I considered long and hard whether to post about this topic. I’m reading a lot of “get over it” and “it’s time to move on,” and I agree to a point, but I’m also hoping that some of the heat of emotion has settled long enough now for some thoughtful reflection.

I love my friends and family very much. I hope that because we are friends and family, you’ll take a minute to read this with an open mind and know that it’s coming from a place of care, not of anger or bitterness.

I’m concerned with the reactions, dismissiveness, and lack of love shown by people that I normally respect very much. In other situations, I’ve seen these same people react kindly and considerately. In this case, the uncaring reactions seem to have come from a place of defensiveness. Please take a moment and breathe deeply and don’t defend. Please listen.

We are called to care for each other, yes? Weep with those who weep. Consider our brethren more important than we consider ourselves.

May I assert that if someone is hurting or scared because of a politician’s viewpoints that cater to unloving attitudes, that the right response is probably not to first defend your position, but to care about your brother or sister’s hurt? May I assert that the right reaction might be to stand with them against those unloving attitudes, and explain your choice without denying the causes of their fear? Calling expressions of fear and disappointment about this election “negative” and “disrespectful” and “illogical” misses an opportunity to understand each other and build each other up. Are you against racial discrimination, and sexual assault, and unkindness? I bet so. How are you showing it? Or are you too busy defending your reasons for your vote?

I’m not asking anyone to change their political position. I’m asking you to show your stand against actions and attitudes that are wrong, rather than denying their existence. I’m not asking you to have the exact same concerns that I or someone else has. I’m asking you to care enough about that person that you try to listen and understand, and do everything you can to make that person you love feel safe and cared about. Why wouldn't you? Love casts out fear.

Going private

I've kept my weblog public for a really long time because I don't like the idea of the world having to be so paranoid about their "privacy" and such. But sadly... sometimes I think it's better to protect your privacy and the privacy of those around you. Unfortunately the world is just not ideal.

I'll leave a few of my entries public from time to time, but most will be private from now on, so if you'd like to be on my friends list and you're not already please let me know.

Also, for those of you who use first and last names for your friend list, please don't. It completely destroys internet privacy when your name shows up on google.

Oh, and since I don't know how often I'll make it back to this public post, it might be easier (if you're gold) to send me a message instead of leaving a comment.

Thanks! :)
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    thanks for mentioning the whole first/last name thing! that bugs me!!

    is last initial okay??
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    Done! I'm glad you mentioned it. I hadn't thought of it before, but I went ahead and deleted everything off that username, so thanks! ;)
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    I don't know why Bella is scared.......she's just.....weird. She will sniff at him and then back up and go hide. And if he cries she is out of the room immediately.
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