What A FRIEND we have in JESUS!!!!!!

  • brown_eyed_girl
    I must say that I really like the screen name
    by brown_eyed_girl at 06/13/06 10:29AM
  • tonna
    All our sins and grief
    by tonna at 07/02/06 2:49PM
  • esepepe
    by esepepe at 09/25/06 2:05PM
  • deusvitae
    Hope you have a happy holiday season and a good new year. :)
    by deusvitae at 12/23/06 9:20AM
  • sheri
    Um.... I think I'm going to post for you... um ... and I don't think you will want me to and um... yes that is a threat.
    by sheri at 04/04/07 1:44AM

Greetings Pleo Peeps

Wow - What a great day I'm having. Nothing in particular is really different - just a different perspective on life. Today I count my blessings.

1. His name is Alan Zulkowski. He's been in my life for 10 years - each year being better than the last. He's an amazing song leader, an amazing friend, and he my baby daddy.

2. She's 15 and she's beautiful. Her smile can light up any room and her sense of humor is gold. Yeah she get's that from me.

3. He's 4 going on 40. He's adorable and has a really big head. He didn't get that from me. He cracks me up every day and melts my heart with his kisses.

4. He's 2 - not the terrible twos everyone talks about - but the fantastic, awesome, incredibly cute 2. He's light of my life. He's sweet and I call him my little cuddly bunny.

5. Kit Kat Bites

6. The dog I don't have.

7. The wonderful friends I have. I would list them all but I dont claim them by name in public.

8. My house I've made a home.

9. Low interest rates. (so I can afford that home)

10. My Lord and savior who makes all things possible.

In Christ,
Kim Z.
  • curlie
    Hey! We're doing well. I guess we're going to be up your way on Sunday. :)
    by curlie at 10/18/05 12:17PM
  • mom_n_em
    WOW that's cool maybe we could all go to lunch??
    by mom_n_em at 10/18/05 3:09PM
  • curlie
    We should do that. :) It would be good to get to know everyone better.
    by curlie at 10/18/05 3:14PM
  • larry
    Nice to meet you! What Christian School do they go to? If you don't mind saying... I'm not a stalker, I promise! hehe.
    by larry at 10/20/05 1:41AM
  • eden
    hello, hello, hello. say hi to alan z, 15, 4 and 2 for me =)
    by eden at 10/20/05 2:54PM
  • sheri
    I'm commenting on your blog KIM - now be Happy and be Quiet.
    by sheri at 10/20/05 11:02PM
  • larry
    Aeronautical Science.
    by larry at 10/20/05 11:13PM
  • sar
    Thanks for the comment! You are the only one that would take me seriously about it!!
    by sar at 10/21/05 6:32AM
  • mom_n_em
    WHO You calling strange???????
    by mom_n_em at 10/22/05 9:26PM
  • palindrome90
    great things to be thankful for :)
    by palindrome90 at 10/26/05 3:42PM
  • jdieman
    You have been added. See you tonight.
    by jdieman at 12/30/05 8:16AM
  • larry
    I'm doin good! No complaints! Are you having a good holiday?
    by larry at 12/30/05 10:21AM
  • eden
    kim, i miss you too! happy new year. how are things?
    by eden at 01/16/06 12:45AM
  • sheri
    by sheri at 01/19/06 5:53PM
  • sheri
    by sheri at 01/19/06 5:54PM
  • larry
    No, too busy with school.
    by larry at 01/20/06 9:48AM
  • sheri
    "we should update our blogs?" YOU SAID!! I did - what about you??? ;P
    by sheri at 01/27/06 10:53AM
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    tag your it see my blog
    by jaimer at 01/30/06 8:43AM
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    You've been Tagged by me also!! See my blog for details!
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    you've been lurked
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long time no logs

