Nine in, nine out

I have a runny nose. I am still eating a lot and playing a lot.

I am also nine months old today.

  • curlie
    It's so hard to believe you're already nine months old!!!
    by curlie at 06/19/08 2:41PM
  • prov3110
    You're getting to be an old man already! Happy 3/4 birthday to you!
    by prov3110 at 06/19/08 3:47PM
  • jfsanders
    you sure are getting big little man!
    by jfsanders at 06/19/08 6:41PM
  • mommarn
    You're such a sweet little guy! You're growing up so fast.
    by mommarn at 06/19/08 8:21PM
  • bekka
    you are such a sweetheart..... I can't believe you are 9 mos.old.
    by bekka at 06/19/08 9:22PM
  • mbeiro88
    aww i miss ya cutie ur getting to big big boy love ya
    by mbeiro88 at 07/18/08 1:54PM

I said my first word today

  • curlie
    Mama loves you, sweet boy.
    by curlie at 06/12/08 9:02PM
  • friedaj
    Mama loves you even if your first words had been Dada! Cute boy!
    by friedaj at 06/12/08 10:09PM
  • jfsanders
    cute :)
    by jfsanders at 06/13/08 12:04AM
  • bekka
    by bekka at 06/13/08 12:41PM
  • my3sons
    Such a good boy! You know where your dinner comes from! Hugs!
    by my3sons at 06/13/08 4:53PM
  • mommarn
    How sweet!
    by mommarn at 06/13/08 7:16PM

I'm 8 months old today!

  • bekka
    You are a cutie-pie.
    by bekka at 05/19/08 11:29AM
  • jfsanders
    Nathaniel you have some crazy cute expressions little man!
    by jfsanders at 05/19/08 11:30AM
  • mommarn
    Sweet little man!
    by mommarn at 05/19/08 8:24PM

05/10/08 8:23PM

  • jfsanders
    awwww love the drool! Glad the teething is done for a little while over here! Cute picture!
    by jfsanders at 05/10/08 11:40PM

I am four months old.

A day in the life of Nathaniel VI
I smile, blow bubbles, and laugh now.

I still don't sleep through the night. It's my plan to wreak havoc on this wonderful family. MY PLAN IS WORKING!

My big sisters like to get in my face and talk to me and make faces at me. I will get back at them.
  • prov3110
    Oh yes you will get back ... ;)
    by prov3110 at 01/21/08 7:34PM
  • vermonster
    I think we need a 4 month old picture. :)
    by vermonster at 01/21/08 7:59PM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 01/21/08 8:10PM
  • vermonster
    by vermonster at 01/21/08 11:00PM
  • bekka
    by bekka at 01/22/08 1:11PM
  • friedaj
    I LOVE your smile...
    by friedaj at 01/24/08 6:02PM
  • my3sons
    sarah,he is so sweet! What a cutie!
    by my3sons at 02/16/08 11:47PM
  • julianna
    I love you.
    by julianna at 02/26/08 1:44PM
  • maia
    I love my brother. He's my friend.
    by maia at 02/26/08 1:45PM
  • honeybee
    And you look just like your daddy!
    by honeybee at 03/05/08 7:41PM
  • mommarn
    Cutie pie!
    by mommarn at 03/09/08 8:30PM