10/06/04 3:55AM

hi matt and debs. hope you are both feeling better. my office and i are really enjoying reading about your exploits. off to ally pally now. love nat
  • bereanatheart
    Welcome to the 'nast!
    by bereanatheart at 10/06/04 3:43PM
  • matts
    Hello all and Nat. Are you actually going to write a blog or are you just going to comment on mine? ;-) matt
    by matts at 10/10/04 9:08AM
  • natsarj
    Hi Matt and Debs. You have not said how you both are feeling. how is deb's arm/wrist and your knee holding up.
    by natsarj at 10/11/04 8:21AM
  • matts
    see my blog under your comment, basically fine ;-)
    by matts at 10/12/04 10:16AM