Give Away 2/20

You all ready for another give away??? How about I give away your choice of $10 to my store or a custom pair of earrings???

To enter (each on will give you an entry for a total of 2):
-Comment on discussion "Give Away 2/20"
-Link my fan page and/or store on your status or blog. (Be sure to let me know you've done this so I can give you credit!)

Drawing will be held sometime Saturday. Good luck!

(Guys, you can join and help me promote. I'm sure the woman in your life would thank you!)
  • sweetgirl_103
    I was excited to see that Starla won one of the things last time! It just made me smile :)
    by sweetgirl_103 at 02/16/10 10:34PM
  • happinessisthelord
    aww thats sweet ashlyn, thanks :) made me smile too, haha.
    by happinessisthelord at 02/18/10 2:24PM
  • happinessisthelord
    can i enter if i've won before? i mean of course i want to promote your jewelry on my fbk page, but i can promote better if i'm wearing it. haha. i have told people at work. btw... where are the biz cards?? love ya!
    by happinessisthelord at 02/18/10 2:25PM
  • Solnushka
    Can you link your Etsy site on here off to the side under your links?
    by Solnushka at 02/18/10 4:27PM
  • ptownflyswimmer
    I posted your info on my page! Keep uploading new pictures, I love looking at them, and I want to find the perfect set for me! :)
    by ptownflyswimmer at 02/18/10 8:58PM
  • kiss_the_rain
    by kiss_the_rain at 02/22/10 3:01PM

And the winner is....


I also decided to give away a pair of earrings and the winner of those is Starla!!!

I'm planning on giving something else away next week so be sure to stay tuned to my fan page!
  • kiss_the_rain
    And how did you pick the winners? :-)
    by kiss_the_rain at 02/13/10 11:53PM
  • mmswife
    Marshall drew out the winners. It's as fair as it could be in the situation!
    by mmswife at 02/14/10 12:00AM
  • happinessisthelord
    yeah sarah! :P don't be jealous. hehe. david said lehia had good marketing, because now i'm going to want a necklac to go with those earrings. hehe.
    by happinessisthelord at 02/16/10 6:03PM
  • happinessisthelord
    happy two years two months and two days of marriage!!! ;) love yall! God bless!
    by happinessisthelord at 02/16/10 6:04PM

Far Above Rubies Jewelry Give Away!

I will be giving away this necklace and earring set on Saturday!

To be entered to win you must do one or both of the following:

-join my FB fan page AND comment on the discussion called "Give Away 2/13".

-Link Far Above Rubies ( on your blog or FB status (send me the link to your blog as "proof").

Have you checked out my newest pieces? They can be seen here!

Tell your friends about Far Above Rubies!!!!

Fine print: As an alternative to this particular set I will give you a $10 credit in my store, if you so choose.
  • Solnushka
    You really have a talent. When I get through this month (Valentine's Day, TLLB's birthday, AND our one year anniversary) I'll definitely be treating myself to your work.
    by Solnushka at 02/11/10 9:07AM
  • derbydi
    I have looked at your jewelry and really like it! I think you have reasonable prices too.
    Do you attend worship where David Halbrook preaches? We attend where his father preaches. Great family!
    by derbydi at 02/11/10 2:37PM
  • sallyanne
    Lovely pieces :)
    by sallyanne at 02/11/10 2:48PM
  • frogkisser
    A good idea, Lehia!
    by frogkisser at 02/14/10 2:36PM

Quick update

I just have a minute but thought I'd type up a quick update. :)

It snowed last night. They weren't sure what to expect for a while. We could have gotten anywhere from an inch to a foot! I think it's closer to the inch (maybe 2 or 3? I don't know.). We're venturing out tonight so hopefully the roads are as clear as our road appears.

I took my work computer back on Thursday. One of the managers (who I have a hard time reading) says, "I guess we'll see you soon when you come and pick all of this back up." I was like, um okay, call me! So who knows what that means. I'm not counting on it but if they did call I would work for them in a heartbeat! Please say some prayers regarding all of this.

I met with a family on Tuesday about watching their kids on occasion. They live in the middle of no where! Seriously. We ended up on a gravel road! They seemed like really good kiddos. I have plans to watch them on the 13th.

I found a new hobby. I have been making jewelry! I LOVE it! I have fallen in love with each piece I make. I am hoping others will fall in love too! I have set up a shop on Etsy. PLEASE check it out! Tell your friends! This is my feeble attempt to contribute to our budget while staying at home. Right now I only have 2 items listed but I have about 4 more to list later tonight so check back!

