Well, it has been a long time since the last entry and life has been busy - as ever. We have been getting ready for our wedding - which is on Saturday! I can't believe it is here already. Matt had 2 stag nights - and was home early for both of them, he just can't handle his booze now he's passed 30! Debs had an evening of fun at a burlesque bar (and managed to stay out til 2 and therefore won!). The last week has been full of the final preparations but we are relaxed and ready for the weekend! YEAH!
  • richard
    Well done to both of you. It was a great wedding. All I have to add is Matt you need to put in the hours at cup cake cricket.......you were rubbish!!!
    by richard at 07/24/07 6:13AM

Viva Las Vegas

To celebrate Matt's upcoming 30th we have just come back from 5 nights in Las Vegas! I surprised him totally and we had a fab time - staying on the strip and taking a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. We even stayed on a ranch in a teepee! Vegas itself feels like a theme park - with the Downtown area feeling more like the 'real' vegas. A good place to have visited though...


Well it has been a while since we last wrote anything and we have been busy living and working in London and generally getting caught up in the rat race! But we have news of the interesting variety to share -

we are getting married!

Matt proposed last weekend - and I said yes (of course) and we are planning on getting married this summer. All very exciting. I could make promises of keeping up to date with the bolg but I know that won't really happen... so it'll probably be a while before another entry!
  • lilspikey
    Was lovely to see you guys the other weekend and even better to hear your news. Congratulations again! Hopefully see you on the 17th.
    by lilspikey at 02/06/07 9:37AM
  • matts
    good to see you too - sorry for drunkeness - although I hear that you may have matched me. Lucky Matt dragged me home. Felt tres sick the next day! It's not big or clever but there again, it's not every day you get engaged. Look forward to seeing you on the 17th - wanna stay? Debs xx
    by matts at 02/07/07 1:21PM
  • lilspikey
    drunkeness was amusing, as you seemed so very happy.

    If I could crash at yours on the 17th that would be very handy.
    by lilspikey at 02/08/07 3:46AM

We have moved

Yeah! we have finally moved into our new place (after a little bit of stress but hey, that's what moving home is about!). We collected our stuff from the far flung corners of South East England and have it all gathered in our new place, now it is just a matter of sorting it out and buying a few bits and bobs here and there. Once we're a bit sorted expect a house warming...

Buying a house

Wow how things change.

At the last posting 2 weeks ago buying a house was hear-say, myth, or such like. 2 weeks on and we've organized a mortgage, made an offer and had that offer accepted! Scary!

Now on the hunt for a solicitor!

Sisters book website still moving forward, have most of the demo pages for her to see. Still sorting out the hosting and haven't started to get the information about the books off the publishers websites.

Buy a house crazy!
  • lilspikey
    by lilspikey at 02/28/06 6:23PM
  • matts
    I know!
    by matts at 03/01/06 6:22AM
  • lilspikey
    So where is the house then?
    by lilspikey at 03/01/06 10:26AM
  • matts
    The house is in Highgate about half-way from the station to duncans.
    by matts at 03/02/06 3:28AM