Too long!

I know it's been so long since I have posted. Lots of things going on here! We have a new granddaughter, Sophia Elizabeth, who is just so adorable and cute! We have had squirrels in our home and have fixed how they get into the attic and how they got into our house. There is nothing like walking into your bedroom and seeing a squirrel hanging on for dear life at the tip top of your four poster bed trying to get away from a Jack Russell.
2 days later the poor pup was bit by a squirrel in our bedroom. So happy that problem is solved!
Hope all is well!
  • quiltedmama
    Mom and Dad have had squirrel trouble lately too.
    by quiltedmama at 05/03/09 4:04PM
  • tucksmom
    Glad it didn't bite YOU!
    by tucksmom at 05/03/09 6:22PM
  • col_graff
    no squirrels in our bedroom - trapped one in the living room, one trashed mary's bedroom
    by col_graff at 05/03/09 7:06PM
  • bekka
    we have alot of squirrele here, but so far non have entered the house..hopefully we will keep it that way.
    by bekka at 05/07/09 5:16PM

I haven't been to Pleo in so long...sorry. I will try to be better!

  • tucksmom
    Wondering about you. Hope everyone is ok.
    by tucksmom at 02/20/09 8:46AM
  • kyle
    hi!! :)
    by kyle at 02/20/09 9:57AM
  • maine_ee_ac
    Well. Well. I thought you had gone to Facebook like so many others. We are leaving next week for Florida. Just a vacation this time.
    by maine_ee_ac at 02/22/09 3:40PM
  • belle
    Great to see you on Saturday! Thank you so much for meant so much to mom and dad. Hope you had a safe trip home!
    by belle at 02/24/09 8:57AM
  • yakattack
    I got to see you 4 days this week and then one more time on saturday!!! Good week!
    by yakattack at 02/27/09 8:22AM
  • yakattack
    You need to post something about your new family edition!
    by yakattack at 03/12/09 8:50AM


I am not at home right now and you can leave a message if you want to. Right now our house is in mourning over the injury of Tom Brady and his being out for the season. How sad for him and for the Patriots. It is also sad for me because he is the quarter back for my fantasy team. Oh well...
  • lovestheocean
    Hey where are you ..I just talked to you today..I will put in for Novemver 1st
    by lovestheocean at 09/08/08 9:19PM
  • megan_leigeber
    that is terribly sad.
    by megan_leigeber at 09/08/08 10:24PM
  • tucksmom
    I've been thinking of you...
    by tucksmom at 09/08/08 11:00PM
  • sweett
    I'll pray for you and your loss. ;) I hope you can overcome this tragedy in your family. Love you Jacqui!!
    by sweett at 09/09/08 1:21AM
  • kailua
    Today is Christopher Mongeon's Birthday!
    by kailua at 09/11/08 11:46AM
  • imelgringo
    Tom Brady will be missed by only pats fans i'm sure.
    by imelgringo at 09/14/08 8:59PM
  • sheldot8
    we are praying for you!
    by sheldot8 at 09/19/08 6:27PM
  • carolinabound
    Hey! Hope all are doing well..
    by carolinabound at 10/05/08 7:20PM
  • kyle
    hey jacqui! i miss you guys too! how are things going up in BG? tell the fam i said hey!
    by kyle at 10/15/08 10:33PM
  • tucksmom
    Hope all is well with you...
    by tucksmom at 12/19/08 9:25PM


It's just too hot and too humid for too long here in Kentucky. We need an ocean here. Can anyone think of way for that to happen? If not then perhaps I need a nice long visit to the ocean. I think I may get my wish!
  • lovestheocean
    Hey call me Tyler was wanting to know if you all are coming by on Friday..I miss you ..
    by lovestheocean at 07/26/08 8:32AM
  • kellymckibkib
    lakes are just not the same, but I love the mountain here so much more than the ocean and there is no humidity.
    by kellymckibkib at 07/26/08 4:53PM
  • jessdugas
    I have been dying to go to Wells Beach, or at least Hampton
    by jessdugas at 07/26/08 5:13PM
  • tucksmom
    Thinking of you...
    by tucksmom at 07/26/08 5:53PM
  • mischief_mayhem_soap
    i got back to MA about 2 months ago and i just finally got to go to the beach on saturday. it was killing me being so close but never seeming to be able to make it. plans always got changed and it was so frustrating. i hope i get back soon! i miss it so when i'm away. even in tampa, its just not the same.
    by mischief_mayhem_soap at 07/28/08 7:20PM
  • mi_girl
    I kno!!
    by mi_girl at 08/05/08 4:08PM
  • carolinabound
    I hope you do get your wish. It was great to see you in June!! It was nice having girl talk.
    by carolinabound at 08/07/08 7:42PM
  • jessdugas
    I always think of you wwhen I think of the beach
    by jessdugas at 08/14/08 7:41PM


