What do negitive temps mean to you?

-62 (yes I said Negitive 62) weather means to me:

*windex freezing and turning into ice on your house windows before you even have a chance to wipe them down.

*your thermostat being set on close to 90 degrees and it only getting up to 70.

*not being able to touch a door without gloves b/c it can actually burn your skin. Not even kidding.

*exhaust and smog having nowhere to go b/c the air is too cold and thick so you literally drive in a constant almost white fog.

*and last but not least, wondering how on earth birds can survive here right now. believe it or not, there are STILL birds here and probably don't plan on leaving this late in the game but it makes me wonder how they do it...

Alaska is definitly a ONCE in a lifetime experience. Emphasizing on the ONCE :)

We're surviving but please take advantage of those cold, bitter days in the midwest for me b/c they're probably alot warmer than here! I NEED A WARM VACATION, lol! Going to see Gina in Florida might have to be on the "to do" list soon...
  • holly_ann
    by holly_ann at 01/06/09 10:31AM
  • cbonk
    by cbonk at 01/06/09 3:54PM
  • saundrasigns
    I am so sorry that it is that cold. Here in az we think its cold when it is 50 degrees! Hope it warms up soon.
    by saundrasigns at 01/06/09 4:29PM
  • azuresky42
    I want to see her too... take me with you!
    by azuresky42 at 01/06/09 6:57PM
  • turtle_girl
    That's why we're going to Alaska in JUNE!
    by turtle_girl at 01/07/09 8:28AM
  • wifelet
    That's insane. Thanks for the reminder not to complain about our weather! :)
    by wifelet at 01/07/09 10:54AM
  • kendrad
    Why are you trying to drive anywhere?!
    by kendrad at 01/07/09 12:32PM
  • aslan419
    yeah I can so remember all those things that you described! When you move somewhere else you'll really appreciate "warmer" weather. :)
    by aslan419 at 01/08/09 3:43AM
  • turtle_girl
    Makes me even more glad for you that Jimmy's NOT being deployed right now. So, is it dark like 20 hours a day right now?
    by turtle_girl at 01/08/09 4:27PM
  • kendrad
    So what times are sunrise and sunset? That has to be bizzare?
    by kendrad at 01/10/09 9:35AM
  • nickkrumrei
    COOL! Sorry I can never resist a bad pun. We are in Minnesota, last winter it was 45 below and I noticed the things you speak of, I didn't know it was that cold and I went out to add wood to our out door boiler in house shoes and robe over my jammies. Have you thrown hot water into the air? That is fun! And DRY, winters we just dry up.
    by nickkrumrei at 01/14/09 9:13AM
  • nickkrumrei
    Anita Johnson is a friend of mine, she told me to stop cryin, because you had it tough. um, friend of Jady Copeland? You probably don't know me. But it is a small kingdom.
    by nickkrumrei at 01/14/09 4:32PM
  • nickkrumrei
    Depending on your age you probably know a daughter of mine or two.
    by nickkrumrei at 01/14/09 4:33PM
  • curlie
    Hey... Apparently it's warmer where you are right now than in northern Ohio. Go figure! Hope you are well.
    by curlie at 01/14/09 9:52PM
  • roseofsharon
    Have you starting wondering why you picked a military man, yet? It takes some kind of love to survive -62. But we're sure glad you do!!
    by roseofsharon at 02/18/09 11:58PM
  • srching4trth
    Her cousins worked at Cracker Barrel with me and she came in one day. Had a table in the back so she wouldn't be bothered. She was polite enough I guess. I barely squeaked out a hello :)
    by srching4trth at 03/23/09 7:00PM
  • turtle_girl
    No...Healy is the furthest north we'll be going. Sorry. :( It would have been cool to see you guys.
    by turtle_girl at 03/26/09 9:12AM
  • turtle_girl
    We're staying at Hotel Captain Cook, and yes it is SO expensive!! But, this is our 10 year anniversary trip, so I'm trying not to dwell on it. We're also going down to Seward, and up to Denali for a couple of days. I'm so excited. Are there any must-do's (or dont-do's) that you recommend in Anchorage?
    by turtle_girl at 03/26/09 2:02PM
  • turtle_girl
    Why aren't Deb & Doug just flying into Fairbanks? That's so much closer to you.
    by turtle_girl at 03/26/09 2:14PM
  • punnygrandpa
    Guess who's on pleonast!!! uncle!!!!
    by punnygrandpa at 03/28/09 11:58PM


is NOT deploying now. Always a plus!

