camp videos :)

okay that one was tetherball. it has ian and the catey's(combo of our names HA or katies...) and brandon and ian and jordan and jeanne (sorry i cant spell her name!!) pretty sure this was on monday. my fave part is when the ball wraps around ians head HA EPIC FAIL!

this is extreme jenga. it was intense. this one has me and ian and jordan and brandon. its my fave i think this was monday too.

this was definatley thursday. haha hince THE EXTREME TIERDNESS AND LOOPYNESS!!! its got a buncha people in it.
  • donatello
    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey gurl. and cool videos
    by donatello at 08/03/09 6:07PM
  • crystal_91
    by crystal_91 at 10/19/09 5:11PM

updating :)

so im going to camp in a few days. im almost all packed. hehe. i'll play guitar there. but im borrowing ians :p. im excited tho! hehe all week i've been thinking. "yay this time next week i'll be doing(fill in the blank)" im too excited like no lie

im not going to the teen class thinga-mah-jigg on friday tho. im going to my cousin amelia's 3rd bday party!!!!

so recently i've decided that i want to redecorate my room. while im gone at camp im getting a cealing fan and im paiting the cealing white (almost sad face. its been light blue with white clouds for 7 years now i will miss it!) but i want to get a futon. yay! i want it to be pink! i want to paint my walls too. im thinking pink and yellow. just cuz there soooo pretty together. maybe pink with yellow stripes or polka dots... hmm idk. but i just put up like 20 posters in my room so that will be a blast putting them off then back on....



love ya'll!! see ya next week!! ahhhhhhhhhh!

katey b
  • crystal_91
    I'm fine! how was ur 4th
    by crystal_91 at 07/10/09 10:05PM
  • tessa_1314
    luv the picture!! are you going to homeschool camp out this year?
    by tessa_1314 at 07/14/09 2:18PM
  • donatello
    by donatello at 07/15/09 10:05AM
  • iluvsunflowers
    by iluvsunflowers at 07/24/09 12:04PM


i got a first on my solo and a 2nd on my duet.
  • mickeydee_003
    you guys have duet for contest?! Where do you live?
    by mickeydee_003 at 03/16/09 6:17PM
  • mickeydee_003
    I wish we could do duets...
    by mickeydee_003 at 03/17/09 4:53PM
  • iluvsunflowers
    yay? idk is that good?
    by iluvsunflowers at 03/19/09 9:51PM
  • donatello
    by donatello at 03/22/09 4:00PM
  • evelyn11
    wooooo go katey!!!
    by evelyn11 at 03/28/09 10:23AM


this is for everyone who wants to be on my buddy list. tell me if you wanna be on here kay?

my blog is set on private so i'll get to yah later so i can add you to my best buddies list ;)

love ya lots,

mwah, katey♥
  • caitlynsee
    i wanna be!!that y i cant se anything oh here!!!
    by caitlynsee at 09/20/08 3:52PM
  • qtpie323
    Uh, i don't know u, but u r gold and in the Taylor Swift group so i'll just see if you can answer this 4 me...

    I have been waiting for at least 2 weeks to be able 2 join the T S group. It hasn't sent me anything yet... Why?? Can you get me in??
    by qtpie323 at 10/11/08 10:29AM
  • donatello
    by donatello at 11/08/08 3:32PM
  • crystal_91
    Nice to meet you I'm Crystal. Yeah Max, Maddie and I have been friends for a long time Max before Maddie though. I have heard them both talk about you its nice to finally meet you
    by crystal_91 at 11/26/08 8:15PM
  • tree_hugger
    I gotta a new one this is caitlynsee
    by tree_hugger at 12/24/08 2:20PM