09/19/09 3:59PM

There is so much going on right now! All in the same week we got a contract on our house, put a deposit down on a rental house, and Tyler had a minor surgery at Vanderbilt. ( He is doing just fine!) CRAZY WEEK! Pray for my sanity!

Tyler just had to have a circumcision revision. He had it done when he was born and (to put it lightly) it was less than perfect!! But he will be fine now once this heals. We just hate that he had to be put to sleep and all. Poor little guy. He was such a trooper!

As far as the house....we have to be out in 28 days!!! YIKES! But Shaun's company pays for a moving service that will pack us up and move us, but it is still stressful....becuase I still have to UNPACK! HA! But....we will be only like 20 mins from Shaun's new job and that will be a major stress relief for us. I will still be about 40 mins from our current place....for now. That is good.

Well....that was the quick run down!
  • bigdeborah
    YAY for companies paying for movers! Check with the company and make sure they don't unpack. J has heard the one his co. uses is supposed to unpack everything but they don't always do it...unless someone is there to 'remind' them...and believe me...I'll be there! :) Yes, they may put some things in the wrong place, but having to move some things around takes a lot less time than having to unpack and put away EVERYTHING! We are still packing some things we don't want to send with the movers though. I better get back to it. Glad Tyler is doing well!
    by bigdeborah at 09/19/09 6:15PM
  • melissaholden
    Anytime you move, it's stressful. I know Shaun's company is packing for you, but I can help you sort through stuff. Just let me know.
    by melissaholden at 09/21/09 9:27AM
  • melissaholden
    ^ I mean it. Whatever you need help with.
    by melissaholden at 09/23/09 1:34PM

Funny story---could be TMI if not a mommy!

The other day I was taking Anna Beth to the potty and she was sitting there a while so I asked her if she needed to poo poo. She said..." No mommy, I dont need to go poo poo. There is none there, and I can't get any at the store because it is in my bottom, so I will let you know when I have more, ok?" She totally cracks me up! What a three year old brain is thinking!!!
  • bigdeborah
    by bigdeborah at 09/03/09 3:47PM
  • acurtis
    Oh my, that sounds just like my Claire. That is too cute.
    by acurtis at 09/03/09 3:57PM
  • jenkegley
    That is hilarious!
    by jenkegley at 09/03/09 4:16PM
  • happinessisthelord
    she tooold you ;)
    by happinessisthelord at 09/03/09 9:04PM
  • graminator
    I love it!
    by graminator at 09/04/09 8:50AM
  • britt22
    that is hilarious! Definitely not TMI if you are a preschool teacher! :-)
    by britt22 at 09/04/09 5:26PM
  • southern_yankee_mom
    LOL! Love it!!!
    by southern_yankee_mom at 09/05/09 7:57PM
  • melissaholden
    That's awesome!!!!
    by melissaholden at 09/09/09 9:29AM

Busy weekend!

Singing tonight
Maybe my mom and dad's pool tomorrow?
Then we are having group meeting at our house Sat. night
Church on Sunday........I'm sure I am forgetting something!

But my house is CLEAN! WOO HOO!

What r your plans?
  • graminator
    singing tonight ... tomorrow mow, mow, mow ... it's been too wet all week, so it hasn't been cut since before we left for Wisconsin ... 7 1/2 acres of knee high!
    by graminator at 08/21/09 4:25PM
  • bigdeborah
    Today: church and SLEEP! (our flight arrived home at 7 this morning!)
    tmw: sleep in :) go grocery shopping, pay bills online yada yada yada. Oh and hopefully get my pics from my camera to my computer!
    In q couple weeks we will be flying to St. Louis househunting for 1/2 a week!
    by bigdeborah at 08/23/09 7:09PM
  • acurtis
    Claire's eye is fine. The day of the surgery was NO FUN, but she recovered very quickly, and I was very pleased with the process. Thanks for asking.

