I'm here!!!!!!!

God is sooo good!!! I was born this morning at 839, at 21" 7lbs. Perfect birth, just the way mommy wanted... she was awesome. Bless her heart, she worked so hard that she has an unexpectantly longer recovery; pray for her. Thanks for your prayer...s for me, mommy, and daddy. We love you! (aunt starla does too!)
  • mmswife
    go look on facebook!
    by mmswife at 08/18/09 12:48PM
  • trevaesa
    So happy you're here! I'm praying for your mommy. We're all proud of her hard work! :)
    by trevaesa at 08/18/09 1:01PM
  • crysi
    Yay, we are so glad you're here and you can already blog, that is so awesome, just like your mommy!

    Praying for all of you especially mommy=)
    by crysi at 08/18/09 1:20PM
  • kristindoula
    Welcome, little Canaan! Give your mama lots of love! :-)
    by kristindoula at 08/18/09 1:30PM
  • iddybd94
    by iddybd94 at 08/18/09 2:23PM
  • firebolt
    I'm keeping her in my prayers...I can't wait to see pictures of you Mr. Canaan! :D
    by firebolt at 08/18/09 2:43PM
  • cellophane
    My sister had HER baby this morning, too!!! 7:25 EST (which if you're on central, would have only been 14 minutes before Canaan was born!!!)!!!!!
    by cellophane at 08/18/09 2:54PM
  • cellophane
    Today was the day for babies!! Congrats Lehia and Marshall!!
    by cellophane at 08/18/09 2:56PM
  • purky
    Congratulations! Praying that recovery will be quick.
    by purky at 08/18/09 3:07PM
  • ryguy
    by ryguy at 08/18/09 4:56PM
  • dixiedawn
    YAY!!! congratulations!!! He's sooooo precious! I knew Lehia would be amazing! I'm sure mommy and daddy are thrilled! :D
    by dixiedawn at 08/18/09 6:41PM
  • ewalker
    Your baby is ADORABLE! Congratulations!!
    by ewalker at 08/27/09 9:03AM
  • cheesecake9
    How is Canaan? How are you?
    by cheesecake9 at 09/21/09 3:35PM
  • dawnmk23
    Your baby is soo sweet.
    by dawnmk23 at 10/08/09 10:51AM
  • michellelb
    He's beautiful Leah! He is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! I can't wait til I have one!
    by michellelb at 10/12/09 2:02PM

On Eagle's Wings

I was asked to help spread the word on this great cause. Please take a moment to read the following and help if you are able!

If you knew Kelsey, you know how she lived to go to Midwest Summer Camp every summer. Even last year when she was unable to participate in many of the activities she went and enjoyed every single second of it!

Because Kelsey loved camp so much, Simon, Teresa and Midwest Summer Camp have set up a fund to help send kids to camp that otherwise could not go because of financial difficulties.

Please visit the website for more information and instructions on how to help.

Please help spread the word about this!

  • frogkisser
    That's great.
    by frogkisser at 04/19/09 9:21PM
  • leelers
    that is so neat!
    by leelers at 04/19/09 10:20PM
  • leelers
    i'm feeling better, i was having some rough contractions, but thankfully it wasn't pre-term labor! they said it was from having 3 babies in a row, my uterus is stretched which causes more contractions and stronger ones, but they don't actually do anything, so that's good... i
    by leelers at 04/19/09 10:22PM
  • leelers
    just have to rest when i'm having them and they
    by leelers at 04/19/09 10:22PM
  • leelers
    will get better, sorry, my finger keeps hitting the enter key!
    by leelers at 04/19/09 10:23PM
  • kamille
    Does it have to be any certain amount?
    by kamille at 04/20/09 3:14PM
  • stout
    lol im just giving u a hard time he was the fake greek god of wine so i was wondering what are you thought.pleo or facebook which one do u think is better ?
    by stout at 05/10/09 9:06PM
  • stout
    Sounds good thanks :)
    by stout at 05/11/09 8:22AM
  • stout
    K thanks hey u should join my group :)
    by stout at 05/15/09 8:51PM
  • the_mom
    Hey. I just checked my messages. I don't really have anything to do with the group "the_feminine_side". I think I signed up for it a couple of years back, but haven't visited it since then. Is there some reason I should know about that might make people think I'm someone in charge of it or something?
    by the_mom at 06/05/09 2:33PM
  • the_mom
    Oh my. I just read more of my messages. Boy, am I out of it. I am sorry. I'm not sure how I got on this list. To answer your question, I don't think that content appropriate for the age you are talking about. But since I don't visit that group I don't think I should have any say so in the matter. Now that I think back, I vaguely remember someone, at some point, asking me about participating. Since then, life has become rather overwhelming here. My mother in law (alzheimers) lives with now and requires 24/7 care. I havne't spent much time on pleo in a LONG time. I need to be removed from any position of leadership in that group. HELP!! It's all I can do to take care of myself and my family.
    by the_mom at 06/05/09 2:38PM
  • sara
    Hey there :) I just joined the feminine side and noticed in the group description it requests only 18 years or older women apply. That wasn't visible to me before I applied though. It might be better to put that in the group blurb or something :) It doesn't apply to me, but I don't want you to get caught off guard with younger girls!
    by sara at 06/26/09 12:04PM
  • trx
    If you click the word 'pleonast' in the upper left corner, you should see a green link to a list of new entries by your friends.
    by trx at 07/02/09 2:13PM

"You can cry, but I'm going to sing!!"

I have seen several people post this Kelsey quote. I wanted to share the origin of it with you all. It no doubt holds great meaning to us now and is very fitting during this time.

Simon was able to get her back stage to meet the band at the concert. They dedicated this song to her. Simon told her he was going to cry. She responded with, "You can cry, but I'm going to sing!!"


  • kiss_the_rain
    Still can't believe this..so special. I love her quote- thanks for sharing the context of it.
    by kiss_the_rain at 04/08/09 4:20PM
  • wisemom2
    I have loved this group for a long time...but they now have a special place in my heart.
    by wisemom2 at 04/08/09 4:43PM
  • abbymichelle
    I love the background of the quote and how it applies now. Thanks for sharing :)
    by abbymichelle at 04/08/09 4:58PM
  • be_with_me_lord
    Thanks Lehia
    by be_with_me_lord at 04/08/09 5:44PM
  • sallyanne
    She's singing!
    by sallyanne at 04/08/09 10:11PM
  • trevaesa
    by trevaesa at 04/08/09 11:11PM
  • be_with_me_lord
    Keeping you in heart, mind and prayers today
    by be_with_me_lord at 04/09/09 7:40PM
  • split_rock
    Thinking of you today.
    by split_rock at 04/10/09 8:15AM
  • sallyanne
    Praying today for you and yours.
    by sallyanne at 04/10/09 10:09AM
  • dsh
    Glad I got to meet you yesterday.
    by dsh at 04/11/09 8:54PM
  • dnsanders
    Is your name Lehia?
    by dnsanders at 04/12/09 9:47PM
  • dnsanders
    Yeah that is me. :)
    by dnsanders at 04/13/09 8:44AM
  • dnsanders
    I sent an email back to you. Sometimes emails from my email address end up in the spam or junk mailbox to let you know.
    by dnsanders at 04/14/09 2:01PM
  • rosegirl
    Hey.this is olivia
    by rosegirl at 05/15/09 9:31PM
  • rosegirl
    I like her quote's they r awsome i loved her very much olivia stout
    by rosegirl at 05/17/09 9:29PM
  • rosegirl
    Love the video
    by rosegirl at 05/19/09 8:15PM