No Title Is Sufficient Enough For This

Prepare to have your mind blown away by...

...Jack Black
  • big_bertha_blue
    that was great. lol.
    by big_bertha_blue at 04/28/07 11:07AM
  • peyton4president
    haha pretty funny
    by peyton4president at 05/01/07 9:38PM
  • mbeiro88
    lol u all was surprise me lol
    by mbeiro88 at 05/02/07 10:46AM
  • thisisryan299
    BY MIND BULLETS!!! haha classic Jack Black
    by thisisryan299 at 05/02/07 12:00PM
  • peyton4president
    an honest mistake im sure haha
    by peyton4president at 05/02/07 8:58PM
  • buelalberta
    wow, that is an impressive painting!!! you are so talented! i wish i could do that! (sigh) lol
    by buelalberta at 05/03/07 11:25AM
  • cincyfan84
    where is west mizzle?
    by cincyfan84 at 05/03/07 11:26AM
  • nate22
    somewhere over the rainbow
    by nate22 at 05/03/07 4:00PM
  • malchus1810
    crack kills my dude
    by malchus1810 at 05/03/07 5:39PM
  • iloveu
    Because if someone is sorry, they deserve to be forgiven. If you forget you have a chance of them doing it to you agian.mattdevore had it right on his reply to your comment on my blog. I'm not saying to bring up old problems. I'm saying fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. In no way am i saying bring up the past...just don't forget it.
    by iloveu at 05/04/07 5:23PM
  • malchus1810
    fool me three times get a hammer and whop me up the skull
    by malchus1810 at 05/04/07 9:41PM
  • deusvitae
    It was good to see you today. :)
    by deusvitae at 05/05/07 8:15PM
  • unitedstatesofbryan
    Yeah, I went down to Waynesville for their evening services...I'll see you guys on Friday, though!
    by unitedstatesofbryan at 05/07/07 2:22PM
  • anniekittysinger
    im against u tube
    by anniekittysinger at 05/07/07 6:06PM
  • jasonswife060305
    r u gonna be a nurse too?? thats awesome if you are...we ( they) are wonderful :)
    by jasonswife060305 at 05/07/07 8:13PM
  • nate22
    you mean YOU tube? :)
    by nate22 at 05/07/07 9:38PM
  • malchus1810
    are you a cleveland fan?
    by malchus1810 at 05/07/07 9:50PM
  • nate22
    Well, Im just pulling for them in the playoffs
    by nate22 at 05/08/07 6:40AM
  • nate22
    And LeBron...obviously :)
    by nate22 at 05/08/07 6:41AM
  • jasonswife060305
    You have made me very happy to hear that :) I will save by books adn pass them over to ya when the time is right :) Keep that it mind becuase they are not nicely priced :) As you already know with all your other classes. If you need help with anytihng let me know! I'll do my best.
    by jasonswife060305 at 05/08/07 10:07PM

It's Official

I emailed Mr. President Doug Roush to let him know that I will not be attending Camp NOAH this year. I was supposed to be a dishwasher.

I know, I know. It won't be the same without me :)

Well, at least nobody will have to deal with my extreme softball and volleyball skillz this year :)

Maybe I'll try to come up and visit on the last night or something. Maybe. If you're lucky.

Class is calling my name.
  • smatthews
    why aren't you going?
    by smatthews at 04/24/07 8:41AM
  • smatthews
    Plus, you called him Dough; was that intentional? :)
    by smatthews at 04/24/07 9:16AM
  • caraboo
    skillz, nice :) I heart volleyball, I've got a wicked serve (and it's underhand :O )
    by caraboo at 04/24/07 10:45AM
  • nate22
    Haha. Ya that was an accident. I fixed it. I love volleyball too. Im going to miss it
    by nate22 at 04/24/07 11:59AM
  • alp1926
    I'm sad you won't be there. It won't be the same. Please do come up that last night.
    by alp1926 at 04/24/07 4:42PM
  • iloveu
    maybe we like dealing with your extreme softball and volleyball skillz...sadness! Don't worry i'll have enough fun for the both of us and ill bring some to you!
    by iloveu at 04/24/07 4:44PM
  • unitedstatesofbryan
    You have not seen mad volleyball serves until you have seen my "pro-style" serve!
    by unitedstatesofbryan at 04/24/07 8:47PM
  • cincyfan84
    good, now it won't smell as bad this year. oh wait, ryan's still coming. never mind.
    by cincyfan84 at 04/24/07 9:43PM
  • nate22
    you are hilarious
    by nate22 at 04/25/07 12:39PM
  • alp1926
    Sorry, I haven't heard of a "Student Day." :)
    by alp1926 at 04/25/07 10:04PM
  • peyton4president
    dude, are you sure heyre not just going to cancl the camp if your not going to be there?
    by peyton4president at 04/26/07 12:12AM
  • thisisryan299
    by thisisryan299 at 04/26/07 10:03AM
  • malchus1810
    i'll study with you. of course he may have some free time, i mean now that he has his degree and all and he is working so hard at his job teaching.... ;op
    by malchus1810 at 04/26/07 10:44PM
  • malchus1810
    oh yeah dude love the smile
    by malchus1810 at 04/26/07 10:44PM
  • nate22
    by nate22 at 04/27/07 8:10AM

