hi! i have nothing to talk about! isn't that amazing?

i completly 4 got what i was going to say! oh yeah so here is one of my favorite songs! i just love the lyrics! they are so beautiful! just listen to them and you'll see!

here it goes:

here's another one by laura story singing " Mighty to save":

this is a really sad song. but it inspires us to bond with our families while we have them here on the earth before they pass on.
heres steven curtis chapman singing "Cinderella"

here's another one: Love is Here by 10th avenue north( i kno this is a lot of songs to listen to, but i just thought i would share a few with you!


i havent updated in a while!! this 5 weeks of school have gone by so fast.8th grade isnt as hard as i anticipated! so enough about me, how r u guys?, if u still r on pleonast!

  • casper45
    9th grade is harder than 8th...enjoy it while you can
    by casper45 at 09/07/08 9:04PM
  • eskimo
    by eskimo at 09/08/08 2:48PM
  • eskimo
    haha yap spanish. I had to get my spanish teacher to tell me what it said. :) do you take spanish?
    by eskimo at 09/26/08 6:18PM
  • theaunt
    Pretty good. You still up?! I've already got the guys in bed! You doing ok?
    by theaunt at 10/07/08 9:52PM
  • casper45
    I watch them serve and spike the ball and I imagine them hitting my head *shudder*
    by casper45 at 10/10/08 8:27AM

I got a new phone!

Finally I got a new phomne! its so cool! well thats about all! summer is almost gone!
  • eskimo
    AH! I still cant get it to txt u...
    by eskimo at 08/08/08 9:44AM

Inspritional thinkings

Hope this encourages us all to stand up!
thanks tori for this message!!

i love taylor swift!!

look at this video: