"Lefou, I'm afraid I've been thinking." "A dangerous pastime." "I know!"

And, despite that thinking, I have no idea why that quote popped into my head while searching for a title for this post. Regardless, I was thinking about something I saw on a TV show last night. I was watching House and the sick person of the week was an avid blogger. She blogged about everything in her life (except for the one thing that turned out to be important for her diagnosis). She blogged about every thought that popped into her head and appeared very addicted to it. This is what I've been thinking about since I watched that episode: do we put too much of our lives on the internet? One of the reasons I am no longer on Facebook is because I suffered from putting too much of my life online. Also, I know of others who have gotten in trouble in the recent past from posting something they probably should have kept to themselves or, at least, offline. Also, I wonder how much of this contributes to the degradation of conversation. I'm just curious. What do you think?

I love you all.
I love you.

PS- I'll do a Musical Monday next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • firefaerie
    As has been pointed out to me recently, we often think our blogs are safe, despite the fact that we all know how the internet works. I think we forget to realise what it really means when EVERYONE can read what you write, yes, even that person you are talking about. And no matter how creative and unclear you think you are being, everyone knows EXACTLY who you are talking about. And as a result, we often forget about God in all this.
    I think it is important remember that as children of God we should be shining lights to the world. Things we write about should reflect what we believe and have faith in. If you have an issue with someone or a struggling through a tough time with a certain person, follow the biblical example for that and go to them, and then bring witnesses, and then go to the Eldership at your church. Whining or venting online doesn't help. And even if you have experience living hell in your life, complaining about it won't stop the pain or help others through similiar situations.
    The same thing goes for chatting and conversing in groups like on pleo. One of the main reasons I left my beloved WoW and many of the more "Serious" pleo groups was because people had this strange idea that having their true identities concealed meant that they could say whatever they wanted. I've gotten into some pretty good arguments with pro-claimed Christians about how important it is to use words properly and to be sensitive to others when a misunderstanding occurs. For some reason the black & white of the internet makes people forget that they are in fact, talking to real people.
    by firefaerie at 03/09/10 1:55PM
  • ninja_penguin
    Very good points.
    by ninja_penguin at 03/09/10 6:14PM
  • mel_ody
    I LOVE facebook! Merely for the fact that when my kids go down for afternoon nap, it happens to be late evening in South Africa and I have reconnected with a few of my SA friends who are online at the time. So we chat on facebook. I even got to chat with my mom once!! :) So I usually get on a couple afternoons a week for that and sometimes in the evenings I chat with my American buddies...like Jimmy Buck, old teaching friends, etc. :)
    I do agree that people need to be careful what they post, but I think if you're careful about who you 'friend' you can limit the nastiness that goes on out there. And if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it.
    by mel_ody at 03/09/10 10:14PM
  • kevin
    I just watched that episode last night (Wilson's "movie" was hilarious). I think certain people can handle being "out there" on the internet more than others. If you know what to expect and don't feel "compelled" to post everything online (like the girl in the episode did) then I don't think there really is a limit as to how much is too much. Obviously, when you disrespect the privacy/wishes of another (like in the episode) it is too far, but if someone wants to put their life out there, I don't see how it can really hurt. In fact, somone may read something very helpful/comforting just knowing that there is someone else out there feeling what they are feeling. I do agree with the comment that the patient made towards the end. She said, "You CAN know someone without having ever met them face to face." Case in point, these two met on pleonast, spoke on the phone for months, met in person just a few weekends ago and are engaged to be married in November :) It seems crazy but I think they REALLY got to know each other over the internet. It may not work for everyone, but perhaps for some that interaction is acceptable.

    P.S. - I would TOTALLY reenact the Boston Tea party while dressed as a stormtrooper! Care to join me :)
    by kevin at 03/10/10 8:30AM
  • ninja_penguin
    Well, we're two of the six people in the world that would. All we need to do now is find the other four. :)
    by ninja_penguin at 03/10/10 10:39AM
  • tu_madre
    i love the new app that lets you tell people where you are in the city...as in, not at your home, so please come break in and steal all your stuff...
    by tu_madre at 03/11/10 6:47PM