Well, we're leaving in an hour and C and I both need baths! Have a wonderful Saturday!
  • onelittlecandle
    I hope they end up needing you back!

    Hmm, after we move to the farm we'll be living at the end of a gravel drive off a gravel road off of a gravel road...does that make us in the middle of the middle of nowhere??? :-) On that positive note ought to come see us sometime!
    by onelittlecandle at 01/30/10 5:48PM
  • onelittlecandle
    Those necklaces on your site look really pretty! I'm impressed. Good luck with that! If I could wear necklaces, I'd definitely get one.
    by onelittlecandle at 01/30/10 5:50PM
  • frogkisser
    Have you joined the Etsy group here on pleo? Your pieces look lovely. I need to get my house in order so I can think straight again and start crafting again.
    by frogkisser at 01/31/10 8:02AM
  • cellophane
    my sister sent me some pictures of my niece (who was born the same day as Canaan!), and she's starting to stand with very little help! How is C coming along? :)
    by cellophane at 02/01/10 7:47AM
  • michellelb
    wow, you did great with those jewelry sets! They are beautiful. I might get one or two whenever my budget allows (hopefully you'll still be doing this then because it'll be at least a month). I really think you could make some good money with that, you are very creative and talented!
    by michellelb at 02/02/10 11:39PM

Motherhood my way

My baby is 2 months old! Where has the time gone? Funny how the last two months of pregnancy passed at a snail's pace but the first two months of Canaan's life had flown! In some ways I still can't believe he's here and mine, in others I feel like he's always been here. Amazing how much I can love a little person!

I LOVE being a mom. I have always wanted to be a mommy. I had tons of baby dolls (probably still have them all, who can throw away their "children"?). They all had names, real names (not just "Baby", no there was Susie, Mikey, Crystal....). I always took a baby with me where ever I went. I cared for them, nursed them, changed their clothes and diapers even wore them in a baby carrier.

I remember when I was about 6 and my sister was pregnant. I would pull out a medical book we had and show her what her baby looked like. I looked at this book so much that those pages are falling out now.

When I got to be in my late teens, (very) early 20's I became unsure if I would ever get married. While I looked forward to being married and having someone I was also sad at the prospect that I would not have children. Sure, I could have possibly adopted but I wanted to be pregnant, to feel the baby, to know that they were growing in me. I would often pray something along the lines of, "God, I really desire to get married and have children. If this is not Your will please help me to be content."

Thankfully, God saw fit to bless me with a husband. Not only a husband but a husband that wanted children too. We had planned on waiting a bit before trying to get pregnant. We waited 6 months. After 5 months of trying we finally conceived. Our joy was short lived as that child left this earth for something better. Despite having a husband and being pregnant once I feared we wouldn't ever have a healthy child.

During that short pregnancy I began to research various things. Prior to that I had no strong feelings regarding pregnancy, birth and child rearing. I remember buying a certain book and telling a friend. She warned me of some possible concerns if I were to parent with that method. I read the first chapter before I got distracted with other books. Now it's collecting dust. (Yes, my son is nearly 2 months old and I have not needed that book.)

When I conceived again I read even more books. Two books really changed the way I looked at things, "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" by Henci Goer and "The Birth Book" by the Sears. I seriously could not put these down! They opened a whole new world for me. This is when my strong feelings began to submerge.

It was at this point that I began to realize how the medical field instills so much confidence that women do not research on their own. I am not at all against modern medicine (though it's sad to think how much of it is motivated by the almighty dollar but that probably another post). I am, however, all for women doing their research. Doctors do not know everything. How can they have time to see patients, deliver babies and still have time to stay on top of every issue?

I don't like to look at pregnancy and childbirth as a medical condition but bear with me. If you had ANY other medical issue would you not research it??? You would want to know who the best doctor was, what was the best treatment, what you could do to have a good outcome. Despite this, women in general do very little research regarding pregnancy and birth.

(Let me slip this in right now before I offend. I believe in the way I do things. If I didn't, I wouldn't do them! Sometimes that may come off as me thinking this is the only way. Please know this is not the case. Of course I am going to be adamant about my way because I've seen it work! But I also know other ways work. My biggest thing is that others inform themselves. Do your research then decide what is best for you and your family. You have to be your own advocate.)

