8 Months

Whoops, Rylann will be 9 months on Tuesday and I never wrote about 8 months. :-\

Rylann is super busy! She has learned to crawl, pull up and got a tooth. She's determined and so far isn't deterred by much. :-\ Both my kids seem to be stubborn. Rylann's seems more by nature, Canaan's is learned.

Ry eats everything! Seriously. Lack of teeth means nothing to her. She wants to eat whatever we're eating. Frankly, I'm lazy and hate feeding her so it's okay with me! So far she has eaten everything I've given her. She hasn't been crazy about avocado but it's kinda weird anyway. But she's okay with eating non-baby/kid foods like olives, cucumber and bell pepper. With as picky as her daddy is and her brother is becoming this makes me beyond happy!

She still is hovering around 15 1/2 pounds and can wear 3-6 month clothes still. She's a peanut!

I'm already given thought and making preliminary plans for her first birthday. Unbelievable!
  • kimbrena
    "She hasn't been crazy about avocado but it's kinda weird anyway." haha, love it!! While the dudes love it, Brea, Rand and I can't stand the stuff. It tastes like GREEN. Not green as in not ripe, but as in the crayon. Seriously. If you try to imagine what a color could taste like, eat an avocado. That's green. :P
    I can't believe she's already over half a year old! ♥
    by kimbrena at 05/10/13 10:47PM
  • derbydi
    It's crazy how fast time flies!!! Enjoy them both everyday. They will be moving out before you know it!
    by derbydi at 05/14/13 11:59PM
  • canardmom23
    What do they play together these days? I always loved watching how my children's games advanced with time. :)
    by canardmom23 at 06/27/13 9:43AM

7 Months!

I can't believe how quickly time is passing but I'm enjoying watching the kiddos grow. Time passes much quicker with two than it did when Canaan was a baby.

Ry is about 15 lbs 3 oz as of this morning. She gained a pound one week last month but seems to have not gained anything since. I'm thinking she's grown in length because her legs are looking less chubby. She is also outgrowing her 3-6 month sleepers, yes at 7 months! But the rest of her 3-6 clothes fit great. Which is good since her 6-9 months are mostly spring clothes which we are not ready for yet! (Considering there is currently a little snow on the ground here in Indiana.)

She's still not very mobile. She's been busy working on sitting by herself though. She scoots around some but not very efficiently. I don't rush this. She's becoming more and more vocal. She sings during worship which I LOVE! She's going to be our little free spirit. She sings and dances while Canaan is busy building engineer skills.

Speaking of Canaan, he has started playing some pretty hard problem solving games on his iPod. His little mind impresses me. I also taught him about rhyming which he loves and will quite often rhyme in normal conversation. He's also been working on praying and making those longer and more meaningful. His first words of thanks are always for his baby sister. He's growing in height like crazy. His 3T's are high waters. But he's too skinny for most 4's. Thank goodness for adjustable waists!

I have training for work next week. Not overly thrilled but ever so thankful to have work and to be given more useable skills within the company. Hoping that Ry does well without me. I've never left her for more than 2 hours. But perhaps this will be a nice way to test the waters and may allow me to take some doula clients sooner than later.

We're going to my favorite BBQ place since we're at my parents'. So I best go get myself and the kiddos ready.

See you in a month!
  • derbydi
    Time flies when babies are little! Enjoy every day!
    Good luck in your new work. :-)
    by derbydi at 03/19/13 3:15PM
  • robynbobm
    I love singing babies. :)
    by robynbobm at 03/19/13 6:37PM
  • canardmom23
    Stay blessed! I love BBQ
    by canardmom23 at 04/18/13 10:36AM

6 months!

I can't believe baby girl is 6 months. Half a year! This is going toooooo fast! It seems so much faster than it went with C. But we're enjoying her so much. She is a super happy baby. She wakes up smiling. She LOVES C and he loves her. I love watching them. He makes her laugh. He gets in her face at which point she grabs two big handfuls of his hair and laughs. So sweet!

She is trying to sit up. She can only manage for a few seconds before tumbling. She has been able to sit in the high chair for the last week. She still doesn't roll a ton. I'm okay. Mobility will come soon enough. The older the better. We might stand a better chance of training her her stay out of stuff. Although I fully expect her to be the one we have to watch. She LOVES chewing on things. I'm already a nervous wreck about her choking. We're all trying to do better about keeping small things picked up so that we can minimize the risks.

She got to suck on some avocado earlier this week. We are not at all starting solids on a normal basis but sometimes she needs something to do while I'm cooking or eating. So I put some avocado in a mess feeder and let her go to town. She seemed to like it and got a little upset when it was gone. But she let me know she wasn't interested in seconds and that she was ready for milk. Made mommy feel pretty good.

She is finally getting chubby but is still floating around 14-14 1/2 pounds. She's probably approaching 26". I was noticing that we need to go up a side in diapers. My kiddos outgrow the stride before they need more room around. Can we really be ready for size 3's?

She is preferring that I lay her down awake and she falls asleep alone. So foreign to me. Canaan still needs to be rocked sometimes. But Rylann lets me know that she's just not going to fall asleep in my arms. I lay her down, she grabs her blanket and sucks her fingers. Strange but not complaining!

Canaan isn't really doing anything new. Just adding more words and phrases to his vocabulary. We went to the grocery earlier today. When we got home tonight he started putting the groceries up without being prompted! This mama's heart was beyond happy. I only wish more of our food storage was child level. I need to do better with allowing and encouraging such help. These are good qualities for any child to have and as a wife I know his wife will appreciate the help with these seemingly small things.

