I don't want to put tons of details since my blog is no longer private but do ask that you all continue prayers regarding Marshall's job. We are still waiting for answers. He loves his current job and we'd love for it to be permanent. God is definitely teaching us to be patient and wait on him. Which amazingly is easier than worrying about it myself. :) (Obviously, I know this but sometimes our human brains forget this.)

Stuart Hamblen

Teach me, Lord to wait
Down on my knees
Till in your own good time
You will answer my pleas
Teach me not to rely on what others do
But to wait in prayer
For an answer from You

They that wait upon the Lord
Shall renew their strength
They shall mount up with wings like eagles
They shall run and not be weary
They shall walk and not faint
Teach me, Lord, to wait

Teach me, Lord to wait
While my heart is all aflame
Let me humble my pride
And call on Your name
Keep my faith renewed;
Keep my eyes fixed on You
Let me be on this earth
What You want me to be

They that wait upon the Lord
Shall renew their strength
They shall mount up with wings like eagles
They shall run and not be weary
They shall walk and not faint
Teach me, Lord to wait
  • be_with_me_lord
    Continued prayers.
    by be_with_me_lord at 04/17/12 4:24PM
  • kiss_the_rain
    Looooove that song. And you. Praying!! It will all work out.
    by kiss_the_rain at 04/17/12 8:05PM


My mom and dad were here this weekend. Mom and I went to the Opry last night. There were two performers there I had never heard of, Keith and Kristyn Getty. Apparently they are hymn writers from Ireland that now live in Nashville. So they performed a song they wrote. I was shocked when she began to sing the song "In Christ Alone". We learned this song in Indiana. It is one of my very favorites. I don't know that there is a song that's lyrics touch me as much as it does. I, of course, didn't love the whole instrumental part of it nor the performing for entertainment but it was very neat to hear the song sang by the song writer. She really put a lot of feeling and thought into the way she sang it and how that went along with the lyrics. Look it up if you get a chance.

They sang another song that I hadn't heard of. I looked up the lyrics when we got home and really liked it too.

When Trials Come

When trials come no longer fear
For in the pain our God draws near
To fire a faith worth more than gold
And there His faithfulness is told
And there His faithfulness is told

Within the night I know Your peace
The breath of God brings strength to me
And new each morning mercy flows
As treasures of the darkness grow
As treasures of the darkness grow

I turn to Wisdom not my own
For every battle You have known
My confidence will rest in You
Your love endures Your ways are good
Your love endures Your ways are good

When I am weary with the cost
I see the triumph of the cross
So in it’s shadow I shall run
Till You complete the work begun
Till You complete the work begun

One day all things will be made new
I’ll see the hope You called me to
And in your kingdom paved with gold
I’ll praise your faithfulness of old
I’ll praise your faithfulness of old

Keith & Kristyn Getty
Copyright © 2005 Thankyou Music
  • kiss_the_rain
    That's a great song. Love the words

    What heights of love, what depths of peace
    When fears are stilled, when strivings cease
    My Comforter, my All in All
    Here in the love of Christ I stand
    by kiss_the_rain at 04/02/12 2:58AM
  • onelittlecandle
    that song is really pretty!
    by onelittlecandle at 04/02/12 6:39AM
  • flowerchild82
    I love In Christ Alone. We sang it in Missouri, but not here.

    I SO want to go to the Opry some time. I've never been to a concert before.
    by flowerchild82 at 04/02/12 7:20AM
  • derbydi
    That's one of my favs too!
    by derbydi at 04/05/12 6:50PM


When we wanted to have a baby, that's all I pictured. A baby. Now my 1st baby is 2 1/2 and constantly amazing me! I know I'm partial but he's so smart, sweet polite and just makes this mama proud!

He is doing soooo well with his manners. He will voluntarily say, "thanks", "please", "yes, ma'am", "no thanks", etc. It amazes me that he's caught on so quickly and knows it's expected of him.

Yesterday I thought he was saying "baseball". When I questioned him he said no, "Little ball". He had been saying "baby ball" but I didn't understand it so thought of another word to use instead. I thought that was pretty smart.

Much to my dislike, he has picked up the phrase, "I hate this!" He mostly uses it in reference to games on the iPad that aren't going his way. He uses it in context. But I still don't like hearing such negative words come from my sweet child's mouth. I've been trying to get him to say, "I don't like this" instead. I know he is expressing himself and how he feels and I don't want to stifle that but I don't want him seen as a negative person.

