Whatever happened to lazy summers.....

Thought I better check in again, but I should be going to bed, so I'm not going to have a chance to run to everyone's blogs tonight :( I'm reading your comments, though, and appreciate all of them.

David's room turned out nicely so far. I got it blue, with a pale blue ceiling and a bright white closet. I didn't get to give the trim the fresh white coat it needs and I didn't get to the water for Lake Michigan, but those can be done in shorter spans without moving him totally out. David loves it....especially since I happened to find Cars sheets while he was gone, too :-)

Since then, I've started potty-training and am hosting a baby shower this Saturday, so life has stayed busy. The potty-training got off to a good start, but I don't feel great about it yet and the shower has taken over, so we're having to take a break. I wanted so badly to just focus on that, but we don't seem to have a time to be that single-minded. Oh, well. I just keep telling myself he won't get married in diapers! If I stayed laid back about it, I'm hoping it will continue to go well.

I'm excited about this shower, but it took my home to a whole new level of decluttered. I like that a lot! Amazing how things like this are so motivating to make us want to change things we had gotten so used to.....

Well, Tim is stalking me requesting I go to sleep, so I better obey :-) Love, Amanda
  • aggiemeg
    Hey Amanda! This is Megan (Ray). We talked some at the reunion. Good to see you on here!
    by aggiemeg at 07/21/07 9:44PM
  • llamalluv
    I'm happy the whole shower is over. It was fun, but I'm so wiped out. And I don't see any lazy summer left - Gary and I are going to be unpacking and RE-settling in, then traveling to his parents, to Phoenix, and in between, he will be picking up extra shifts to pack on the OT dollars....
    by llamalluv at 07/28/07 9:59PM
  • emmy
    hey,amber wants to know why you didnt add her??:D
    by emmy at 07/30/07 9:28PM
  • nicky62894
    Hey hows it goin \
    by nicky62894 at 07/30/07 10:19PM
  • nicky62894
    havent talked to you in a loooong time!!
    by nicky62894 at 07/30/07 10:20PM
  • nicky62894
    how are the kids?!?!
    by nicky62894 at 07/30/07 10:20PM
  • nicky62894
    Give them both a big hug and kiss for me {this is Amber by the way}
    by nicky62894 at 07/30/07 10:21PM
  • kevin1
    by kevin1 at 08/23/07 9:09PM
  • create_a_way
    Amanda! how are you?
    by create_a_way at 08/27/07 9:28AM
  • whisperam
    Hey girlie! You need to update more often. We miss you!!!!!!
    by whisperam at 09/08/07 8:25AM
  • flychic
    Hi Amanda! This is Brittney Miller, how are you?
    by flychic at 09/17/07 11:31AM
  • vav
    You are invited to the FC class of 98 renunion. For more info go to www.floridacollege.edu and choose Alumni & Friends.
    by vav at 10/16/07 8:33PM
  • chica
    Hi Amanda! We're right in the middle of potty training too, but it went more smoothly than I was expecting. We had a gospel meeting in the middle of it and had to postpone a bit, but Abby was fine and seemed to be willing to just work on it when we could. Good luck!
    by chica at 11/26/07 3:51PM
  • flychic
    Happy New Year!
    by flychic at 01/02/08 9:52AM
  • polaramy
    Hope you had great holidays. I'm sure you had fun seeing our nieces and nephew. :)
    by polaramy at 01/02/08 5:03PM
  • whisperam
    Happy New Year!
    by whisperam at 01/03/08 10:46AM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 05/10/08 6:17PM
  • lyndie
    I like the "Happy New Year" followed by "Happy Mothers Day". I think this means you are WOEFULLY due for an update!
    by lyndie at 05/12/08 2:02PM
  • bonkrs5
    HI! I am not sure if you remember me, but we meet at your parents fall festival last year. Just wondered how you all were doing?
    by bonkrs5 at 08/07/08 7:32PM
  • mcmilwj
    what ever happened to Amanda? ;)
    by mcmilwj at 11/09/08 4:31PM

"That Toddlin' Town"