I've been tagged...


I don't know the rules, so Im not going to repeat them. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Can you tell I am thrilled to do this?

1. I completely stress out about school/tests/papers/homework, yet I never show it to anyone, except maybe for those who live in the same house as me or are very close to me.

2. My feet have to be covered at all times when I sleep. AT ALL TIMES. If I wake up and they're uncovered, I usually freak out and throw the blanket back over them. I dont know why.

3. I bite my nails. I know. I need to quit. But it's a lot easier to bite them off then to take 15 minutes and clip them.

4. I talk to myself about almost everything. But only when I am by myself. I dont want to scare other people.

5. You know the gum packets with the foil on the back and you have to push the gum through the foil? Well, after I obtain the gum and begin to enjoy the juiciness/flavor, I have to tear off the foil from where the gum came from. I HAVE TO. It just bugs me because theres no gum there. So I just rip it off.

6. I am really self conscious about how I smell. My feet, breath, skin, hair, etc. I think its because I have a friend at school who doesnt shower/wash his clothes very often, and I dont have the guts to tell him that he smells.

I dont feel like tagging anyone else. I dont want to chase them. Its too much effort.
  • ektustin
    I'm with you on #2.
    by ektustin at 04/17/07 7:31PM
  • caraboo
    I'm the exact opposite of 2 :) I like my feet out.
    by caraboo at 04/17/07 7:45PM
  • cincyfan84
    honesty is the best policy. if a dude reeks, he should know. loan him your deodorant or something.
    by cincyfan84 at 04/17/07 9:53PM
  • malchus1810
    uh dude, #1, uhmm it's pretty obvious...if you are worried about freaking people out with #4 just make a different voice, a small child's voice that sounds like it is laughing is usually best.
    by malchus1810 at 04/17/07 10:17PM
  • kittycat101
    haha that made me chuckle =)
    by kittycat101 at 04/18/07 6:56AM
  • buelalberta
    by buelalberta at 04/18/07 9:32AM
  • buelalberta
    you stress about school!! of all people! :)
    by buelalberta at 04/18/07 9:36AM
  • iloveu
    It is too much effort to chase thank you for not making me!
    by iloveu at 04/18/07 5:05PM
  • nate22
    Okay. I really dont talk to myself. Its more like, I think to myself...
    by nate22 at 04/19/07 6:09PM
  • malchus1810
    make the voice, do it in elevators it is so cool.
    by malchus1810 at 04/19/07 10:37PM
  • nate22
    Im not doing yoga
    by nate22 at 04/20/07 8:06AM
  • nate22
    by nate22 at 04/20/07 8:08AM
  • peyton4president
    that guy must be reeallly cool for you to indure the smell EVERY funny
    by peyton4president at 04/20/07 11:02PM
  • mbeiro88
    hey how are ya!!!
    by mbeiro88 at 04/22/07 12:05PM
  • mbeiro88
    im good getting ready for my job for next year its going to be weired not going to school any more lol
    by mbeiro88 at 04/23/07 2:32PM
  • malchus1810
    nice smile, my back hurts, although we should do it again sometime. Maybe I'll be able to shoot something. oh heh heh the request goes in tomorrow.
    by malchus1810 at 04/23/07 9:54PM

It is a sad day in American history

The tragic deaths of now 33 students at Virginia Tech will go down as the worst shooting in American history.

Have we learned anything since Columbine?
What has to be done to control this?

This kind of stuff blows my mind away. I cant imagine what I would do if I was put in a situation where I had to face a gun.

James 4:14 - "whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away."

