3 month update

Monthly update

I'll be glad I've kept this up some when I go back to see how my kids have grown. :)

Rylann is now 3 months old. She's about 11.5-12 pounds. She's taking her sweet time growing which I am more than okay with! She is starting to look chubbier. Time to pack on the weight that she will lose when she gets mobile. She is semi-mobile....well, she rolls to her belly. At which point she is no longer mobile. Ha! Canaan waited longer to roll but rolled both ways. So this whole "Rescue me mom! I'm stuck with my face in the carpet!" is new to me.

She is sooooo vocal. She is constantly talking and cooing. She is practicing different tones and emotions when talking. So funny. She's definitely a girl. I was watching old videos of Canaan. He was a man of few words....WAS. He makes up for it now! :)

We bought her a small doll last week. She kind of picked it out. I held up two and she kept looking at this one. She hugs it, kisses it, sings to it. Love it! I had so many dolls and acted like a mommy very early on so it's fun seeing her do the same.

Canaan liked and still likes being rocked to sleep. Not Rylann. Every now and then she'll fall asleep eating but otherwise she is happy to fall asleep in her swing. I'm guessing she may be more like me and not be a super touchy person. Canaan and Marshall are both very affectionate. So cool seeing the differences.

I never knew how much I could love two kids. The thought of Canaan not being the center of my world was scary. But I'm seeing that that center just grew. He and Rylann both get to share that spot. It's amazing how well she fits into our family. It's like she's always been here. I'm so thankful that God is letting me have these two little people for a while. They are teaching me so much!

Something I thought about last night. We know that Satan wants us. But I got to thinking that this means Satan wants my kids too. MY kids. He has the nerve to want to corrupt and take my sweet children (when they are old enough to be accountable mind you, I'm not suggesting he can take them now). I realized that their childhoods lay the groundwork for their future choices to follow God. Then it terrified me to think that Satan is using ME to steal my children! Every time I fail to read my Bible. Every time I fail to glorify God. Every time I teach them a bad attitude. Satan is planting seeds that could steal my children from God. So scary! So much of mine and Marshall's life together has just been about survival. I hope beyond hopes that things are settling and I can really put so much more energy into being ALL that I need to be so that my children can see that and learn to love God.
  • robynbobm
    I love how life is with children and how they interact together.
    by robynbobm at 11/06/12 1:43PM
  • be_with_me_lord
    Good thoughts!
    by be_with_me_lord at 11/06/12 5:57PM
  • sallyanne
    You are already showing them that you love God, one another and them. That's wonderful!
    by sallyanne at 11/15/12 12:20PM

10/02/12 10:57AM

Baby girl is 2 months old now. She is smiling all the time. I love it! She's had tummy issues and seasonal allergies since she was 4 weeks. So she hasn't been happy. But we're figuring out diet so at least that is better.

The kids and I went with my mom to the homeschool camp in Indiana. I went assuming I'd hate it. I felt overwhelmed by spending a week with people I didn't really know. I've gotten a lot more introverted since Ry was born so it truly terrified me. But it was so much fun! I knew several people before I went and left knowing a lot more. We're counting down to next year!

I need to wrap this up. I have tons of paying work to do. We're racing to meet end of the year deadlines. So I'm trying to take advantage of a hefty work load. I've been laid off two out of the four January's I've worked for them. So I have to be prepared for that.

What's going on in your world?
  • be_with_me_lord
    Back to work after a fun time with my girls :-)
    by be_with_me_lord at 10/02/12 12:56PM
  • sallyanne
    I'm so glad you came to camp! I enjoyed our visits and look forward to more!!
    by sallyanne at 10/09/12 11:38AM
  • canardmom23
    I love figuring out all the individual needs of each child and strengthening them, whether its simple as diet or large like education. I can relate to being introvert. As much as I love ppl, I don't think I have ever just met someone and started talking, it takes me a while to say anything or do anything. It's like I have to get a feel for who they are before I am comfortable sharing who I am. At least in person, online sometimes I am more confident.
    by canardmom23 at 10/31/12 10:07PM
  • robynbobm
    by robynbobm at 11/01/12 2:19AM
  • derbydi
    Sounds like you are adjusting to two babies. We found that move was the most difficult. From 2 to 3 wasn't so bad! Congrats!
    by derbydi at 11/03/12 8:17PM

One month!

Baby girl is a month old. Crazy. We are savoring every minute. She's growing fast but still is a snuggly newborn. Love that. She can just take her time growing up. After Canaan, I know it happens entirely too quickly.

Mom stayed with us for 4 weeks. She left Sunday. This week has gone surprisingly well. Still some bump along the way and some kinks to work out but we'll get there. Canaan went today to play at a friend's house. Tomorrow a young girl from church is coming over to help out. So thankful for good people that are willing to help me out.

I should head to bed. Busy day ahead tomorrow. I have a feeling I'll be in need of either more time or a clone. Have a safe holiday weekend!
  • truckerswife
    happy 1 month-baby R!
    by truckerswife at 08/31/12 11:32AM
  • be_with_me_lord
    I can't wait to see her in October!
    by be_with_me_lord at 08/31/12 7:24PM
  • derbydi
    Glad everyone is adjusting!
    by derbydi at 09/16/12 10:50PM

Rylann :)

Rylann Elyse was born yesterday about 1:30 p.m. She made her grand appearance just 4 hours after my first noticeable contraction. We welcomed her at home and in water. It was amazing to say the least!

She weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and is 19 inches long. She's perfectly feminine. Looks a lot like Canaan but definitely different and definitely a little lady. We're in love.

