Little Lydia Lane

I have been on Facebook mostly lately, so I decided to make it official on here: I am a grandma. Lydia is so precious to me and I thank God for the great gift she is to me. The spoiling has begun and it feels GREAT! Here is a picture of her - what do you think?

  • windham4life
    That bow is awesome! :) She is adorable!!!!! :) :)
    by windham4life at 07/02/10 11:22AM
  • csusoftballgirl
    I'm biased, but I think she's PERFECT!!!
    by csusoftballgirl at 07/02/10 11:48AM
  • millie
    Shes so beautiful. Love the bow.
    by millie at 07/02/10 3:33PM
  • pistal77
    she is one good little girl.
    by pistal77 at 07/03/10 10:16PM
  • kendralulu
    She is so cute! That bow is huge!! :)
    by kendralulu at 07/03/10 10:57PM
  • bek
    What a cute picture! I can't wait for Lydia and Landon to play together.
    by bek at 07/06/10 9:32AM
  • ewalker
    She is adorable!
    by ewalker at 07/06/10 10:50PM
  • kendralulu
    Can't wait for that day! :)
    by kendralulu at 07/20/10 10:20AM
  • pistal77
    thank you!
    by pistal77 at 08/01/10 3:57PM
  • roseofsharon
    She is soo beautiful!!
    by roseofsharon at 08/28/10 11:12PM

Getting ready for Lydia

I find I can't go through the Target anymore without stopping in the baby section! So many cute things! I am trying to restrain myself from buying everything in sight - if I don't, I'm afraid there would be nothing left for anyone to give at the baby shower {tee hee}! But I have broken down and bought just a FEW cute things!

I am also working on a quilt for Lydia. It is not a patchwork quilt; it is cross stitched on white cloth. I don't like the way it is backed, so I am going to redo that part. It has cute jungle animals on it to go with the theme of the nursery. I would like to finish it by the shower, but I have serious doubts. The work is intricate and there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day :(

Steve is getting ready for Lydia, too. My grandfather made a doll cabinet circa 1930 for my mother and then reworked it for me to use in 1960. Unchanged, it was in Daniel's room, and now Steve is refurbishing it for Lydia. Steve cleaned the antique hinges today and made them look great! He is waiting for warmer weather to strip the old paint; but, as he puts it, "is sanding the gunk off before he strips the paint". We picked out a color for it, but are still thinking about what art/decals/pictures to put on the doors.

So, excitement is buzzing all around the "old" Harbin house for things to go into the "young" Harbin house when Lydia arrives! Yay :):):):)
  • roseofsharon
    Sounds like fun. I am soooo excited for you!
    by roseofsharon at 02/18/10 11:05AM
  • kendralulu
    Thanks, I am too! We like the OK cowboys too; they were really good the first show. When she finishes Jacob's Quillow I'm have to show you. :)
    by kendralulu at 02/19/10 9:33AM
  • csusoftballgirl
    I know! Once the ticker gets down to 90 days--the 3-month mark--it'll really seem real. It's going by so fast!
    by csusoftballgirl at 02/20/10 5:26PM
  • millie
    Thank-you so much for that... it helps to know you're not alone.
    by millie at 02/20/10 7:25PM
  • kendralulu
    Yes!! I love the thrill of the hunt! :)
    by kendralulu at 03/04/10 2:25PM
  • csusoftballgirl
    yeah, Dan and I sent each other secret smiles when we heard Deut. 6:24 mentioned:) Booyah, as your son would say!
    by csusoftballgirl at 03/08/10 2:20PM
  • kendralulu
    Thanks! It's unfortunate that the meetings fell at the same time. We've enjoyed the lessons this week. ~ We're looking forward to spending sometime with Craig's parents this weekend. :)
    by kendralulu at 03/12/10 3:36PM
  • blueeyes
    Glad we could help.
    by blueeyes at 03/15/10 11:10AM
  • kendralulu
    Well good! Thanks! I love it!! :)
    by kendralulu at 03/17/10 5:26PM
  • windham4life
    There are still a lot of things up in the air right I'm not sure about NY :/ I've been wanting to go!!! But it might just not work out. Well, it will be on my list of places to go in my lifetime. :) I'm so excited for you guys about Lydia!! May is coming so soon!!!
    by windham4life at 03/17/10 9:58PM
  • csusoftballgirl
    I'm wearing one of my maternity dresses to work today. comfortable. THANK YOU! How's your day going?
    by csusoftballgirl at 04/06/10 8:33AM
  • kendralulu
    Thank you! 1431 has some nice bluebonnets! Burnet & Marble Falls are covered with bluebonnets, paint brushes & baby blue eyes. Pretty!
    by kendralulu at 04/06/10 9:21AM
  • kendralulu
    Thank you! I got the A&M jacket for $2; it looks new! ~ No way, we've come this far. I think we can wait for 9 more weeks. :) :)
    by kendralulu at 04/20/10 7:54AM
  • kendralulu
    Thanks! I want to plant some garlic & maybe some onions next. I'm ready for some tomato, basil pizza!! :)
    by kendralulu at 04/22/10 8:35AM
  • kendralulu
    We didn't plant a lot of things, because Craig's parents have a garden and we usual get their overflow. Yum!
    by kendralulu at 04/22/10 8:43AM
  • kendralulu
    We're going to need a bigger nursery at CP!! :) :)
    by kendralulu at 05/17/10 9:34AM
  • janarrod
    well, we were somewhat right since she's being induced early!! :) praying that all goes well with Melissa and happy for you and Steve becoming grandparents!!
    by janarrod at 05/20/10 8:36AM
  • kendralulu
    Congratulaions!!!! :) :)
    by kendralulu at 05/21/10 1:41PM
  • millie
    I know I'm so tired now and can't get much done.
    by millie at 05/30/10 10:07PM
  • kendralulu
    Thank you! :)
    by kendralulu at 06/07/10 7:35AM