I gave him two items earlier today and told him to do something different with each one. My mother can attest to the fact that I was NEVER good at this. I'd forget what to do with the second item. Not Canaan! He did exactly what I told him to do with both items.

His memory is amazing. He can flawless play the game "Memory". But just his day to day memories are impressive. He asked about his Nan and Pop. I told him they would come after he slept that night. Really didn't think he even heard me let alone would understand and remember. But the next morning as soon as his eyes flew open, he said, "Nan and Pop!"

He already loves the baby and loves to kiss my belly. The other day he pulled at my shirt and I told him to stop. He was half asleep but still annoyed enough at me to inform me that he was just trying to kiss "Bayee". So he pulled up my shirt, laid his head on my belly and went back to sleep. Bayee then started kicking Canaan.

Bayee kicks Canaan most. Yesterday, Canaan came up and kissed my belly. After he quit Bayee started swimming around like "come back!" Canaan also got to feel Bayee have the hiccups. He jerked his hand back and said, "Bayee kicked me!"

Canaan has this way of getting people to do whatever he wants them to do. He doesn't do this with whining or ugliness. He just happens to be pretty charming. This goes beyond us and other family. We have witnessed him getting others to do what he wants. Maybe he'll be a good business man or something. Hopefully he'll use it for good. :)

I thought I'd be sad when he was no longer a baby but it just keeps getting more fun. There is so much joy in watching your child grow up and begin to grasp things you have been teaching him. I trust this will only continue throughout his life.
  • be_with_me_lord
    Every stage has many wonderful moments even though they grow up way too fast.
    by be_with_me_lord at 03/27/12 4:48PM
  • truckerswife
    Yes, every stage is an adventure u will love. My first will be 13 this year...I still love it!
    by truckerswife at 03/27/12 5:53PM
  • kiss_the_rain
    :) I feel the same way about every stage. I hope our kiddos can meet soon.
    by kiss_the_rain at 03/27/12 6:16PM
  • sallyanne
    He sounds precious!
    by sallyanne at 03/27/12 10:25PM
  • derbydi
    Canaan is going to have so much fun with his new brother or sister!
    You will continue to watch your children as they get older. Once a mom, always a mom! It's so rewarding when they make good decisions in life. :-)
    by derbydi at 03/29/12 6:50PM
  • robynbobm
    by robynbobm at 03/31/12 3:12AM

small things

My Facebook status this morning:

Laying in bed. Listening to the birds chirp. Canaan's little feet on my arm as he breathes during peaceful sleep. Feeling Bayee have the hiccups yet again but realizing how much bigger and stronger his/her little body feels today. Wish hubby was snuggling with us but thankful, oh so thankful, he has a job. Pretty much a perfect morning. Don't forget to count even the seemingly small blessings.

I got out of bed shortly after writing this. I made myself a cup of coffee. This is something I haven't been able to enjoy during pregnancy but whether good or bad, I like the taste again. I made Canaan and I some yummy Trader Joes oatmeal. Then I heard little footsteps. Canaan woke up to join me for breakfast.

I should be cleaning but having a little guy to snuggle with makes it hard. I LOVE how much Canaan loves to snuggle. I never have to ask for it. He's always right here beside me, sitting as close as he possibly can. It's sweet and something I hope he always does to some degree. I also hope that all my kiddos are this affectionate, especially with each other. I want nothing more than my kids to be close to each other, love each other and find ways to overcome differences to always remain this way.

It's overcast today. I think the rain washed away some of the pollen and junk that was bothering me and my boys so much. Of course, too much rain will lead to mold issues which are just as bad.

I want to turn on a great movie and stay snuggled on the couch working on the afghan I tried to start when I was pregnant with Canaan. Maybe I'll finish it for one of my babies....

I also have a couple other crafts I need to work on. Seems like the perfect day to do this. Except....the cleaning. Ugh. Pregnant moms should get a maid. ;-)

I think I might make a deal with myself. I'll work for 15 minutes and get some time to work on my blanket. Then 15 minutes more and so on. Maybe the house will be in tip top shape for tomorrow afternoon. My potential baby sitting family is coming over. It kind of makes me a nervous wreck because I know our house isn't perfect...much of it is out of my control. But I'm hoping since I feel safe having my kiddos here that this mama will too. If all goes well I'll start Monday.

