8 Months

Whoops, Rylann will be 9 months on Tuesday and I never wrote about 8 months. :-\

Rylann is super busy! She has learned to crawl, pull up and got a tooth. She's determined and so far isn't deterred by much. :-\ Both my kids seem to be stubborn. Rylann's seems more by nature, Canaan's is learned.

Ry eats everything! Seriously. Lack of teeth means nothing to her. She wants to eat whatever we're eating. Frankly, I'm lazy and hate feeding her so it's okay with me! So far she has eaten everything I've given her. She hasn't been crazy about avocado but it's kinda weird anyway. But she's okay with eating non-baby/kid foods like olives, cucumber and bell pepper. With as picky as her daddy is and her brother is becoming this makes me beyond happy!

She still is hovering around 15 1/2 pounds and can wear 3-6 month clothes still. She's a peanut!

I'm already given thought and making preliminary plans for her first birthday. Unbelievable!
  • kimbrena
    "She hasn't been crazy about avocado but it's kinda weird anyway." haha, love it!! While the dudes love it, Brea, Rand and I can't stand the stuff. It tastes like GREEN. Not green as in not ripe, but as in the crayon. Seriously. If you try to imagine what a color could taste like, eat an avocado. That's green. :P
    I can't believe she's already over half a year old! ♥
    by kimbrena at 05/10/13 10:47PM
  • derbydi
    It's crazy how fast time flies!!! Enjoy them both everyday. They will be moving out before you know it!
    by derbydi at 05/14/13 11:59PM
  • canardmom23
    What do they play together these days? I always loved watching how my children's games advanced with time. :)
    by canardmom23 at 06/27/13 9:43AM