Lydia Harbin....

... is coming! Can't wait for May 26th to meet my first grandchild!
  • blueeyes
    Very exciting!
    by blueeyes at 01/14/10 10:02PM
  • pistal77
    i like how formal her name is.
    by pistal77 at 01/14/10 11:25PM
  • cmdl
    Super cute name!
    by cmdl at 01/15/10 3:22AM
  • csusoftballgirl
    :))))) We can't wait either!
    by csusoftballgirl at 01/15/10 11:00AM
  • ewalker
    by ewalker at 01/15/10 3:10PM
  • windham4life
    awe, they picked a name! Very cute! Due date will be here before you all know it!
    by windham4life at 01/15/10 11:04PM
  • adeline
    :] cute!
    by adeline at 01/16/10 9:58AM
  • kendralulu
    Yay!!! :)
    by kendralulu at 01/18/10 2:08PM
  • bekahv
    She is going to be gorgeous! Can't wait.
    by bekahv at 01/18/10 7:25PM
  • kendralulu
    Thank you!! :)
    by kendralulu at 01/21/10 10:58AM
  • roseofsharon
    Though you didn't know that I knew, I knew! Such fun shopping in the little girls' dept. I have some prized things of yours (via Ana), that I think you should have back. Would you like them for Lydia?
    by roseofsharon at 01/21/10 11:41AM
  • juliehud
    I can't wait! We will have so many sweet girls running around!
    by juliehud at 01/22/10 10:18PM
  • roseofsharon
    Thank you! You are special to me. I cannot tell you how excited I am for you to be a grandma, and extra special because they live there instead of somewhere else!
    by roseofsharon at 01/24/10 8:03PM
  • kendralulu
    Thank you! He had a great time!!! :)
    by kendralulu at 01/26/10 3:35PM

Now that's what the holidays are all about!

For the second year in a row, we had Dan and Melissa spend a couple of nights with us. Lots of parents have their children come visit for a few nights for the big gift exchange day, but ours live just down the road in Leander! But, the 24/7 is a really great experience :) We did lots of cooking together to make the Christmas meal come off at noon so that my mother could eat with us and open presents. Standing rib roast, potatoes, green beans, my mother's special cauliflower recipe, and two pies and fruitcake! Yum! Mom only picked, as usual, but seemed genuinely surprised and happy at getting presents :)

Opening presents was great, of course, but the time together was the best part. We watched two movies - the new Star Trek one and Up! We also played two board games. Melissa must be a great influence on our family - even Steve, our non-game player, had a great time! Well, you would too if you won everything like he did! Ha! I told him it was good practice for playing Chutes and Ladders and Hi Ho Cherry-O with his grandchildren :):) I hope this is a tradition that we can share for many years to come. AND, doing a sleepover thing at other times of the year would be great, too!

