacking in a huge way. I've been living on my own the majority of the summer, and have felt so alone, that sometimes I can hardly stand it. So much so, that I'm actually blogging about it on pleonast, for all the high and mighty to see! Which, since I'm on the warpath, is another thing, why should I, or anybody, hesitate to treat this blog different than any other. To truly express what is bothering us. Why do I feel like I need to keep things like this and my facebook clean of things that might express who I am, a bit more freely, and openly? Is this something that only I have thought about? But none the less, I kinda thought that living by myself would allow me time to think, and deal with some personal stuff, but instead it's created the opportunity for me to constantly freak out about how truly alone I have felt. A feeling I hate experiencing. But who knows...
  • kattath
    I don't think it's bad for you to share things on here or facebook. I'm not sure I understood all of that, but I'm having heavy brainfog today to go along with the dizziness I seem to be experiancing, so it make sense that I don't get all of it. I might come back and try to understand when my head is clearer...
    by kattath at 08/05/09 10:40AM
  • beunsung
    You may feel alone, but realize that you have so many friends who are just a phone call away. I went through something similar while I was in Kansas. It didn't matter if I stayed up until 5:30 in the morning because no one was going to notice and it just made the whole experience more difficult. I know what you are going through... and remember, people you don't even know are praying for you.
    by beunsung at 08/08/09 1:50AM
  • kattath
    good point, chris! you know you can call me anytime, raj! plus remember... it's almost over. :)
    by kattath at 08/09/09 9:22AM
  • wildcaveman
    you're weird. get used to it.
    by wildcaveman at 08/09/09 4:17PM
  • ohiorajrefreshed
    very true thanks! i'll try to call u next week, if u have time...
    thanks caleb, i needed that...
    by ohiorajrefreshed at 08/10/09 11:07PM


So, I am "back" on pleonast. Not that I got kicked off or anything, I just forgot about it. I am back at FC for another go around. Trying to have a better academic semester than my last. I'm actually attempting to do the little things that will increase my chances for this. I got to preach last Sunday night [not Superbowl Sunday]. It felt good. I preached on John 4:19-24, and emphasized the point about worship. My life as a whole has been changing as well. Trying to be a bit more sociable, a bit more "human." Well that's all for now I suppose...
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    Dude, we need to catch up someday. seriously.
    by heidiw at 02/03/09 1:25PM
  • emer
    Hey, I'm glad you remembered all your buddies on the pleo! Good job, by the way, on pointing out those thoughts about worship.
    by emer at 02/03/09 6:57PM
  • emer
    Nope, I think Anthony is taking Feb. I've got April I think.
    by emer at 02/03/09 9:45PM
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    no, I don't know who you're talking about...
    by mrsfionacharming at 02/04/09 2:27PM
  • mrsfionacharming
    yes... it is
    by mrsfionacharming at 02/04/09 2:28PM
  • mrsfionacharming
    excuse you! I believe it was you who started it!
    by mrsfionacharming at 02/04/09 5:19PM
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    Yay! You're back!
    by obi_wan_kenobi at 02/05/09 9:03AM
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    Heyyy :)
    by sjbgurl at 02/08/09 2:52PM