I was blessed with a great pregnancy. I had zero complications. I just knew the birth would throw me for a loop. My biggest fear was having to have a c-section. (There are often medical reasons for needing one but I do think doctors abuse this. Again, that's not the point.) I knew that despite planning for natural birth I could handle having to get an epidural if that would help the baby. But I knew I would have a hard time handling a c-section.

I began to figure out why so many births happen through c-sections. Medical interventions. The trend seemed to be that for every intervention you allowed the more risk you would need another one. (Let me also say that medical interventions are often needed but again are often abused.) I knew that the first step was not to be induced. If I could avoid that I could avoid the painful pitocin contractions. If I could do without those I had a better chance of not needing an epidural. I knew that with pitocin I would also be confined to bed rather than being able to use movements to help my labor. Without moving my labor could stall or I could stop progressing and then they would begin saying the C word.

I was unwilling to take these risks. I knew that God created my body to birth babies. I knew that countless other women had given birth without pain medication. I knew that I, too, could have a natural birth. But I also knew that I had to be determined. This was not something I could go into half-heartedly. As his birth approached I began to have some doubts but kept reminding myself that I could do this. I reminded myself that any pain I would experience would be short lived in comparison to everything else. For me, it was not worth all the possible risks that would have long term effects to take a medication that would (or might) take away my pain for the hours I was in labor. Thankfully, God heard my prayers and gave me the strength to have the birth that I desired.

His birth was only the beginning of my role as a mom. Just as his birth was not mainstream, many of my parenting choices are not mainstream. Because of this I keep some of my decisions and choices to myself or only share with close friends. Others I am more than happy to talk freely about. Bottom line is that I am Canaan's mom. I will raise him in the way that is right for him, me and Marshall. It may not work for anyone else and that's okay.

Before Canaan was born I decided I would do what worked for our family. I did not buy into any one style of parenting. I was not going to put myself in any box. By deciding to instinctively parent I have never doubted my abilities or whether or not I was doing things right. I believe firmly that God gave mothers instincts just as He has given every animal instincts to mother their young.

I really believe that if we learned to trust these instincts in everything and not subscribe to what others think or expect us to do that we could be more confident in our skills as parents. I think it's important to gain this confidence when his biggest needs are keeping him fed and dry. It's kind of hard to mess that up! But yet, if I can become confident in knowing how to care for my son then I can be more confident when making bigger decisions later in his life. How many parent's are feeling overwhelmed or like failures because they trust others rather than themselves.

I made a commitment to Canaan the second he was conceived. It was then that my life was not my top priority any more. I gave up my right to be selfish. This is not always easy. Sometimes I get overwhelmed at the thought that I will always be Canaan's mom. No one else can do my job. This is a big commitment but one that I gladly made. Canaan did not ask to come into this world. I asked him to be part of my life. How can I ask him to fit into the exact spot I've made for him? Babies aren't always convenient but too many parents expect them to be.

I feed Canaan on cue (I once referred to this as on demand but have since found on cue to be more accurate). Sometimes Canaan eats every 2 hours. Sometimes he goes as many as 5 or 6. Before I was a mom I thought mothers that did this were setting their children up to be snackers, demanding, overweight, etc. That could not be farther from the truth! Thankfully, I learned that breast milk is digested quicker than formula. Breast fed babies typically do not over eat. While a child may learn to be demanding an infant is not capable of that. They only know that they are hungry. Who am I to decide whether my child is hungry or not? It's also interesting to know that babies will nurse in a way to effect their mother's supply so that there is enough food. Nursing is a give and take relationship. I rely on him to help me produce milk and he relies on me to nourish him with that milk. Upsetting that balance by extreme scheduling can often have negative consequences.

Canaan gets held most of the day. I have gotten varying comments about this. Some parents have told us to hold our children because they grow up to quickly. Others have told me that I am spoiling him and will regret holding him. I'm not going to say how my holding him will effect the person he becomes but I do know that there are plenty of benefits. This contact with him also helps me produce the milk he needs to thrive. Holding him also forces me to take breaks. I need these breaks to fully heal and to keep the strength and energy I need to have to be a good mother. More than any of that holding him helps us to bond, helps him to trust and feel loved.

When I do not have two free hands to hold him I wear him. I wear him at home while I work, at worship services, the grocery store. I LOVE it! People stop us all the time and question us about this. It's not a new concept but one that has been thrown aside in our society. It really makes my life easier to have this option. It keeps Canaan happy and gives us more time together.

