Miccah and I are loving it here in beautiful PA...except for the fact that we are missing everybody like crazy!Hope everybody is doing well. Ken and I are doing really really good...we have decided to get married in May.I know everybody might think that is a little bit crazy, but I had the idea to just have us and the kids have a small ceremony and then have big receptions at the end of the summer.I'm kinda shy in the spotlight in this case maybe because last time my wedding was in the spotlight...well look at what happened. Anyways thought it was kinda a neat idea to just have us and the kids. Don't worry Kristy you can still wear a pink dress and sit at the head table with me...and dance with me!! I know mom and dad are a little disappointed we are doing it this way but their support and love means so much to me and it has really shown through lately.I would still like them to come, although now I don't know if it is even possible cause Tyler has prom that weekend.

Ken bought our tickets for Israel in June.I am soooo excited and we get to spend a few days in Venice and Rome also! So cool! Delaney has been really sick the past few days, hopefully the rest of us don't get it.

I miss everybody!!!!I will be back to visit very soon...I can't stand to stay away for too long! Hope everbody is doing well.Love you all!
  • deusvitae
    Enjoy traveling. :)
    by deusvitae at 04/15/07 9:07PM
  • curlie
    Hey, Melissa! Good to hear from you. Let us know if you need anything. We can't wait to see you and your new hubby! :) Sorry Delaney has been sick. Hope Miccah is doing well. :)
    by curlie at 04/15/07 9:07PM
  • lovestheocean
    You always seem to make me cry when I read your post lately..Glad you have your life planned out and seem so happy and we are just so happy you are. I will say we are a little disappointed we areent there but just very glad you are happy..we love all of you. although I don't know how long I can take not seeing you all a lot..I miss holding Miccah in church and at our house a lot..I misss you all..love you so much..
    by lovestheocean at 04/15/07 9:49PM
  • bekka
    Sounds like everything is comming together for you. I am so glad your happy, you so deserve it, I am looking foward to meeting your new family. take care and keep in touch we love you!
    by bekka at 04/16/07 8:14AM
  • misstheocean
    Hey Melissa! I am glad you are happy and have decided on getting married. I know your mom will miss being there but I know she and your dad are happy for you! Jenni had her baby Thursday. She is beautiful and we are so blessed with her!
    by misstheocean at 04/16/07 7:07PM
  • indiansgothedistance
    you have been tagged
    by indiansgothedistance at 04/17/07 9:11AM
  • indiansgothedistance
    Yes, Pink!!!!!!! I knew you loved me.... Oh I mean yeah thats what I meant.Your truly sniffer!
    by indiansgothedistance at 04/17/07 9:13AM
  • indiansgothedistance
    Hey I know your coming on wednesday. But this weekend I have choir state competition in cleveland. But maybe Thursday night after bible study at Sarah house we can get together
    by indiansgothedistance at 04/24/07 8:40AM
  • indiansgothedistance
    Andrew got Baptised!!!!!!!!!
    by indiansgothedistance at 05/03/07 11:11AM