Well, only 10 days until Melissa has the ultrasound that will tell us if the baby is a boy or girl, IF the baby cooperates. Since we all really want to know, I hope the baby is turned the right way :)
  • pistal77
    that is great!
    by pistal77 at 12/28/09 1:38PM
  • csusoftballgirl
    I know we had a BLAST! Thanks again for all of your hard work and good cooking:)
    by csusoftballgirl at 12/28/09 4:04PM
  • cmdl
    Ahhh! Only 10 days?! That is pretty exciting! I hope you guys are able to tell about the baby. :p I like the Star Trek movie a lot, even though I was never a Star Trek TV show person. "Up" made me cry like a baby, MANY many times! I'm a sap. Ha!
    by cmdl at 12/28/09 5:21PM
  • windham4life
    awe, that sounds like an awesome Christmas!! :) I like both of those movies you watched, good ones. :) So exciting that they find out the gender soon!!! :)
    by windham4life at 12/29/09 1:20PM
  • ewalker
    That sounds like so much fun! I'm excited for y'all to find out the gender.
    by ewalker at 12/30/09 12:44AM
  • kendralulu
    I'm glad everyone had a good time!! :)
    by kendralulu at 12/31/09 10:11AM

Just call me "Nana"

The news is finally out - Dan and Melissa are going to be parents. But, MORE IMPORTANTLY, I am going to be a grandma! I am so excited that I feel like I could bust wide open. They are due on May 26 - it seems so far away, but I know that time will fly quickly. What a great new stage in life is approaching! Now I get to be a Lois instead of a Eunice. I can't wait to open the Bible with a little one; I hope I do go good job of imparting wisdom while alternately squeezing the stuffing out of my grandchildren and spoiling them to death. All I can say is.... :):):):):):):):):):):)!!!!! And, lest you think I am alone in this, you should see my husband (who now refers to the the baby as "Stephanie/Steve"!) who has not stopped smiling. Steve will be the best Grandpa EVER!

Friday, Melissa and I are going shopping for maternity clothes and to look at cute stuff for her and the baby. Fun times!


We don't care if it is a blizzard - we are going shopping! After all, let's keep our priorities straight here!!
  • bekahv
    LOVE baby shopping! I'm so excited for yall. It's so fun!
    by bekahv at 12/02/09 3:33PM
  • cmdl
    I was wondering when you would make a post! Thanks for the advice. Breathing is always good advice. :p Sometimes I forget to do the simplest thing. Ha!

    I am so excited for you to start this new stage. I think my mom wishes she could have skipped her "kids" and went straight to the "grandkids" hahaha! You get to be so different, and more spoiling than ever. Lol! :p (and she is way different with her two grandkids, lol.)
    by cmdl at 12/02/09 3:39PM
  • windham4life
    THAT IS SO EXCITING!!!!!! :) Congrats!!
    by windham4life at 12/02/09 3:50PM
  • csusoftballgirl
    by csusoftballgirl at 12/02/09 6:00PM
  • curlie
    Your husband's reaction cracks me up. I'm very excited for both of you! :)
    by curlie at 12/02/09 8:32PM
  • pistal77
    I am happy!!
    by pistal77 at 12/02/09 10:11PM
  • kendralulu
    You are so cute! I'm so happy for all of you!!! What will Steve be called? ~ Yeah, now there will be another BFF!!
    by kendralulu at 12/03/09 8:42AM
  • ewalker
    So excited for y'all!!! :)
    by ewalker at 12/03/09 3:43PM
  • csusoftballgirl
    HA! I can't wait for our shopping trip. I finished all my grading just so I could have no other obligations hanging over my head:)
    by csusoftballgirl at 12/04/09 7:30AM
  • adeline
    HAHA! your so cute!
    by adeline at 12/04/09 5:26PM
  • tortilla
    CONGRATS!!!!!! Sooooo happy for you all!! We will be praying!
    by tortilla at 12/05/09 7:17PM
  • bek
    You two are going to be WONDERFUL!!! What an exciting time.
    by bek at 12/09/09 8:04AM
  • csusoftballgirl
    Can't wait to see you today!
    by csusoftballgirl at 12/10/09 7:41AM
  • kendralulu
    Thank you! He loves anything with wheels!!! :)
    by kendralulu at 12/12/09 2:19PM
  • csusoftballgirl
    I finally found out how to do a ticker. It's up and running:)
    by csusoftballgirl at 12/23/09 2:30PM
  • csusoftballgirl
    THANK YOU so much for all of your hard work and great-tasting food this weekend. We had a BLAST! We need more family weekends together. I told Dan on the way home, we'll make Steve into a gamer yet!
    by csusoftballgirl at 12/26/09 9:16PM
  • csusoftballgirl
    Missed you tonight. Hope your back feels better soon:)
    by csusoftballgirl at 12/27/09 8:33PM