We do not make Canaan cry for long periods of time. I cannot refuse that affection and quality time when he asks for it. That goes against every instinct that I have. There are times that he has to cry because I am otherwise occupied. These times break my heart. It is interesting to me that studies have been done regarding the mother's reaction to her child's cry. There are physical changes in the mother's body when her child cries. As mothers we wish to make our children happy. I wouldn't ignore my talking child's requests but some in society expect us to ignore what our babies are trying to tell us. Canaan doesn't cry for the fun of it. He is always trying to tell me something. He has different cries for each need, even my dad made note of that tonight. Experts also tell us that babies that are not made to cry for extended periods of time are smarter. This is not to say that other babies are not but it stands to reason that if Canaan is not spending his time being unhappy and crying that he has time to be alert and focus on the things going on around him.

As I said, there are other choices we have made that may not be popular. I'm not going to divulge those here but may be willing to answer private question if need be. Before I was a mom I never thought I'd be doing some of these things. Again, I do not think my way is the only way but it's working great for us and I can't help but hope other parents would give some of these choices a chance. The bottom line though, is that each of have been given children to raise and nurture so that they are able to serve the Lord. Despite the different techniques this is the only desired outcome. If you succeed in that nothing else matters.

(This was trying to be, "My Journey to Motherhood" that I had mentioned before but it took a slightly different turn. Oh well.)
  • preachersimon
    I'm glad you mentioned Susie first! As soon as I began reading that sentence a smile crept across my face thinking about you and her.
    by preachersimon at 10/19/09 3:59AM
  • wisemom2
    I fed on cue and held my babies and can safely say that they are not spoiled. : ) Now that are 23 and 20 I have no regrets for the time I put everything else aside and just held them. They grow up way to quickly and your arms ache to just hold them again.
    by wisemom2 at 10/19/09 8:37AM
  • kristindoula
    Brava! Great post! And I know I don't need to say that ITA. ;-)
    by kristindoula at 10/19/09 9:04AM
  • sallyanne
    Wonderful. Someone asked me some questions recently and I plan to send her here. You've answered them exactly as I would have. Of course, I'll still answer her when I get a chance to write it--that's the answer that will become my book.

    I like the 'on cue' term...cute. I think I'll steal it ;)

    Parenting with Natural Affection--that's my terminology--and I love your descriptions. I've done things this way and I've never regretted it---not for an instant. Next year when our oldest goes to college, I can assure you I will not be regretting holding him all day, nursing 'on cue', and seeing to his every need....I'll be holding on to my toddler and enjoying every moment and relishing the fact that I did the same with each and every baby.
    by sallyanne at 10/19/09 3:26PM
  • firebolt
    :D I love this...and it's so true! Wearing is the best thing I've done for my baby, that and feeding on cue. :)
    by firebolt at 10/19/09 3:36PM
  • be_with_me_lord
    by be_with_me_lord at 10/19/09 6:40PM
  • rebekah
    Great great post! You mentioned a while back that there were CNMs in Lexington that travel for homebirths. Do you happen to have a list of their names? I am starting to look into homebirth a little bit more (the legal mumbo jumbo is giving me a headache!) and I found a list of about 7 CNMs in Lex that my insurance actually covers (although only at "the listed location," which could be a dealbreaker!) I figured if my insurance covered any homebirthing CNMs I could at least contact them and try to muddle through the details. Thanks in advance!
    by rebekah at 10/21/09 1:34PM
  • rebekah
    Thank you! I can call a few and see if they at least know who among performs the homebirthing CNMs. There's a licensed CNM in Hendersonville, TN, and I am waiting back to hear from her on whether she knows if her TN license 'counts' in KY. Thanks!
    by rebekah at 10/21/09 6:16PM
  • rebekah
    That second sentence didn't make any sense.. sorry :)
    by rebekah at 10/21/09 6:17PM
  • rebekah
    No, no word from the licensed CPM in Hendersonville and I forgot to call around in Lexington. I have an appt with my CNM today but not sure I'll ask her what she knows or not. I really don't want to hurt her feelings because I'm not considering doing this because of her!
    by rebekah at 11/04/09 10:12AM
  • derbydi
    Have you heard about The Bradley Method of Childbirth? I took classes for it and it really helped. The philosophy gets its basis from the way animals give birth. There's a lot to it. Just wondered if you had heard about it b/c it is all about having a non-medicated birth your way. It helped me have 2/3 of mine unmedicated--and I had not studied it prior to our first son's birth. My worst fear was c-section too. If you haven't heard of it, you might check into it for next time!
    by derbydi at 01/28/10 8:02AM