Oh and just a little FYI: Today's high was -40. LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

On that note, Happy Monday :)
  • wifelet
    Yay for not deploying! Boo for 40 below. :(
    by wifelet at 12/29/08 10:59AM
  • cbonk
    You may not know me, but I'm Jimmy's cousin... Ray and my great-grandpa Leslie Diestelkamp were first cousins. He'd remember me, probably. :)
    by cbonk at 12/29/08 11:51AM
  • kendrad
    Below 40. Yikes.
    by kendrad at 12/29/08 2:15PM
  • elizabethk
    Glad he's not going anywhere right now. Below 40 is awful. Would you send some of it this way and help cool Florida down?!
    by elizabethk at 12/29/08 3:30PM
  • ladymustang_08
    Yay for no deployment! Eww cold weather!
    by ladymustang_08 at 12/30/08 7:24AM
  • curlie
    WOOHOO for not deploying! Sorry about the temperature. OUCH!
    by curlie at 01/01/09 10:44PM
  • dwboyd
    Thats a nice picture of you guys. Hope the weather warms up soon!
    by dwboyd at 01/06/09 1:22AM

We're alive, I promise!

Sorry I've been so MIA for SO long but I'm back and full of updates!

So we've been on Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska for 7 months now and this place is definitly one of a kind to say the least. When we first got here, the summer was beautiful and very bright. Very bright all day to be exact :) but the start of the winter has unfortunitly already been a drag. :( Going from almost 24 hours of brightness to only three and -20 temps has been a bit stressful. And kinda cold. Ok I lied; REALLY cold. For instance, the other day we had a "warm front"..it was 16 out and I went with just a sweatshirt on. Lol, so rediculous the way your body can adjust so fast to a new climate. Hmm, lets see what else..We had our first snow at the end of September (which Hayleigh absolutely LOVED!!) and in the mean time have accumulated at least a few feet and probably 12 inches of solid ice on the streets. To be honest, I almost sort of forgot how to drive on the snow and ice after living in Mississippi for so long but I think I've got the hang of it again :) Although trying to make turns or accelerate at a stop sign in a mini-van is never easy. Or fun. A 4-wheel drive trade in might be a must for next winter..

Ok so enough with being a Debbie Downer about living here in the arctic and on to more exciting and happy news! Lol..

Hayleigh is growing so fast! She just had her third birthday November 2nd and it was so much fun! It was of course, none other than Disney Princess themed and couldn't have went more perfect! Oh, she also started Pre-school this month! Such a milestone! We're easing into though (yes, I said WE'RE because it's not easy sending your baby to school :)), so she only goes two days a week. From 8:30-11:30. It's really been great for the both of us though and she looks forward to going everytime! Jimmy loves the fire station he's working at now, which is always a plus and makes a move to a new place that much easier. He really enjoyed fishing this past summer but always kept an eye over his shoulder for the 1000's of moose that just walk around like nobody's business. No really, they're everywhere. And they're huge. I've met some really great people since moving here and am SO thankful for them. When your away from home, your friends really do become your family..One of my friends has a little girl who's 4 and has hit it off so well with Hayleigh! They'll also be stationed here for the next four years so it's comforting to know that not everyone you meet (and become close to) will dissapear overnight! I suppose when that does happen though, it's just part of being in the military..The girls are actually in class together at school which I'm sure they think is just so cool :)

Now for the bad news..

Jimmy's deploying sometime in January for 4-6 months..I think it's ironic that after four years of serving, they finally decide to send him on a deployment while we're in ALASKA. The coldest part of the year even. Ugh. I suppose the plus side to this (if any at all) is that the Air Force doesn't send they're troops out longer than 6 months at a time so we won't have to deal with anything crazy like 12-18 months. Hopefully me and Hay won't have to stick around here the entire time and can try to come back for a visit but it's awfully expensive to fly anywhere from Fairbanks so I guess we'll just have to see..

I'm sorry this post is SOO long but I suppose I had a lot of catching up to do. You know, as cold and far away as this place is, we really are trying to make the best of it just as you would anywhere. I guess it's just such a culture and weather shock that it's hard not to talk about all of the crazy and different things that go on here. Despite it all though, the three of us are doing well and are very healthy and of course can't wait for SUMMER! :)

Oh and if anyone knows my chihuahua and is wondering how he's dealing with the negitive temps..not very but he's surviving :) Poor dog can hardley scratch at the door when he's done so I have to watch for him to make sure he doesn't get left outside too long! Ah, the joys of Alaska.

