Buying a house

Wow how things change.

At the last posting 2 weeks ago buying a house was hear-say, myth, or such like. 2 weeks on and we've organized a mortgage, made an offer and had that offer accepted! Scary!

Now on the hunt for a solicitor!

Sisters book website still moving forward, have most of the demo pages for her to see. Still sorting out the hosting and haven't started to get the information about the books off the publishers websites.

Buy a house crazy!
  • lilspikey
    by lilspikey at 02/28/06 6:23PM
  • matts
    I know!
    by matts at 03/01/06 6:22AM
  • lilspikey
    So where is the house then?
    by lilspikey at 03/01/06 10:26AM
  • matts
    The house is in Highgate about half-way from the station to duncans.
    by matts at 03/02/06 3:28AM