Debs birthday

Things are still very busy here but i think/hope i've finally shifted my cold. So ill on tuesday that had to take a day off work! Having a clear head certainly help at work and house hunting. Debs and I spent last weekend registering at estate agents and Debs (who is on half-term) has seen a couple houses this week.

Tonight we're heading off to Kiplings in Highgate for dinner then prob next door to the Wrestlers ;-) Weekend is gonna be spent viewing some properties, seeing a mortage guy and doing my sisters website. Its almost a blessing to be at work where I can only think about one thing, work.
  • lilspikey
    Happy Birthday Debs!
    by lilspikey at 02/16/06 11:10AM
  • matts
    Thanks mate, i'll pass on the message ;-) how do you like the new look blogging? ie my rubbish writing ;-)
    by matts at 02/16/06 12:09PM
  • lilspikey
    Well it's a start. ;^)
    by lilspikey at 02/17/06 6:14AM


9th February 2006

How on earth did we get to February before updating the blog again. One explaination could be that now we are home Debs is totally hands off so the responsibility returns back to me. Hence it is my crapness that means the blog hasn't been updated. With debs not doing it anymore the focus of the blog will be on little old me and you'll have to excuse my total lack of spelling and grammer!

So whats been happening? Xmas and new years went well lots of booze and fun. January flew past in a haze and work! Thats right Debs (the organised one) started her job (that she arranged whist still in Oz) in early January, doing maternity cover for a reception class. But I think i was even luckier as started properly looking for jobs in the first week of Jan, 2nd week had interviews (3 with one company) and in the 3rd week started work!!! So much for having a few months off whilst (pretending to) job hunting! Never mind it pays the bills.

Been working now for a little over three weeks and things are going well, although learning how their system works is a bit of a hard slog! For the geeks reading working in python harray but the lack of an ide means hard to find where thing are located. The people are good and there seems to be a good atmosphere. I'll try not to bored the blog with work stuff too much.

At home i'm setting up my sisters new book website, and as of tuesday recover Debs' brothers computer from blue screen of death! What else, Debs and I are looking into the prospect of buying a house together in london. Whilst in Brighton yesterday saw a morgage broker and was reliably informed that we could get ourselves into over
  • lilspikey
    So it was VIM you're using right? I understand there are some fairly nifty macro's and stuff you can use. Plus don't forget pydoc.
    by lilspikey at 02/09/06 8:58AM
  • matts
    Not using VIM just VI, but saying that don't actually know if i can use VIM. pydoc a good idea will look into. How much do you know about CORBA?
    by matts at 02/10/06 4:28AM
  • lilspikey
    Not that much (apart from what the acronym stands for) and that it's a bit like Java RMI. It should be the sort of thing that Python is well suited for, as reading the IDL definitions to dynamically create a python class should be fairly easy.
    by lilspikey at 02/10/06 12:29PM

We're back and it's Christmas

25th December

Firstly, MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody. Sorry we haven't got around to emailing/calling you yet but things have been pretty hectic since landing on Wednesday. It's good to be back but still feels a little strange being here - and what's with this coldness?

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as we can as soon as possible. Enjoy the festivities.

Koh Samui

Friday 16th December

Firstly, how did it get to be the middle of December all of a sudden?

We are here on Samui and have been for the past week. We don't have much to report as we have been lazing by the pool or avoiding the crap weather by watching lots of films! We have only managed to swim in the sae once, but the waves were very cool! Samui has been ok but we would have enjoyed it (and seen a whole lot more) if the sun had made more of an effort! Thankfully we have been staying in a nice hotel and have had books and computer programming to keep us entertained. We fly to Bangkopk tomorrow and we'll be home on Wednesday!
  • lilspikey
    I love the airport on Koh Samui. It's so tiny and cute.

    Oh and oh my god, has it really been over a year since you guys left!? I've had three different jobs and moved twice since then!
    by lilspikey at 12/16/05 7:35AM
  • duncanj
    Have a really good flight home, we're both looking forward to seeing you in a couple of days' time. I'm going to miss this blog.. Dunk (& Vicks) xxx
    by duncanj at 12/20/05 6:30AM
  • clare_dodson
    Welcome home - You must be over the moon - have a fabulous Christmas and we hope to catch up with u soon - lots of clve Clare and Chris xx
    by clare_dodson at 12/21/05 5:22AM

Lazing in Koh Lanta

Monday 5th December

We are back on Lanta and have been here for 4 days so far. We leave again on Thursday, back to Phuket and then off to Samui. It is weird being here again after a year and we feel a bit like we're just marking time here until we get back to the UK. Maybe we should have tried somewhere new or maybe (and more likely) is the fact that in the time we've been here we've only had about 6 hours of quality sunbathing time! Still managing to top up the tan through the clouds though (and at least the rain is warm!) - so we will be brown on our return!