I finally joined

Hey, somebody leave me a message cause i have no idea what to do on here...
  • curlie
    Okay... scratch that on our going to the FC lectures. Ethan reminded me of how close February is. We're going to be working on our kitchen, so there will be no money for FC lectures. You guys will have a blast, though. :D
    by curlie at 11/14/06 11:33PM
  • melow927
    Hey,I'm back in town again!That stinks that you guys can't go to lectures.I'm excited,will be my first time.
    by melow927 at 11/24/06 8:41PM
  • misstheocean
    Hey Melissa! It's Jacqui. It's so great visiting with you and Miccah!
    by misstheocean at 11/26/06 9:13PM
  • deusvitae
    Hope you have a happy holiday season and a good new year. :)
    by deusvitae at 12/23/06 9:13AM
  • melow927
    Hey everyone...sorry I don't get a chance to get on here all that often.Wish I could have come to your open house curlie,hope it went well.Hope you guys have a safe trip tonight.Happy Holidays to all!See you all at the new years get together.Miss you guys Jacqui!!!It is always great to see you...was really nice to see Joshy too it has been too long.
    by melow927 at 12/24/06 11:04PM
  • indiansgothedistance
    Hey I know what you mean!!! Well, you and ken sittin ina tree kissing...... haha just kidding, well cant wait to come and see you this month well let me know how canada goes I will be call you on the 14th for sure when you get home well see you new years!!!!
    by indiansgothedistance at 12/25/06 5:21PM
  • indiansgothedistance
    by indiansgothedistance at 01/01/07 4:55PM
  • mbeiro88
    get a new blog girl lol
    by mbeiro88 at 02/11/07 8:17PM
  • lovestheocean
    1. If you could have any job in the world and wouldn't haft to worry about money. What would it be and why? 2. If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be and why, and what would you say..3. If you had something to do over in your life what would it be and why? 4. Who do you admire and why? 5. If you could shop anywhere and buy anything that you want what would it be and why?
    by lovestheocean at 03/16/07 1:09PM
  • lovestheocean
    You must update you blog with the questions and answers. You must give and explaniation and offer to interview anyuone. Post an note telling them to interview me..
    by lovestheocean at 03/16/07 1:11PM
  • lovestheocean
    "tag Melissa"
    by lovestheocean at 04/04/07 9:28PM
  • melow927
    ...I would love to be able to stay at home with my kids,especially when they are young.Ken has helped me get one step closer to this.
    by melow927 at 04/05/07 6:06PM
  • melow927
    2. Dead: Jesus Christ of course...Why?Well-because he is Christ.What would I ask? "Will you teach me more,can I walk next to you?" There are a lot of things that I would ask but to actually walk next to him and hear him speak to me would more than satisfy me.Alive: I have a lot of admiration for Oprah and Angelina Jolie and the work that they do in underdeveloped countries.
    by melow927 at 04/05/07 6:13PM
  • melow927
    1.There are two jobs that come to mind right away: A stay at home mom, and a missionary nurse (traveling to underdeveloped countries and even here in the united states helping children and families who are less fortunate.Ken and I have talked about how it would be neat for us to be able to do it together-me nursing and him spreading the word of God...maybe someday. I have always been wanted to be able to touch other people's lives in a very speacial way, healing them with my nursing skills and with a little bit of extra love and compassion.I guess that's why I am a nurse,I feel like I have a great way of connecting with my patients and even if I can't always "fix" them,I might have made an impact on their life in some way.
    by melow927 at 04/05/07 6:14PM
  • melow927
    That one somehow got erased-was supposed to be the first answer-sorry.
    by melow927 at 04/05/07 6:15PM
  • melow927
    3. I'm not sure that I would change anything-I have learned a lot of lessons, some were very harsh lessons, but I am the person that I am today because of them (not that I would say I am the way that I really want to be-but-). If I had to say one thing that I would change (actually it would be a lot of things under one category), I would take back all of the terrible things that Miccah has had to go through in his short lifetime. He is such an amazing and wonderful child and I am so blessed to have him.I don't know where I would be or what kind of person I would be if I hadn't had his unconditional love through everything.
    by melow927 at 04/05/07 6:22PM
  • melow927
    4. I admire my parents. They have worked hard to get where they are in this life, raised their children well and have put up with a lot from me. They have supported, encouraged and loved me(and Miccah)when I needed it the most...and even when I thought I didn't need it!
    by melow927 at 04/05/07 8:27PM
  • melow927
    5. I would buy a house, on a little piece of land. I want a nice home of my own in a nice community where I can raise my children.
    by melow927 at 04/05/07 8:31PM
  • lovestheocean
    /Melissa you made me cry..You are an amazing woman and I am so proud of you and who you have become..I love you honey......Proud to; be your MOM..
    by lovestheocean at 04/05/07 8:50PM
  • melow927
    Love you too mom!Thank you for your unending love,encouragement and support.We really miss living closer to you guys...guess we'll just all have to move to Kentucky huh?
    by melow927 at 04/15/07 8:53PM