Here's a bit of a funny fact for anyone who's interested..it's so cold here now that when you walk outside with ANY kind of moisture inside your nose, your nose hairs freeze and poke at you until your back inside somewhere heated. No joke. Lol..

I'll be sure to post pictures soon! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • tab
    Oh my goodness! You updated!! :) It's good to hear from you! That stinks about Jimmy being deployed :(
    by tab at 11/27/08 8:40AM
  • smallfry79
    Dan & I were just talking about a trip to Alaska...definitely won't plan to be there in the winter. It's good that you guys are adjusting & making the best of it. If you're happy together you can be happy anywhere. Stinks that Jimmy will be deployed. A bunch of my friends are in, or have been in, the same situation...& they're doing fine (just staying really busy). Hope you have a good Thanksgiving. :-)
    by smallfry79 at 11/27/08 9:55AM
  • srching4trth
    My aunt & uncle have lived up there for the last twenty years or so and I still don't know how they do it. The cold and the darkness would definitely get to me. Glad to hear you are being as positive as possible about it :) The moose ARE crazy! lol When my family went two years ago I got to hear ALL about them lol
    by srching4trth at 11/27/08 11:24AM
  • srching4trth
    I am like you still adjusting to being somewhere unfamiliar although not quite as extreme! It gets easier week by week. Jeremy will be done with school in 2010 and then it will be off to somewhere else new. I would much prefer the city vs. small southern IL college town. BUT we are happy, mostly healthy and that's all that really matters. Jeremy is working today so we will be spending this evening with his best friends family. This semester has been REALLY busy and we are hoping the next one will be more laid back.
    by srching4trth at 11/27/08 1:59PM
  • turtle_girl
    I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your name lit up. I'm so glad you posted! I've been wondering about you guys and how it's going up there. Sorry to hear about Jimmy. That really stinks. Yes, airfare is super pricey in and out of AK. We are going up there next summer and the airfare alone is way more than we uaually spen on an entire vacation. So crazy. Keep posting, it's great to hear from you. Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble!
    by turtle_girl at 11/27/08 8:32PM
  • curlie
    Glad you guys are doing well. Sorry about Jimmy's deployment. :( HUGS to all of you. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving! :)
    by curlie at 11/27/08 8:32PM
  • saricbradley
    So glad you have found a good friend, for you and Hayleigh. I've been wondering how things have been going way up there in Alaska. Sorry that Jimmy is being deployed, that will be hard, but I too am glad it is "only" 6 months. Can't wait to see pictures!
    by saricbradley at 11/27/08 11:04PM
  • lovnprayers
    Happy to hear from you. Glad you are adjusting. Tell Jimmy he will be in our prayers as all of you are as well. Is there a congregation near you there? Be sure and take some pictures of the moose for us too.
    by lovnprayers at 11/28/08 1:07AM
  • thatonegirl
    Hilarious! I'm so glad you're doing well!
    by thatonegirl at 11/28/08 1:53PM
  • buckaroo
    Wow that's cold meg!!! so your pretty much an eskimo now huh?
    by buckaroo at 12/01/08 1:03PM
  • buckaroo
    your daughter is already 3!!! that's amazing to me but time flyes!!! I can't wait to meet her!!!
    by buckaroo at 12/01/08 1:05PM
  • holly_ann
    I'm so glad you updated! It's funny... I had a dream last week that I was in Alaska on a secret mission with my co-workers. I think you were in it too... it was actually a pretty cool dream. I've very curious about Alaska now! Do you have any pics? I'm sorry Jimmy will be gone, but glad it won't be too long. Well, compared to 18 months. Still a huge bummer, though I know.

    My mom's chihuahuas HATE the cold! It's kind of funny. They try to walk with only one foot on the ground at a time...
    by holly_ann at 12/02/08 3:58PM

Can't sleep...