There are pictures on Facebook.
  • robynbobm
    Congratulations! She does look a lot like Canaan.
    by robynbobm at 07/31/12 11:57PM
  • heatheronthehill
    Just thrilled for you and your family! Praise God for this wonderful blessing!
    by heatheronthehill at 08/01/12 6:29AM
  • sallyanne
    by sallyanne at 08/01/12 6:43AM
  • onelittlecandle
    Congratulations!! :D
    by onelittlecandle at 08/01/12 9:58AM
  • derbydi
    by derbydi at 08/01/12 10:57PM
  • kristindoula
    by kristindoula at 08/02/12 10:25AM
  • goldie
    So glad you had a safe and easy delivery! Just curious, did you and Rylann go to the hospital or doctor to check if all was okay, or does the midwife take care of that?
    by goldie at 08/07/12 9:40AM
  • mmswife
    The midwife took care of it all!
    by mmswife at 08/07/12 11:41AM
  • canardmom23
    So happy for you, congrats.
    by canardmom23 at 08/08/12 1:12PM

38+ weeks

I'm 38 weeks and 4 days and ready to meet this baby! Today is the day we wanted to have the baby. See, Marshall's birthday is (September) 6th, mine is (April) 12th and Canaan's is (August) 18th. So the next date in our pattern is the 24th. Which is today. Which means Bayee has 12 hours if he/she is interested in continuing this pattern. Judging by the personality I've already seen from this little one, we won't have a baby today. Although, things are progressing. If things follow a similar timeline as Canaan did, we'll have a baby in the next week. Again, not holding my breath. Babies will be babies and come when they are ready.....

Nonetheless, I've been busy nesting and making the final purchases needed for birth and baby. Our room has been reorganized to make room for baby. The rest of the house is staying fairly clean which is nice. Baby clothes are sorted into boys and girls things. That way when we know the gender someone (not me) can do some laundry. Mom is bringing a dresser to move the baby's and Canaan's clothes into. I'll be happy to have that done.

Mom is planning on driving down at some point between Thursday and Saturday. She is waiting for a day she feels good and up to driving the 4 hours solo. Makes me a bit nervous only because I know she has lots of sleepy days. Hopefully she'll plot out all the good coffee places along the way. :) We're hoping baby doesn't make us wait too long because mom is wanting to stay a couple weeks after the baby too. At least she is close enough she could go home for a weekend and come back if we need her. Although I am planning on this labor and delivery to be much easier on me than Canaan's was!

I've thankfully had amazing bursts of energy the last few days. Of course, I have zero energy today. I have acupuncture this evening. I am hoping to go walk at the mall before that. Maybe we can get something going. If not, both activities are still beneficial.

I've been talking baby a lot lately. But my big boy is growing like crazy! He is getting tall and lean. I don't think he's gained any weight in the last year but has shot up height wise. Not surprised. Marshall and I both have tall, skinny genes. His vocabulary and speech improves by the day. I am amazed at the words he uses and in context too. We saw fireworks on the Fourth and his response, "Amazin!" That's not a word we use around here every day so not sure where he learned it and learned to use it for something that would be amazing for a little guy.

He is also potty trained! He has been able to pee in the potty for over a year but didn't get the concept of not peeing in his diaper/undies. Something finally clicked and he started using the potty sometime in June. He has also gotten good enough to venture out of the house in regular undies. So far we've only had one accident while out of the house. We used some cars to bribe/encourage him to use the potty for poo too. That took 5 cars and he's got that down now. He thinks he has to read while doing this task though. So funny! Either way, I'm thrilled that he decided to train before the baby comes. I am semi-expecting some set backs but at least I know he's capable.

He also learned how to dress himself. Again, this was something he just decided he could do. Granted his clothes are often backwards but they are on. He can also put on most of his shoes. Sooo nice!

Of course with all these developments he is realizing how independent he could be. So he's testing the limits. We are right in the middle of some serious almost three year old attitude. Being consistent is so hard on this tired pregnant mommy. But we're trying. He's making small improvements. We still have daily issues but they seem less severe and shorter lived. He is still a long way from where I'd like to see him though. One day it will click like everything else.

He's still a very sweet boy. He's quick to help. He likes to clean. He loves snuggling and still likes to be rocked to sleep. He asked me to sing to him last night and I think he made it through 2 verses before he was out. He is very protective of the baby already. He insists this baby is a boy. Of course, he also says it's a sister. Sooo.....he's remaining neutral I guess. We are talking with him daily about the baby, it's arrival and how we will need to be gentle.

As much as I am ready for the baby I am trying hard to savor every last minute with JUST Canaan. I've heard moms talk about this stage but you don't really know what it's like until you go through it. I know we will love both kids equally but it's hard to imagine Canaan not being the only center to our world. He's held that place for 3 1/2 years (pregnancy + life). I want this transition to be as easy as possible on him but life as we all know it is about to change. I'm just so thankful that we've had 3 years with Canaan to learn him, how to be parents and just enjoy him and all his stages. I know moms that have kids closer in age love that too but it's really been nice to have so much time to watch Canaan grow.

So will the next post be an announcement??? I'd like to think so but we'll see. Please pray that Bayee remains healthy through pregnancy and that labor and birth is a smooth process for both of us.

  • be_with_me_lord
    Pray for you and Bayee daily. Glad things are coming together. Hope it cools down a few degrees for you.
    by be_with_me_lord at 07/24/12 6:32PM
  • derbydi
    Will have you in my thoughts and prayers, Lehia!
    by derbydi at 07/25/12 3:54PM
  • truckerswife
    praying! Canaan sounds like a sweet little boy and u sound like a wonderful mama.
    by truckerswife at 07/25/12 11:10PM