how are all my peps in pleo word? I'm tring to bring to life my blog so if anyone wants to help come halla back. what is yo fav. bible vs. and y.
  • klovesmofc
    welcome to our world!
    by klovesmofc at 04/13/05 4:03PM
  • curlie
    Hi! Welcome! I'm Sarah. :) Did you know some Christian men--mostly preachers, but they'll let anyone in--have a GPGA (Gospel Preachers' Golf Association) tournament every year in July somewhere in Texas? My uncle, who plays golf but is not a preacher, goes and enjoys himself. I think it's funny; they even have a green sportcoat that the winner gets and is expected to wear at some point. :)
    by curlie at 04/13/05 5:47PM
  • sheri
    By the Way - that is a teletuby tape that Brother Ivy is holding in that picture in your room.
    by sheri at 04/13/05 10:27PM
  • deusvitae
    Welcome to pleonasticus.
    by deusvitae at 04/13/05 10:32PM
  • sheri
    did I spell teletuby right?
    by sheri at 04/13/05 10:39PM
  • sabrina
    Hey aunty kim (mom N Em, mom N em). I'm so glad you finally joined pleonast. It's great.
    by sabrina at 04/13/05 10:45PM
  • sar
    Hi Kim
    by sar at 04/14/05 6:24PM
  • sar
    That's you in that picture isn't it
    by sar at 04/14/05 7:47PM
  • mamasita
    Welcome to pleonast! And I bet that those golfers who win the green jacket do not wear it except when they put it on them after they when and then for photo ops! They are so ugly!
    by mamasita at 04/15/05 11:22AM
  • sparker
    sorry for the "mysterious" welcome - I tried to have it be a color that didn't exhist apparently
    by sparker at 04/16/05 2:20PM
  • brown_eyed_girl
    maybe they want everyone to blend in with the weird grass. Hi I'm Keri.
    by brown_eyed_girl at 04/16/05 3:20PM
  • tom_bombadil
    by tom_bombadil at 04/16/05 5:53PM
  • steph
    welcome! Is that u in the picture?? this is stephanie
    by steph at 04/16/05 6:25PM
  • sararschick
    no problem! :) Hope you have fun with Pleo!
    by sararschick at 04/16/05 10:27PM
  • justincase
    *i think* my husband said that they can't even take the silly jacket home with them; they have to leave it at the club house in their locker!
    by justincase at 04/16/05 11:19PM
  • justincase
    this custom probly happened after the wives began to send the said jackets to the goodwill!
    by justincase at 04/16/05 11:20PM
  • sheri
    I'm posing this question to many people who's opinions I value. What do you think of KJ52? Please listen to it and respond on my blog. Thanks in advance!
    by sheri at 04/30/05 1:58PM
  • jessunknown
    welcome...your baby is so cute!!!
    by jessunknown at 05/08/05 3:06PM
  • sheri
    Oh I see what you did - you changed your blog entry instead of adding a new one.... My favorite bible verse (for now - it changes every so often) is the one I posted on my blog. LOVE YOU!!
    by sheri at 09/30/05 8:24PM
  • aimes
    by aimes at 10/05/05 8:59AM

First Entry

Izak goes into Alan's room and says "Daddy, can I be a cat with stripes?".

Alan said "sure - go ahead"

Izak said "I told you sister, give me the markers".

(Izak is 4)
  • kiss_the_rain
    adorable :)
    by kiss_the_rain at 04/12/05 10:55PM
  • snorman
    by snorman at 04/12/05 11:04PM
  • lovnprayers
    Welcome Kim
    by lovnprayers at 04/12/05 11:06PM
  • eden
    hi kim! so glad you're on here. welcome to the pleonast family =)
    by eden at 04/12/05 11:15PM
  • pixiedustalone
    That's pretty snazzy. I want to be a cat with stripes. I think I'd enjoy that. H'lo, I'm Jenni. Welcome to pleo
    by pixiedustalone at 04/13/05 12:18AM
  • jessunknown
    that is so fun...it sounds something like my brother will say!!!
    by jessunknown at 05/08/05 3:08PM