I am still on Facebook, and am not deleting this account, but I am never on here anymore as I have very little internet time.
  • curlie
    Love you!
    by curlie at 09/09/11 10:38AM

5 Years Ago Yesterday

We brought 2 almost 9 month old little boys home from another state here in Brazil. They have grown, overcome many difficulties, and are wonderful little boys. Logan is starting to be able to sound out and form words! We are very happy for him, and Lucas is not far behind, doing well with vowels, and forgetting some consonants.
  • curlie
    Happy Gotcha Day! :)
    by curlie at 06/21/11 10:52AM
  • hmjmom
    They are a blessing to our family. I am so happy they are yours. Five years went by FAST!
    by hmjmom at 06/21/11 5:04PM
  • click
    So neat! I'm so glad each of you all were blessed with each other! :)
    by click at 06/22/11 8:39PM

Lots going on

As you can see in my profile pic, I got my hair cut finally! I waited till I was SURE that was what I wanted and I absolutely LOVE it.

Kids are doing well, busy as can be.

Dogs have been wild b ut are doing well!

Carly is here!

Kids decided to name our new, tiny puppy Carly. So now we have Carly (2 mos old), Alexia (3 mos old and double the size)--sometimes called Lexi, Danger (6 mos old), Blue (6.5 mos old) and Mercedez (8 months old and in heat for the first time!).

Anyone who wants to see pics of her, take a look at my Facebook.

About Dog Shows, Show Dogs and Breeds

Going to dog shows to prepare to take our own has been very interesting....seeing so many other breeds, seeing the shows themselves, and seeing the dogs. Beautiful dogs, all different breeds, from ages 4 mos-up. The Golden Retrievers are fun to watch, as they wear their handlers out with the running around the ring, yet the puppies leave the ring till playing. The Chihuahuas, so tiny and delicate, yet so well trained running around most of the same ring their bigger buddies compete in. The Pugs and Frenchies, that are tough, sweet, ugly and sweet at the same time. Bearded Collies that are huge, and beautiful despite their ugly faces. Elegant Afghan hounds, sad looking bloodhounds. Poodles looking like they stepped out of a movie, with perfectly groomed coats. And at the first show we went to, massive Rottweilers (which scare me to death and one even tried to eat a shh tzu), sleek and evil looking dobermans, and wonderfully trained pit bulls.And that brings me to the long haired, royal dogs....Maltese, that despite their beauty are a bit stubborn to walk perfectly around the ring, Yorkshire terriers, elegant and beautiful. Fun Lhasa Apsos. And my favorite (of course), the shih tzus. They are some of the first to arrve, already being groomed before 9 am, yet their shows don't start till mid afternoon. Dog shows around the world vary as to what is allowed or not. Some places it is no hairpray, no powder, no straightening iron, etc. Here it is all allowed. So, the dog is bathed, brushed, ironed, and the topknot is done with tons of hairspray. It is a true beauty competition, to see which the most graceful, the best structured, and most beautiful shih tzus are. It is fascinating to watch, yet there are some obvious downsides also. Many of the dogs are kept all the time in cages, so they don't get their fur dirty. They can go cage crazy, and be a bit lost when they are freed at the end of their "careers". So, we will be part of a group of breeders who want our dogs to do well, but who will not sacrifice their health and sanity to do so. We will just have more stain-covering than some on the show days. The other two down things about the shows is the number of grumpy professional handlers (there are those who love what they're doing) and the amount of people who smoke right over the dogs (and around the rest of us). Fortunately the next one is in a place where no smoking is allowed at all!
  • dawnmk23
    I was just reading some books about showing dogs today. It sounds fun and exciting to be a part of. :0)
    by dawnmk23 at 03/01/11 10:37PM
  • cbonk
    We always watch for the boxers - the big dogs are our favorites, any breed! When we first got Skyler some people said we should show her for conformation, but we never did.
    by cbonk at 03/02/11 10:14AM
  • quiltedmama
    The house is fine- the fire never jumped the highway. Thanks for thinking of us!
    by quiltedmama at 03/15/11 2:43PM