I hate nights like these...
  • cindymarie1970
    YES,we made it back to Joliet for xmas to see both my mom and dad plus Mark's mom. we had a very wonderful Christmas, it becomes more special when you have children. Great hearing from you!!!
    by cindymarie1970 at 01/26/08 10:22AM
  • drewtam
    Theoretical and Applied Mechanics...it's Andrews major
    by drewtam at 02/01/08 9:49AM
  • turtle_girl
    Saw your comment on Jenni's blog...glad you weren't hurt in the storms last night. I imagine tornados must be EXTRA scary for you after what happened when you were growing up. Take care! We are supposed to get a foot of snow today. Joy!
    by turtle_girl at 02/06/08 11:07AM
  • smallfry79
    Hey! Seems like I find you everywhere. :-) I just came across Gina by accident and then found you. How's everything going?
    by smallfry79 at 02/17/08 7:41PM
  • michellelb
    hey cousin, how're things going?
    by michellelb at 02/18/08 3:30PM
  • mpettes
    Ahhh! That makes sense now :). I've been trying to figure out how I know you... actually, I think our sisters at least know each other, or something. Your last name sounds so familiar. I was Micah Sellers, and my sisters name is Hannah. I think she went to FC with Gina? Not really sure... Anyway, thanks for liking my stuff :)
    by mpettes at 02/21/08 4:56PM
  • ladymustang_08
    Ashley is in an Irish Dance thingy and its in Joliet. so i go to the mall while she is there.
    by ladymustang_08 at 02/22/08 8:30PM
  • thatonegirl
    Your daughter is the epitiome of adorable... just thought you oughtta know. ;) Morgan and I babysat her the other day.... SOOO sweet! You're doin a good job!
    by thatonegirl at 03/12/08 1:32PM
  • justjen
    You are so sweet! We are down, mainly to the small things. Yay! Time seems to be moving right along. If time is moving this quickly for me, someone who is overly anxious for the future, is must be flying by for you. You brave girl. How amazing it is that you can say one of the nearest towns to you is North Pole! Life is certainly a bigger adventure than I ever gave it credit for. :) Hope you’re doing well.
    by justjen at 03/23/08 6:30PM
  • roseofsharon
    I hear you are coming up to see Aunt Donna. Don't forget that we are here too. Let us know when you are in town and we will make it a point to see you. Look forward to meeting you and your little one... and of course, seeing Jimmy again. :)
    by roseofsharon at 03/25/08 9:16AM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 05/10/08 6:41PM
  • turtle_girl
    Hey you - how's Alaska?
    by turtle_girl at 05/30/08 11:37AM
  • aslan419
    My number is 490-3133 and cell 978-4700.
    by aslan419 at 07/10/08 6:42PM
  • buckaroo
    hey meg!!! When are ya gonna post a new post?
    by buckaroo at 07/30/08 10:13AM
  • tab
    How are things??? Update us!! :)
    by tab at 08/18/08 9:39AM
  • michellelb
    we were thinking this september, but I told him that it was too quickly... we need some time to get settled first, so we're still talking about it. I'll try to let you know when I do :D
    by michellelb at 08/18/08 10:51PM
  • buckaroo
    yeah i'm having a son too or so this girl tells me!!!
    by buckaroo at 10/14/08 4:14PM
  • buckaroo
    just kidding
    by buckaroo at 10/18/08 1:07PM
  • turtle_girl
    are you back on Pleo???
    by turtle_girl at 10/24/08 2:52PM
  • srching4trth
    Happy Birthday! :)
    by srching4trth at 11/16/08 11:47PM

Another Update...

I've had a few people asking about the particulars of the move so here they are :)

1.We found out that the orders are for THREE years, not four.
2.Our report date is no later than May 10th, 2008.
3.The base we're moving to is Eielson AFB, Alaska (it's it's own town). The closest "popular" towns are Fairbanks and North Pole.

The Air Force gives you 30 days of vacation to take before you leave for for an "overseas" (it's considered over seas just b/c it's so far. Go figure.) assignment so we'll be home for a visit sometime in March or April. It's all up to when our stuff is being moved and how early we'll be heading up to Alaska.

When we first found about these orders and started contemplating our options, we decided that if this is what the Lord truely had planned for us to do that everything would just fall into place and it really has been doing just that.
Thankyou so much for all of your prayers and support! Don't give up just yet though, it's only December! We still have to figure out how to ship our car, when to pack...the list goes on! But like I said, it's all working out and I know that this is what we're supposed to be doing. Happy Holidays! :)
  • curlie
    It's amazing how when it's God's plan, things just WORK. We saw that when we moved here. So glad things are going well for you guys. Will you be in Illinois at all over Christmas?
    by curlie at 12/11/07 10:42PM
  • jerzgirl
    Have you found a sound church in that area? I know it is going to be difficult. We know of one preacher up there -- let me know if you need help.
    by jerzgirl at 12/12/07 6:20AM
  • jesjon1512
    Wow im so sad to see you go but happy for you because thats definately going to be an adventure! All I can think is brrrr!!!
    by jesjon1512 at 12/13/07 11:24PM
  • aslan419
    There is a sound church up here. We don't have a preacher but the men of the congregation do the best that they can! :)
    by aslan419 at 12/22/07 12:59AM