    Where did you find Ariel flannel? That sounds like something we might need!
    by acurtis at 08/27/09 6:49AM
  • bigdeborah
    We are moving the last week of Sept. Closer to fam and friends when the baby comes will b nice!
    by bigdeborah at 08/30/09 5:27PM
  • graminator
    No, just too much foolishness to see anything I really care about! ha! I just hid about 3/4 of the people who asked me to be friends ... including teen-age kids of friends from other states that I haven't seen in years, etc ... plus there was the mess Deana had the other day ... and I have found out some things about people I really wish I didn't know! But I keep it because I love seeing pictures of your beautiful children! love you!
    by graminator at 08/31/09 9:02PM


is the word of the week for me. Starting last weekend Shaun and i left to go to Georgia to visit his grandad and his cousin, Beth, (the one I mentioned in my previous post who has cancer). We had a good visit and headed to Florida Sunday afternoon to stay a few days with Shaun's parents. Then yesterday we left the kids and headed to Orange Beach for some much needed R and R alone. It has been fab! We will head homeon Sunday afternoon. Shaun needed this break before he starts his new job on Monday. We have been just relaxing and eating good food and I have been reading Eclipse. It's getting good.......and YES all you Twilighters...I am very behind on getting the books read. But hey.....Im getting there, ok?

We heard a GREAT band tonight on the beach. They are called "Hightide Blues". They are a grassroots rock and roll band out of Alabama, and are about to hit it big in Nashville. They were really awesome. If you like that kind of thing you should visit their website where you can download a lot of their music for free....www.hightideblues.com. You will not be disappointed.....I am a true music lover and can be picky....these guys have it going on! You will not be disappointed.

This has just been a great week and when I get back I am so busy!!!! But thats what life is all about these days. I love every minute.......well....most of the time.

:) :) :) :) :)
  • karenbaize
    Glad you had some alone time and a great week! Hope Shaun enjoys his new job!
    by karenbaize at 07/31/09 8:19AM
  • bigdeborah
    Glad y'all are enjoying yourselves!!!
    by bigdeborah at 08/01/09 2:26AM

Please take the time to read this and add this fervently to your daily prayers

Shaun's cousin, Beth Stuckey, has been diagnosed with Cancer. She is a christian wife and mother to 3 small children. My heart goes out to her for what she is about to face. Times like this make me realize how this mortal life is short and sometimes disappointing. It makes me remember how I need to keep my focus on heaven. Beth has such a great attitude! Below is her journal entry update, and a picture of Beth, her husband, and her father. The scond picture is her daughter (the brown hair pigtails) and one of her sons (in the white shirt) with some of their cousins. Sometimes it is nice to put a face to a name. Thank you everyone for lifting her up in your prayers.



Went to the oncologist yesterday. He said that so far they believe that I have a B-cell indolent (slow growing) follicular lymphoma in stage 3. He ordered more tests to confirm the diagnosis. Monday, I go to see a surgeon to schedule another biopsy. This time they plan to take an entire lymph node from my neck and also put in a port. He said the port is something that they will put under my skin and will snake into a major vein for treatments. On Tuesday, I will have a bone marrow biopsy at 9 am. On Wednesday, I will have a PET scan at 5 pm.

The doctor said that this is incurable but they can control it for many years. In more positive language, it means that they can put this cancer into remission and it can stay in remission for years but we have to keep watching it because it may very well come back around. Once you get lymphoma, it's yours to keep.

We go back to the oncologist ( Dr. Al-Hajj) in 3 weeks for test results and treatment plans which he is sure will include chemotherapy and maybe antibody therapy. The prognosis is very good and although "stage 3" sounds scary, the doctor assured us that even stage 4 lymphomas have a good prognosis.

Please keep praying for me and for my family. These next few months are going to be very difficult for us. But Lord willing, we will be through the hardest part by the end of 2009. Phillip and I have remained strong in our faith and in our resolve to do what is right. God allowed this to happen and who am I to question his infinite wisdom? Things that seem to be a curse can become blessings if we let God work through us. That is my determination - that I will not let this work for Satan but for God. And that I will try to show that attitude in all that I do and all that I think and all that I feel.

We appreciate and love each one of you. Beth

  • gypsyprincess158
    :) Seaside was fun! It was only supposed to take us 4 hours to get there...it took 6. We made a few wrong turns. But it was worth it! Got sunburned, but I'm feeling better now. What a cute picture of Anna Beth! It is so funny to watch her and think "Now, that looks familiar--why? Oh yeah." Hope you are all well!
    by gypsyprincess158 at 07/19/09 5:27PM
  • karenbaize
    I'll keep her and her family in my prayers. It was great to see you again. The kids really enjoyed VBS!
    by karenbaize at 07/22/09 7:36AM
  • bigdeborah
    Satan has used cancer so much lately to tempt people away from God. It's so sad; I hate she and her family are dealing with this but of course pray their faith will remain strong, which of course is what's most important. Also praying that she will have many more years on this earth with her family.
    by bigdeborah at 07/25/09 1:29AM