Ten months of basically living here in this house by myself is ending tomorrow. Yeah!!!! My husband has a job here in KY and will not have to leave all the time to go back up to NH for work. God has provided a job here in Bowling Green for my husband doing exactly what he did up north and he is thrilled about it. We are indeed blessed. He has lived out of a suitcase both here in KY and while up north and I know we are both so excited to be together ALL of the time again. A few months ago when his company knew things were difficult for us they decided to fly him back and forth every weekend to make it easier. He would fly back on Friday and I hated Sundays because he would have to leave again. It was getting to the point that we decided I needed to quit my job so I could be with him most of the time. That would have been so difficult because we would miss our kids, granddaughter, and church family so very much and probably only have been back in KY a week a month or so.
It has been an agonizing several weeks while we thought and prayed about the choices we had and the negotiating of salary.
Thanks to all our church family and friends for praying for us.
Praise God for allowing all things to work together for us.
  • bekka
    Happy the changes is a good change. Living out of a suitecase is a bummer, Henry and I have lived that way before. it's never easy.
    by bekka at 06/12/08 7:34AM
  • SaraJones
    So glad that God has provided this for you. The cat is still with us. We did not have to do anything dramatic last night. She seems to be doing ok, but it is still touch and go.
    by SaraJones at 06/12/08 8:42AM
  • SaraJones
    This is the second nurse back to life pet situation we have had in the past year, Penny with her Parvo, and now Oreo with the attack. I am beginning to wonder if I am really a pet person. I feel I can barely take care of the three children, but adding the pets---sigh. ;)
    by SaraJones at 06/12/08 8:50AM
  • tucksmom
    SO happy for you! I know it means a lot.
    by tucksmom at 06/12/08 9:14AM
  • trolleem
    Great! Being together is so important as husband and wife. I'm happy for you!
    by trolleem at 06/12/08 10:31AM
  • maine_ee_ac
    We are still in Florida. The house won't be available until some time in July; plus we still need to raise the support. We would love to see you guys if we get to Maine or even for a visit here.
    by maine_ee_ac at 06/12/08 10:38AM
  • sarahsmile
    That's WONDERFUL news!!!!!
    by sarahsmile at 06/12/08 2:15PM
  • heather6330
    I'm so happy for you guys!!! I can't wait to see you!
    by heather6330 at 06/12/08 7:52PM
  • megan_leigeber
    by megan_leigeber at 06/13/08 11:41PM
  • kellymckibkib
    i am so happy for you!
    by kellymckibkib at 06/14/08 12:48PM
  • mountaingirl
    YAY!!!!! even tho it means less chances to see you-guys... I'm REALLY thankfull for that blessing...(((((hugs))))
    by mountaingirl at 06/14/08 1:24PM
  • jessdugas
    so glad to hear that. What is your number? I want to hear your voice.
    by jessdugas at 06/15/08 10:55AM
  • atlantaboys
    i love you both and am very glad that God provided the things needed to keep you in town. i hope you know how loved you guys are.
    by atlantaboys at 06/16/08 1:55PM
  • skydive_ne
    Hi Jacqui! So glad things will be settling down for you & Brian. What a blessing to have a job near home. It was sad not hearing from you on your visit thru. Maybe this summer. I loved seeing Olivia in Florida. OH so sweet. Her picture hangs on my fridge and I think of her everyday. Glad to see you are able to enjoy such a blessing.
    by skydive_ne at 06/16/08 2:40PM
  • curtisamy
    This is great news. very happy for you and Brian!
    by curtisamy at 06/17/08 7:01AM
  • the_kim
    hi! how are you guys??? i have tried to call you guys a few times but haven't heard back. i hope you are well. i am good. my dad was just here for a visit and to help me with my house. they are well. :D
    by the_kim at 06/18/08 11:12AM
  • jdc
    Great news! Dreamt about you the other night. We are finally both with our husbands.
    by jdc at 06/23/08 12:49AM
  • sarah_seaton
    aw, it's ok. I understand that you were busy with work. Lord willing we'll be visiting you guys again soon!!! *hug*
    by sarah_seaton at 07/04/08 12:42PM