Well summer is getting closer. It is here for me I'm afraid! I start my summer class today! I have to take a college class to keep my ohio license updated. The class is on phonics. It shouldn't be to hard though. I'll let you know when I'm done. Softball is almost over as well. I have another week or two and then we are done. My part time job is also over. Now I just wait for the phone call every morning to see if anyone needs me. Not to pleasent to wake up to but I need the work so I live with it. I am still waiting to hear from any school about a job for next school year. I am still hoping someone will call. I know they start looking for new teachers in April. I have been getting different schools callling me in to substitute so I think they are trying to get a feel of what I'm like before they interview me. At least that is what i keep telling myself. Other than that everything is going well. I hope everyone else is doing good.
  • curlie
    Are you doing that class online, or do you have to go somewhere?
    by curlie at 05/06/08 1:47PM
  • mbeiro88
    hey how are ya hun
    by mbeiro88 at 07/18/08 1:50PM
  • lovestheocean
    Miss you Andrea...
    by lovestheocean at 10/31/08 8:51PM

Back from Spring Break

Well we made it back all in one piece! I got to see my cousins and I had a lot of fun with them! Got to Florida and it was still a little chilly Monday and Tuesday! We spent Wednesday at Disney! I had fun there! Thursday we went to the Indians game! I got a good sunburn on my knee! SO that's not to much fun! Dad got sick in North Carolina and I started getting it Friday on our drive back to Brads! We stopped to check in on him! He got hurt at work last week and we just wanted to make sure was alright! He still hasn't gotten his test results back yet but he seemed to be doing alright! So I am heading to bed so I will hopefully be ready for church in the morning!
  • friedaj
    Sounds like agreat trip!
    by friedaj at 03/29/08 9:39PM
  • friedaj
    Other than the sick part.
    by friedaj at 03/29/08 9:40PM
  • lovestheocean
    Feel better....
    by lovestheocean at 03/31/08 9:28PM

Spring Break! Yeah!

Tomorrow after school my parents, grandparents and I are leaving for spring break! Our first stop is in WV to see some friends and spend the night! Then Friday we will get up and head to my aunt's house in NC! We will stay the weekend there! My grandparents are coming home after that and we are heading to Florida to see my other set of grandparents! My aunt is taking me to Disney world and my grandpa is taking my to an Indians game! I suppose the parentals will tag along to but I am excited to go! I don't really remember Disney that much from when i was small! All i remember is everything scaring me! So I am ready to head out but i have to work tomorrow so everyone is waiting for me to get out to leave! Makes me anxious! I got sick in school today so I came home early and I am hoping that it is just a quick bug or something! Then again i am always sick on vacation so why should this time be any different! I am hoping to make it to work tomorrow! Well I hope everyone is doing well! have some fun for me since i am stuck on the couch tonight!
  • curlie
    Awww... feel better! We hope it's just a quick bug too.

    Have a great trip to Florida. :)
    by curlie at 03/19/08 5:22PM
  • weeman3486
    Have fun in Florida and hope you feel better.
    by weeman3486 at 03/19/08 5:27PM
  • friedaj
    Hope you feel better REAL soon and have a fun and safe trip!
    by friedaj at 03/19/08 7:20PM
  • deusvitae
    Hope you get better.
    by deusvitae at 03/19/08 7:40PM
  • bekka
    fell better! have fun on your trip
    by bekka at 03/21/08 9:05PM
  • mtnest
    Andrea,thanks for the valentine and jar openers. I think I have a life time supply now :)
    by mtnest at 03/23/08 10:01PM
  • mtnest
    Do you have Lexington contact info for Shelby? Tracy and Phillip are moving to Lexington April 22nd. Phillip will be preaching at the East End congregation. We were wondering where Shelby is attending.
    by mtnest at 03/23/08 10:03PM


Well it is really cold up here! they cancelled school today because the wind chill was nine below and that was to cold for children to stand outside and wait for the bus! Not to much new going on with me! I am going to my brothers this weekend for his birthday! I am picking up Kristy and Andrew and they are going with me then mom and dad are meeting us there also! WE should have lots of fun! I am excited! Well I hope everyone is doing well and keeping warm! I am trying to!

  • bekka
    No School...yeah!!!! Have FUN on you weekend trip with Kristy and Andrew in the car what else could you have.
    by bekka at 01/30/08 10:57AM
  • rachelandra
    Yay! Tell Brad I said Happy Birthday! Have a great time.
    by rachelandra at 01/30/08 11:02AM
  • madtomkidd
    We're looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!
    by madtomkidd at 01/31/08 8:02AM
  • lovestheocean
    Tell Brad Happy Birthday for us..It should be fun...
    by lovestheocean at 01/31/08 6:45PM
  • mbeiro88
    hey hey hey!!!!
    by mbeiro88 at 02/12/08 1:00PM

Hello to All!

Well I have been asked a few times to get on this website! So, here I am! Just fair warning I probably won't get on much but I will try! I hope all is well with everyone! I am doing good! I have a part time job working at the school I graduated from! I like it and it is giving me something to do and I am making money which is a big plus! Well you will have to tell me what to do on here if you want me to know! I am pretty bad at this kind of stuff!