I'm trying to go back to school to get my pi license so I can make more money. To make a living for my self .
  • kailua
    Hey - that IS great!

    It is wonderful to see you on pleonast again! (((hugs)))
    by kailua at 07/09/16 10:05AM
  • ceoltoir
    Happy to see you here again! I hope school works out well for you. Making a living is NOT easy. Hang in there.
    by ceoltoir at 07/09/16 1:35PM
  • kamille
    Hi! Heard that you were back.
    by kamille at 07/09/16 2:03PM
  • friend2all
    Hey Brandon.

    It is great to see you back on pleonast. Yes I really meant that. It doesn't matter what others think of you. You are not trying please them You are trying to please God. There is so much that has been happening in my personal life. I was so thrilled to see your new entry.

    Here is a song that I share with our friend Kailua a long time ago,

    Enjoy listen to this song at your convenient time.
    by friend2all at 07/09/16 11:00PM
  • chickadee
    Good to hear from you!
    by chickadee at 08/15/16 5:35AM
  • truckerswife
    Good to hear from you. I am not on here very much anymore...obviously. Hope it goes well.
    by truckerswife at 08/25/16 7:34PM


im prolly goin to quit my secuirty job and fined a new one bc of some reasons if yalll want to know y i will tell yall
  • kailua
    Well of course I want to know.
    by kailua at 08/14/14 10:02PM
  • ceoltoir
    I want to know what's up with you. But only if you're wiling to share it. For now I will just keep on praying for you.
    by ceoltoir at 08/14/14 10:31PM
  • kamille
    Oh, sorry things are not going well for you.
    by kamille at 08/29/14 9:34AM
  • kailua
    Remember the message I sent you?
    Have you looked into a lawyer at all?
    by kailua at 09/02/14 1:32PM
  • kamille
    Happy birthday to you.
    by kamille at 09/06/14 1:29PM
  • ceoltoir
    ^I didn't realize it was your birthday. I hope it was a happy day and this coming year is a good one for you.
    by ceoltoir at 09/07/14 7:06AM
  • grandmadiane
    Brandon, I missed your birthday :( Hope it was awsome!
    by grandmadiane at 09/08/14 6:45PM
  • ceoltoir
    Brandon, I hope you're doing OK. We miss you on pleo. Come back and say hi when you can.
    by ceoltoir at 10/26/14 2:17PM
  • truckerswife
    Hope everything is OK. Come say hi when you get the chance.
    by truckerswife at 11/17/14 5:27PM
  • ceoltoir
    Merry Christmas, Brandon. We miss you.
    by ceoltoir at 12/24/15 8:54PM


well i wound up haviin to buy a bullet proof vest bc i had some close calls but everyone has a bullet proof vest but me please pray for me as im at the secuirty job tomorrow night untill the next morning to all of mmy friends
  • ceoltoir
    I just saw this and prayed for you. I care. May the Lord watch over and protect you.
    by ceoltoir at 07/31/14 11:03PM
  • kailua
    I just saw this too.

    Did you really get shot at?

    Be safe!
    by kailua at 08/01/14 1:14AM
  • kamille
    Someone shot at you? Stay safe. Praying.
    by kamille at 08/01/14 9:05PM


hey to all of my pleonast friends imm still here and i miss all of yall
  • kailua
    Hey, I'm still here and I miss you too! (((hugs)))
    by kailua at 06/25/14 7:31PM
  • ceoltoir
    I miss you too.
    by ceoltoir at 06/25/14 10:36PM
  • truckerswife
    Hope everything is good, we miss u too.
    by truckerswife at 06/26/14 7:05AM
  • JavaJoeDude
    Hey :D
    by JavaJoeDude at 06/27/14 10:59AM
  • chickadee
    Still here

    by chickadee at 07/01/14 7:19PM


ok i just cant get away from pleonast bc i dont have anyone to talk to if i need to vent about whatever im kinda of havin a ruff time right now :/
  • ceoltoir
    Do you mean a rough time because you're having to work too much?
    by ceoltoir at 06/05/14 9:39PM
  • kamille
    I saw where someone stole all your money that you had saved. I am so sorry.
    by kamille at 06/06/14 9:35PM
  • kailua
    Did you talk to the bank about it? They must have it in their computer and or video tape. Is the bank helping you at all? Have you filed a report with the police?
    by kailua at 06/10/14 12:02PM
  • ceoltoir
    I hope you are getting along okay. Your pleo-friends miss you.
    by ceoltoir at 06/19/14 7:55PM