my life lately :P

wellllll, I am deciding to relax now after I just finished an essay that's due today and I used my procrastinating skills and wrote it last night. Typed it up- 3 pages XD
seems like a good way to spend the rest of the first block I don't have today :)

so, I doing okay in school- considering that this is only the second week, but it's pretty great. :D got my college psych book ordered last night so that's off the check list. another things scratched out is cleaning my room...what a nice place after it being in such a disarray...

I am gonna be a super reader bc I just received a new series by Janette Oke- shuold be good! :D Ali's bday is next Friday (THE BIG 4!!!!!!!!!!!) and we are possibly riding tonight/tomorrow with the Malones!!! XD The cable is gone, which I am NOT missing so all in all..... LIFE'S GOOD!! :)

  • dare2dv8
    :-) Good to hear. That's so cool that you ride horses...I always wanted to do that. Neat picture!
    by dare2dv8 at 09/03/11 6:31PM
  • brooklyncutie98
    by brooklyncutie98 at 09/03/11 7:59PM
  • morgie_m101
    well, you'll just have to come out and ride sometime! :P orrrrr you could convince your Jim to get one or two ;) haha
    by morgie_m101 at 09/06/11 8:30AM
  • lil_miss_kela
    Are you taking college classes or anything?
    Only wondering because of how you said your college Psych book. (:
    by lil_miss_kela at 09/14/11 10:06AM
  • morgie_m101
    yeah- I'm taking one class that is actually called a college one: psychology but AP emglish is considered a colege class if you pass the AP exam at the end of the year :)
    by morgie_m101 at 09/22/11 8:27AM
  • lil_miss_kela
    Oh that's really cool!(: So it's not at WVUP it's at South?
    by lil_miss_kela at 09/23/11 1:31PM
  • morgie_m101
    yeah- they decided that our class wouldn't have to go I guess :P which is totally fine with me, to be perfectly honest :)
    by morgie_m101 at 09/23/11 9:22PM
  • lil_miss_kela
    lol yeah, I love going out to the college it's really fun!!(: but it probably does save you a lot of gas money!
    by lil_miss_kela at 10/05/11 2:58PM
  • drama_queen14
    i just read your post and everything!! haha i haven't been on here in forever!!!!!!!! miss and love you too btw :D
    by drama_queen14 at 10/30/11 1:47PM

The second day of school...

So, being the second day of school, idrk how it's gonna turn out but I think that it's gonna be okay :)
I have Psych 101 first block but only on Mondays and Wednesdays so it's nice to have study hall for an extra 90 minutes...or pleo time :) I have some really difficult subjects this yr but I'm striving to get 4.0 as always :D
I am missing everyone desperately from Camp and it's crazy that I live soooooo far away from sooooo many great Christian friends! :(
I hope that sometime soon, we are reunited but in that time, I shall keep in contact w/ many through here, fb, and email- feel free to send me messages! I'd love to hear from you :)
and I almost forgot to mention that I have been flipping out as quitely as possible as I see how many of my friends are on here and I DIDN'T KNOWWW!! :D
for now, Morgan
  • butterfly
    howdy Morgan :) best wishes on your school stuff. missing friends is no fun...don't i know but it is nice when you can keep in contact somehow :)
    by butterfly at 08/23/11 7:39PM
  • morgie_m101
    heyyyy Amberrr!! :D thanks and the same (sorta) to you! :) hope that everything is going well and that it's fun enough :P
    no, it's not fun at all and unfortunately, it's part of life :( yeah, such a relief techno has been lately
    by morgie_m101 at 08/24/11 6:30AM
  • joshy13x95
    Hey babycakes i didn't know u had one of these haha i miss u sooo much love hope to see u soon!!! :)
    by joshy13x95 at 08/28/11 9:47PM

Highlights so far...

So this week has been full of the WESTEST..arg but after today, there is only one more day left! And then it's FRIDAY! :)
Yesterday, Student Council finally had it's Banquet at River City and it was quite scrumptous :D
then, Amanda finally got up the courage to let me drive when she's in the car, even Kaleb! she's getting better at feeling so uncomfortable when I drive.
We get home and right before I go to bed, I decide that I need to bust my lip open on poor Kaleb's bled :P
but I let him brish my teeth so that made up for it :D
hope that everyone is having a great week so far and enjoy church services tonight!
Love Morgan :O)
  • butterfly
    It was easier driving with my dad earlier on too. can't say I envy the WESTEST, glad we don't have to deal with that sort of thing at the prek level. i'm fighting a cold/sinus thing but that's life i guess and i'm still blessed with good health. ...otherwise the week hasn't been horrible:) We've been working on a fundraiser and winding down for the last few days of school. We got some good news on the fundraiser so that's made us happy:) Hope you had a great evening!
    by butterfly at 05/18/11 8:15PM


Banquet is in 2 days and I am looking forward to seeing my friends that I usually don't see often. It will definitely be a great evening that will always be remembered :)
I saw on my friend's blog on here "turn-n-burn"..
I miss that sooooo much and can't wait until I get the reply on whether or not I'll be able to "turn-n-burn" :) I miss it soooo much!
There's been some sadness at the church with Nick and Jannet heading back to TX and Josh leaving soon and being deployed to Afganistan. Please keep everyone, especially the Malone's, in your dear prayers...they need their torn hearts mended so they rather look forward to being reunited :)
Hope that everyone has had a terrific week so far and continues into the weekend!
Love for all :)
  • butterfly
    i kinda saw you from a distance too. hope you had fun. it was good to go out to eat with Sharon and your fam
    by butterfly at 05/17/11 7:42PM


So...Lately, life has been well :D
Ali is 3, soon to be 4 and very adorable! She is getting so big and acts like a 5 yr old :)
The boys are growing like there's no tomorrow and are about to have their 1st birthday on May 26th!!!
I'm so excited for Nick and Janette's wedding and banquet and TBS that are lined up in a row of Saturdays :)
It's were gonna be super busy! Especially with the weather getting nicer, the garden getting started, and some horseback time :)
I also can't wait until this summer- CAMP!!! :D I miss all of my friends from camp but I am very blessed and see some of them at TBS- and others that I don't see I'll hopefully get to see at Banquet next Saturday :)
And there have recently been two baptisms: Shelby Devericks and Cassie Kress :D
Hope that everyone is doing magnificent :)
  • lil_miss_kela
    thanks (:
    by lil_miss_kela at 05/02/11 10:40AM
  • lil_miss_kela
    when is tbs, cuz it's on banquet day...?
    by lil_miss_kela at 05/02/11 10:41AM
  • morgie_m101
    your welcome and tbs is on the third saturday :) they moved bc most everyone would be going to banquet so it's on the 21st :D
    by morgie_m101 at 05/02/11 8:32PM
  • smiley_face
    I'm very excited about banquet. :) I will definately sit with you. :) Looking forward to it!!! xD
    by smiley_face at 05/08/11 7:44PM
  • butterfly
    Wish you could come but things happen. *hugs* glad things are going well with you, have fun at banquet!
    by butterfly at 05/10/11 3:35PM