I'm finding myself savoring the small things today. Will you tell me something seemingly small that you are thankful for today?
  • canardmom23
    of course there are exemptions as you listed, however, I'd have an impossible time proving either since I am fully vaxed (childhood vax) and parital adult vaxed without any complications. Don't mind getting it, just mind paying for it when I'm broke.
    by canardmom23 at 03/16/12 11:45AM
  • canardmom23
    I used to fall sleep to Hailey's hiccups, glad you get to enjoy pregnancy.
    by canardmom23 at 03/16/12 11:48AM
  • canardmom23
    Wow, I'm actually glad you mentioned that bc I do need to look up if I can receive it as a BF mother. Thank you!
    by canardmom23 at 03/16/12 11:59AM
  • canardmom23
    CDC website says I can get it. Dad offered to loan me the money until I am a working RN. I didn't have a nursery until my third child and I did the theme Fisher Price Rainforest. So lucky bc it is very gender neutral and he has to share with sister once she reaches 6 months. Before that I keep my babies in my room and nurse etc
    by canardmom23 at 03/23/12 11:08AM

I love/hate Wednesdays

I really wish I knew where the day goes on Wednesday. Of course we happened to sleep in this morning...if 9:30 is sleeping in. That USED to be getting up early! My how things have changed around here!

Tree pollens are high here and we're all feeling it! I'm not sure there is enough lavender in the world to help. We slept with our diffuser running so maybe it'd be worse if we hadn't. I don't know. It's making me and Canaan both pretty crabby.

My hubby somehow got our fluffy pillow leaving me with the pancake pillow. Now my neck hurts. I really need to go buy us some new pillows.

Canaan has gone to sleep. Yay! He refused to nap yesterday. Not napping makes him WILD. Him not sleeping makes me have Canaan overload (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him but mama needs a little break every day to remain sane!)

I need to get myself ready. When Canaan wakes up we need to run to Walmart or Hobby Lobby. I need some velcro, glue sticks and brads for bible class tonight.

I have a pork roast in the crock pot. I'm cooking it with teriyaki sauce. I thought it might be good to serve with some wild rice. So maybe I'll go to Walmart so I can get that too.

Marshall should be home around 6. We'll eat quickly and hopefully be on our way to bible study by 6:30. I HATE the Wednesday night rush!

Hopefully class goes better than last week. It was a full moon. I'm hoping that's why the kiddos were all a little off. I somehow managed to let the visitor eat crayons. What a dummy!

Baby update: I'm about 19 1/2 weeks pregnant. I can't believe I'm already this far! Yet August seems so far away! I can't wait though! I'm looking forward to this labor and birth being different and hopefully better than Canaan's was. Not that his wasn't great in it's own way but there are some things I don't want to repeat. We're also not planning on finding out the gender until after the birth. This makes me even more excited for August and meeting this little one!

Canaan calls the baby "Bay-ee" So I'm trying to use that more instead of saying the baby all the time. Bayee moves ALL the time! Canaan was very calm. He'd move but more so just to stretch. Already this baby spends HOURS just flipping and moving. I love it! Of course, I wonder what it'll be like when there is less room in there. :-\ But for now I'll enjoy it and wonder what in the world Bayee is doing in there. I'd love to know what he/she is thinking.

Okay, better finish my coffee and get moving! I have a feeling I'm gonna be feeling a major time crunch all too soon!
  • worker_at_home
    My own "baby" girl (as I have a tendency to think of her) reached the 19 week mark yesterday, so you are both walking the same path! Best wishes to you too! And "yay" for grandbabies.....this is our first!
    by worker_at_home at 03/14/12 3:13PM
  • derbydi
    Wednesdays are difficult. I remember all too well. But, this too shall pass before you know it. I can't believe you are so far along either! Time is flying! I think you're going to have a girl this time. ;-)
    by derbydi at 03/14/12 4:31PM
  • frogkisser
    When there is less room to jump and flip, your baby will probably try to do it anyway! Titus, a very active little fellow, did and towards the end I'd feel his little fists punching me all the way over on my sides. I guess he was trying to stretch...
    by frogkisser at 03/14/12 6:22PM
  • be_with_me_lord
    I hope class went well and that your allergies get under control soon.
    by be_with_me_lord at 03/14/12 11:23PM
  • canardmom23
    Loved reading your update, it's amazing how fast you get to the half way point and then time begins to slow as you get more anxious for arrival. While I've always enjoyed the romantic side of waiting til birth to discover the gender, I'm too much of a planner to wait. Yellows and greens just aren't me. Of course, if I ever do have another, I might try waiting. Still don't know if I will ever want more or not. I've been a coffee drinker lately and more so after delivery and learning how to reheat my pot on the maker.
    by canardmom23 at 03/16/12 11:31AM