My Kitty

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  • marcie
    This is Emma!
    by marcie at 08/17/07 12:39AM
  • babyelephant
    Hi Marcie! How are you enjoying CA?
    by babyelephant at 08/17/07 8:50AM
  • deusvitae
    Greetings, Marcie. Welcome to Pleonast. :)
    by deusvitae at 08/17/07 6:17PM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 08/17/07 9:01PM
  • anitaj
    Hi, Marcie. Welcome. I hope you will enjoy Pleonast. I sure do. I like your kitty. I have yet to learn how to post pictures, so you're way ahead of me.
    by anitaj at 08/18/07 1:04PM
  • marcwittenauer
    Hi Mama!!! We go home tomorrow!
    by marcwittenauer at 08/18/07 5:12PM
  • lovnprayers
    Hi Marc how are you? I thought of you when we were coming back from my dad's last Sunday night. We worshiped in Rockford and came back on 251 to 64. I couldn't remember how you said to get to your house. We'll have to get together some time. Welcome.
    by lovnprayers at 08/18/07 11:54PM
  • linda_g
    Hi Marcie!! I hope you had a fun time in CA. We'll have to get together sometime.
    by linda_g at 08/20/07 9:10AM
  • marcwittenauer
    Hi Mom, I see you found out how to get on! Not so hard, eh?
    by marcwittenauer at 09/10/07 12:00AM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 05/10/08 6:21PM


HI, I'm Marcie. I'M FROM Illinois. I have 4 children, Marcia, John, Heather & Gary. I'm married to Gary. And I'm a Grandma!