I had the saddest epiphany ever today. It has to do with something often said in movies or country songs. Often, when the father or brother of a young woman finds out that she is in a romantic relationship with someone, he will tell the young man not to hurt her, and threaten to hurt him back if he does. I always thought that the 'hurt' the father or brother was referring to meant something like "Don't break up with her and make her cry." I didn't understand why the man didn't realize that sometimes breaking up is necessary and if you like a guy so much that you want him to marry your sister and be part of your family, you probably shouldn't threaten him right off the bat! I have seen countless movies and tv shows a countless number of times with this conversation in them and I have been alive for nearly 24 years and I didn't understand that "Don't hurt her" means just what it sounds like: "Do not intentionally cause her physical harm!" They are making it completely clear that the dude will be pulverized if he is not a decent human being towards their sister/daughter!

Heh heh heh, how stupid am I? Don't answer that.
  • kerrigan
    Ehh, I don't think that's necessarily all that it means. There are certainly ways of being an indecent human toward a romantic partner besides physical abuse. And while yes, sometimes the logical thing in a relationship is for it to end, there are other circumstances that can lead to emotional hurt. Cheating, for example. I know Ryan was blessed with an admonition not to hurt me from one of my friends when we were first dating, and it was not out of her suspicion that he might intentionally cause me physical harm. Nay, at that point in my life I was much more vulnerable to--and had experienced significantly longer-lasting damage from--emotional pain.
    by kerrigan at 05/28/14 12:18AM
  • nat_the_nuisance
    Both of those things make more sense than a "Don't break up with her" sentiment. I haven't been in any hurtful, serious, or long romantic relationships, so I hadn't thought about too many scenarios in which someone would hurt me either way.
    by nat_the_nuisance at 09/21/14 3:48AM

11/18/13 9:09PM

I don't want to scare anyone, but my poster of a jungle-like river with dolphins in it just fell after being on my wall securely for like 8 years. Creepy.

Oh Boy

Okay this is exciting for me because I haven't updated in sooo long that I can choose from sooo many things that have happened in my life over this time that I think are interesting and nice things to tell pleonasters.

Two years ago, on my way back to Florida College with three other students in a carpool, I was in a car wreck on a highway in Dallas. Thankfully, no one was hurt and it was only the one car involved. We hadn't been on the road for five minutes and were still very close to the place where we all met up that morning. My dad witnessed the wreck because he was behind us. He didn't know that it was the car that I was in, but he did pull over to render aid. So when he saw that it was us, he was a bit more shaken up than he otherwise would have been. And the owner of the car was shaken up about the fact that if the wreck had been worse, my dad would have witnessed everything. But it wasn't worse, and I am well, and the owner of the car got a new car later that year and is married now and I am so happy for her. :)

You know what, that took longer to type than I was expecting and it is probably not very easily understandable. I am trying to think of something else to say, and I am coming up with a lot of things, but there more the sort of things that I would rather say in a one-on-one conversation.


  • kerrigan
    Was Dad behind you on purpose or that was just a freaky coincidence while he was on his way to work?
    by kerrigan at 12/22/12 9:47PM
  • kerrigan
    Also, it was perfectly understandable and in fact was one of the most correctly-written long paragraphs I've read lately.
    by kerrigan at 12/22/12 9:49PM
  • nat_the_nuisance
    It was a coincidence as he was on his way back home from dropping me off. I'm glad I'm literate.
    by nat_the_nuisance at 12/25/12 8:35PM

2nd Christmas as an FC Student

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Happy Random Winter Gift-Giving Day, everyone!
  • minimoyer
    I hope you have a wonderful break! I can't wait to see you back at school :)
    by minimoyer at 12/29/10 5:17PM

"Whatever the word is"

It has been quite a while since I have logged on to Pleonast even just to look at what other people have posted about. Even longer since I made my own update. I'll let you know that I got a new phone and the number is now 214-668-9905. I am a sophomore at Florida College in the General Studies program. If I come back next year, I believe I will join the Liberal Studies program, but I might want to go somewhere else next year. I still have not decided and I almost never even try to consider making a decision of what I want to be when I graduate.

On Facebook, I was looking at a few profiles and a note written and commented on by people I met before coming to FC and who aren't students here. I feel like you've all changed so much and I've just been ignoring you. During the summer, I didn't talk to anyone that I could have about how their life was going. I really want to still be your friend and I really care about y'all. I want to try and better about staying up to date on major happenings with my Texas folks.

(I almost wrote "you all" instead of "y'all!" Florida is changing me!)