• waterguy
    got to have diversity even if it is tp.
    by waterguy at 12/21/08 2:33PM
  • fireflys_lilight
    satsumas are a kind of clementine...they're from Louisiana, long story. my roommate had 50 pounds of them delivered to her and our room was invaded by them, lol.
    by fireflys_lilight at 12/29/08 1:44PM
  • mommyaholic
    Hi! Got to see your parents recently. Hope you are doing well.
    by mommyaholic at 12/30/08 8:28PM
  • lonette
    I wish I'd known you'd be in Chicago when I was. I'd have liked to have gotten together with you. Maybe next time or if you're ever down this way. :-)
    by lonette at 01/09/09 1:20PM
  • kristindoula
    Thinking of you today! :-)
    by kristindoula at 04/10/09 4:37PM
  • worker_at_home
    by worker_at_home at 04/11/09 1:37PM
  • drewtam
    Broken link?
    by drewtam at 07/11/09 11:16AM
    Jeez, Bill! Do you think you have enough friends yet? Just kidding! Hopefully, you will add 1 more! Drop me a line sometime!
    by JBPRED at 09/25/09 9:25AM
  • worker_at_home
    Enjoyed seeing you both!
    by worker_at_home at 10/26/09 10:49PM
  • MexicanJewel
    Hi Babe! So excited for our future together. Love you!
    by MexicanJewel at 03/16/10 9:23AM

Streamlined audio sermons page...

I've updated the congregation's sermon audio page to include a slightly improved layout and instant playback. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions, problems or suggestions. Thanks.
  • prov3110
    I know you're a Firefox fan, but I have an IE question for you.

    Can I uninstall, then do a fresh reinstall, of IE 7.0? If I do that, what effect will it have on my bookmarks/favorites?
    by prov3110 at 12/11/08 12:30AM
  • prov3110
    by prov3110 at 12/11/08 3:31PM

Fry Electronics apparently loves rebate scamming

Oct 2008: Purchased a bluetooth 2.1 adapter at Fry Electronics store #31 (Downers Grove, IL)

Nov 2008: sent in completed $10USD rebate form within postmark deadline

Dec 2008: rejection postcard received saying "Purchase Date on Sales Receipt is missing" ... hmmmm, that seems....curious.

Called customer service. They claimed "a piece of tape obscured the purchase date on the reciept."

I explain that I used clear scotch tape. I am told the submission was "quality checked" by more than one individual and that the date was obscured by the tape.

I insist that I complied with their terms. Not yet finding my copy of the completed form, I ask if a copy of the credit card statement showing a purchase from Fry's would suffice. Manager says no.

I finally locate my scanned copy of the completed form. The form has the original Fry's REBATE RECEIPT attached which shows an "Exp. Date" of 10/14/2008 but has no purchase date printed on it anywhere. However, the rebate form does not spell out that a purchase date must be displayed on the receipt.

I ask if I can (re)submit this copy via email or fax. Manager says no.

After much discussion, agent #152 agreed to accept my statement over the phone that the purchase was made on Fri Oct 10.

I'll believe it when I see the rebate check!
  • jbonk
    they will probably send you an expired rebate check
    by jbonk at 12/02/08 3:47AM
  • fatlazyslob
    I passionately hate rebate deals, and this is why.
    by fatlazyslob at 12/02/08 3:19PM
  • cbaird
    That kind of stuff is so frustrating. I hope you get your rebate. :o(
    by cbaird at 12/04/08 1:26PM
  • mcmilwj
    Well that didn't take long!
    by mcmilwj at 12/26/08 10:25AM
  • keithsluv
    only thing worse would be a vrdit for more of their items!
    by keithsluv at 01/05/09 6:26PM
  • keithsluv
    only thing worse would be a credit for more of their stuff!
    by keithsluv at 01/05/09 6:26PM

How Obama got elected...

Underinformed voters can be found voting for any candidate. However, as the questions progress in these interviews, the source of misinformation that has influenced these voters become quite clear.

Randomness: I thought the international crisis they referred to in the clip sounded very 911-ish.

On another note, I was very happy to pay just $1.79/gallon to fill up my tank, esp. since I get 5% of that back... thank you BP.
  • mandymara
    What an interesting video - I'll have to show Ben. (We are down to $1.73 for gas - you guys are catching up!!)
    by mandymara at 11/19/08 5:12PM
  • deanna
    My husbanc enjoys your posts, he is a political nerd. If he lived in the states he would be a republican.
    by deanna at 11/20/08 3:58PM

Peter Schiff's predictions: impressive

Has anyone noticed or heard about these predictions made 1-2 years ago by Peter Schiff that are all now coming true? Watch this little clip, especially towards the end...

His antagonists, even some from the above video, are now apologizing for laughing him off.

I recently bought a bunch of stock in this volatile market. You can make money on short sells if you watch it closely, but I'm thinking I'll take his advice and go more into gold (fund GLD) in the coming weeks. This guy obviously knows his stuff.
  • jbonk
    I have been tossing around the idea of buying some Ford stock, but it would be a very risky investment. Do you think the auto companies will survive?
    by jbonk at 11/16/08 2:00AM
  • pianobub
    The first guy who opposes Schiff is hilarious.

    Also, I have heard from very knowledgeable people that the auto industry will, indeed, survive. They claim that the percentage of jobs maintained within it is so high that the government will not let them go down the drain.
    by pianobub at 11/16/08 9:30AM
  • mcmilwj
    Josh, I would not invest in Ford. I am however invested heavily in Cat as they have much more global potential and solid fundamentals as a company. I think its time for a change of the guard from Detroit-think to Silicon valley think when it comes to our automakers. The only innovation in that space in recent years has come from outisde Detroit.
    by mcmilwj at 11/16/08 9:51PM
  • jbonk
    My other risky idea, if I don't go with Ford, would be to sell Motorola short. I don't think that they will survive their current situation. The bad thing about that is it only takes one really good idea/innovation before they fall and they could jump back to the top.
    by jbonk at 11/17/08 1:46AM
  • prov3110
    I like, but Don has not had a chance to look at the sites yet. He's going to try to do that tomorrow.
    by prov3110 at 11/17/08 8:00PM
  • prov3110
    And thanks for the help - it's greatly appreciated! I'm sorry I didn't say so sooner. :)
    by prov3110 at 11/17/08 8:01PM
  • drewtam
    That is really interesting, thanks for posting!
    by drewtam at 03/10/09 7:45AM