  • caraboo
    yeah, several people i went to high school with are engineering students at VT, so i'm waiting to hear if they're ok or not. It's crazy.
    by caraboo at 04/16/07 5:05PM
  • alp1926
    I just made reference to that very verse on another blog that mentioned this tragic event. It scares me. Take care as you walk your campus.
    by alp1926 at 04/16/07 6:11PM
  • butterfly
    one thing we can do is pray for the families and friends. It is sad:(
    by butterfly at 04/16/07 6:31PM
  • smatthews
    Yes, we all can pray. VT officials have a lot of questions answer in the handling of the situation. No warnings were made after the first shooting. If there had been warning, the death toll would have only been two. No public announcement, no E-mail until two hours later, when the second barrage began. The second firing could have been prevented. Sad, sad day in American history.
    by smatthews at 04/16/07 7:08PM
  • peyton4president
    i cnat believe they didnt cancel classes after the first shooting, ridiculous...
    by peyton4president at 04/16/07 7:33PM
  • malchus1810
    saddest of all is that it is the second time something like this has happened. the flip of this is does the reason it upsets us so much is that we are TOO attached to this life? just a thought. prayers are needed without question, the people who survived this are going to have the roughest of times.
    by malchus1810 at 04/16/07 7:37PM
  • nate22
    I agree
    by nate22 at 04/16/07 8:30PM
  • iloveu
    It's really scary stuff going on. it makes you wounder how people can be so...unhuman Well I don't know if i have the stamina to catch you when your three hours ahead of me, so hows about we just say i caught you?
    by iloveu at 04/16/07 9:27PM
  • indiansgothedistance
    you have been tagged
    by indiansgothedistance at 04/17/07 9:48AM
  • indiansgothedistance
    I they should have closed school right away. But we really cant blame the school because they thought he was already gone they really didnt know any better.
    by indiansgothedistance at 04/17/07 9:49AM
  • smatthews
    But in cases like this, you always err on the side of caution. You can't assume that he's gone; all students should have been made aware of this situation right from the begining.
    by smatthews at 04/17/07 10:56AM

Who would have thunk it?

Thunk. A real word?

Before you answer, consider this...

Stink - Stunk
Drink - Drunk
Shrink - Shrunk
Sink - Sunk
Klink - Klunk
Chink - Chunk

Yay or nay?

It was just on my mind. Along with other things...

1. My name on the left side of your screen reads that I am a doctor. I am NOT a real doctor. Again, I am NOT a real doctor. I am currently going to school to become a registered nurse, not a doctor.

2. I had three tests this past week: psychology, microbiology, and music. Aced all three. But only after much sweat and studying.

3. If you have a .edu (you are currently in school/college) email address and you want free music (yes I said FREE), go to and join for free. It does have its limitations though. The main thing being that you cannot put songs on a mobile device. Basically, once you download a song, you cannot transfer it to anything.

Im tired. Good night.
  • madtomkidd
    Yes, "thunk" is a real word, but only in a colloquial sense as you use it. Otherwise, it's onomatopoeia. That, or someone with a lisp trying to say "sunk"
    by madtomkidd at 04/13/07 11:10PM
  • buelalberta
    You're not really a doctor? huh?
    by buelalberta at 04/14/07 9:16AM
  • buelalberta
    by buelalberta at 04/14/07 9:17AM
  • cincyfan84
    you're not a doctor? who woulda thunk it?
    by cincyfan84 at 04/14/07 12:41PM
  • iloveu
    um.. I know thunk is a noise your head makes if you hit it
    by iloveu at 04/14/07 9:05PM
  • pinelape
    a male nurse oh no, ha ha
    by pinelape at 04/15/07 3:42PM
  • nate22
    by nate22 at 04/15/07 9:09PM
  • iloveu
    your tagged so you have to say six odd ball things about yourself and then tag six other people
    by iloveu at 04/16/07 6:19AM
  • buelalberta
    haha, oops. not next week! :)
    by buelalberta at 04/16/07 9:08AM
  • t2therista
    i use the phrase "who would have thunk it" in my everyday obviously it must be a word :)
    by t2therista at 04/16/07 1:46PM
  • iloveu
    catch you... how do i do that?
    by iloveu at 04/16/07 3:09PM
  • alp1926
    Yes, it was snowing. :( It's still incredibly cold. I thought we were on SPRING break. I'm so confused.
    by alp1926 at 04/16/07 3:51PM