We are experiencing some rather cold weather this weekend. This comes after near 70's earlier in the week. Which resulted in storms and at least 10 tornadoes. We're told winds were in excess of 100 mph. Marshall woke from a dead sleep at the sound of a loud wind. He thought it might be a tornado and quickly got all of us in the only slightly safer bathroom. Nothing was confirmed but I'd believe a tornado went through our neighbors yard! He lost LOTS of trees. One is falling toward our yard and deck. The back of our fence was pretty well smashed by fallen trees. We lost one tree in our back yard but it landed without damaging anything. Humbled that God kept us safe.

Tomorrow we could get up to 2 inches of snow. We've decided to stay home. We have things to catch up on but more importantly I just want to stay warm! Hope you're having a good weekend. I'll be back next month. :)
  • truckerswife
    Each child does seem to grow faster. Glad to read about your kiddos. Mine are already 13, 11, 9 and 5! Crazy how fast time went by. Miss you guys.
    by truckerswife at 02/02/13 10:55AM
  • robynbobm
    The second child really is a different experience! So fun!
    by robynbobm at 02/08/13 11:07PM

5 months

Well baby girl is 5 months and a little over a week old. It's passing too quickly! Thankfully she's content taking her time. She's not doing much more than she was last month. She's gained about 13 oz. She's not quite 14 lbs which is just about double her birth weight. She's a peanut but still manages to have rolls which are beyond adorable! She has decided she might like to sit up but tries to do so via crunches. Needless to say, she's not been successful yet. She's very vocal which I love.

We had a really good Christmas. My parents came down on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day M's parents came up on Christmas day. We made waffles, went to see Monsters Inc 3D and came home for snacky foods. I am really liking our new Christmas traditions. I LOVED not cooking and everyone else liked trying different foods I had picked up at Trader Joes. Rylann seemed pretty interested in all her new toys. Canaan didn't care about much of anything until last year. So that was fun. She likes holding stuff and is always chewing on something. Both things Canaan wasn't concerned about when he was her age. Soooo different!

My parents stayed until January 2nd. We went New Years Day to see a Hitchcock movie at a Theater here in town. I love Hitchcock and it was one I hadn't seen yet (Vertigo). But by the end of the movie I was running a fever and feeling pretty awful. It ended up being the flu. Which I passed to Rylann, then to Canaan. Now Marshall has something but I think his is more just allergy/cold stuff. Regardless, we've been basically house bound for a week with each of us making a few trips to the grocery. I'm soooo over being sick.

I'm currently off work. I'm hopeful this will be short lived. You never know with them. They told me it could be a month but then said 2 weeks. For all I know they may not have anything. I'm trying to enjoy the break since the end of the year was insane work wise. Prayers that work will pick up and they keep me are always appreciated!

That my friends is your monthly update. :)
  • curlie
    by curlie at 01/09/13 8:30PM
  • truckerswife
    I don't want it but the Willis family has been hit hard with it so it wouldn't be a surprise.
    by truckerswife at 01/09/13 9:21PM
  • canardmom23
    Hope you get some rest and feel better
    by canardmom23 at 01/10/13 1:53PM

4 months

I am again forcing myself to write each month so I can keep up with stuff.

Baby girl was 4 months yesterday. She weighed 13 lbs earlier in the week. I'll weigh and measure her when she wakes up and edit this. She is too long for her 0-3 month clothes but they fit otherwise. I've tried to move her up to 3-6 but most of them swallow her.

She rolls from her back to her belly almost as soon as you lay her down. I have caught her rolling back to her back a couple of times but she hasn't figured out she can really do that. I have also noticed her doing the little worm scoot when she's on her belly. All this means that she is closer to being mobile. It also means that we really want to get out of this house and the nasty carpet! So that's on our to do list after the first of the year.

She is a super happy baby. I was afraid she wasn't going to be. In the beginning I think her dairy intolerance drained so much energy she didn't have time to be happy. She is also more like a me and a bit more serious in general but she is still smiley and loves being talked to.

She is very vocal. She is starting the growly voice thing too which is cute. She has a couple little baby dolls. She gets so excited when she sees them. She'll reach out and grab them and eat them while growling.

She's discovered that she can suck on her fingers. She does this in the car now which makes care rides much more pleasant. Apparently her issue in the car was boredom. She is also learning to like a paci. M isn't crazy about using it but it helps her stay asleep and even get to sleep. So we'll go with it.

C is continuing to improve in his speech. He's losing the baby voice and getting much clearer. He is a sponge and soaks up so much and remembers it! I am starting to use his curiosity to teach him small things. This is kind of how I want to homeschool so the practice is good for us both.

We're busy getting ready for the holidays. Even M is getting into the spirit. He tolerate us listening to Christmas music and everything! I need to do some more Christmas shopping which we may be doing this evening. Christmas is so much more fun with kiddos.

I better get busy doing something. I feel like this post if more for my benefit than anyone else since Pleo is a ghost town but it is what it is. If anyone does read this, have a happy holiday and I'm sure I'll check in at our 5 month mark.
  • onelittlecandle
    Oh, there are more of us still on Pleo than you realize. :) I enjoy hearing about your growing family!!
    by onelittlecandle at 12/01/12 4:46PM
  • bigdeborah
    Sounds like you are enjoying life! :)
    by bigdeborah at 12/05/12 10:24AM
  • canardmom23
    Sounds similar to my life with my youngest two. rolling and speech and preparing for homeschool in the future. You are an awesome mom
    by canardmom23 at 12/08/12 10:52AM