Well, this is going to be a very unique week. David went home with my mom on Saturday, so Tim and I are enjoying an easy road for now. Funny how one kid used to seem so hard.....we keep saying we wish we could skip ahead and figure out how to feel like two kids is easy...or raising a toddler is easy :-)

Anyway, while David's gone I'm going to paint his room. It's pink, poor boy. That's the color it was when we moved in and this is the first chance I've had to do anything about it. I'm really excited! It's going to be a Chicago room. This week I'm painting all the walls a very pale sky blue and using a metallic blue to paint Lake Michigan on one wall. Later, I'm hoping to get someone artistic to paint the skyline somewhere....and maybe a Wrigley Field sign, an El train....and something to do with music, since that seems to be David's true passion. We'll take it a step at a time. I'm really excited, though. :-)

I miss David like crazy, but he's having a blast at Grandmama's. He talked to me on the phone tonight for a couple of minutes, then said "I'm done." :-) On the other hand, I got some very special time with Nora this evening. She belly laughed more than she ever has at a sitting playing "This little piggy."
  • ucnclmeal
    Look at you all creative! Good luck with it!
    by ucnclmeal at 06/25/07 10:34AM
  • lyndie
    Well that's just plain ol' discouraging. All of us poor only-one-kid people are NEVER going to want another one now. :)

    Sounds like David's room is going to be so nice! G'luck with all the painting. You'll have to post some pics when you get done.
    by lyndie at 06/25/07 10:56AM
  • llamalluv
    If you like, I can loan you my little sister for a day or two. After 24 hours of "Why? Why? Why? Why?" from someone old enough to look it up, you will be happy to have your 2 year old back.
    by llamalluv at 06/25/07 5:47PM
  • whisperam
    That is a creative idea for a room. I'd love to see pictures of it when it is done. Oh and BTW, I'm loving you are on pleo! :)
    by whisperam at 06/25/07 6:08PM
  • phyllisophical_mom
    Yes, being a mom is terrific..and should only get better!
    by phyllisophical_mom at 06/25/07 8:28PM
  • emmy
    ok davids fine,hes on dads knee pretending he is on a horse
    by emmy at 06/25/07 9:51PM
  • emmy
    ben dosnt have a pleo
    by emmy at 06/25/07 9:51PM
  • emmy
    and i cant remember what the other one was...:D
    by emmy at 06/25/07 9:52PM
  • nillabarr
    Hey Amanda! This is Jessica Barr from Peoria, Conner's mommy! Sounds like we will see them at the Thomas show tomorrow!

    I am preggo and it's a girl! We are naming her Lilly! We are very excited! I am due November 7th (maybe sooner, but they aren't ready to move it up just yet... she is a chunky monkey!).
    by nillabarr at 06/25/07 10:35PM
  • kevin1
    by kevin1 at 06/25/07 11:00PM
  • southern_yankee_mom
    Amanda, Hi! It's Stacie Boss, my family and I used to attend at Paris Ave. until we moved to TN last year. How are you and your little ones?
    by southern_yankee_mom at 06/26/07 8:02AM
  • jaimer
    The room idea is very cool. I am sure your little boy will love it.
    by jaimer at 06/26/07 8:51AM
  • saricbradley
    sounds like you have lots of plans for the room. any boy would love it, so I'm sure David will. Isn't it amazing how going down to one child (while one is away, even for a couple of hours is easy) and we wondered how will we do it with 2! Now I wonder, how will I do it with 3!!! :)
    by saricbradley at 06/26/07 12:40PM
  • snicker_doodle
    heyy!! im a friend of hers!!
    by snicker_doodle at 06/27/07 12:15PM
  • nillabarr
    We had a good time yesterday at Thomas! David was such a good little boy. You've done such a good job with him. He looked like such a little man eating his hamburger at lunch too. I think the boys all had lots of fun! So glad to hear that you and Tim will be here this weekend! :)
    by nillabarr at 06/27/07 2:04PM
  • worker_at_home
    Keep pluggin' away at the painting. I'm sure it'll turn out great. Enjoyed talking to ya!
    by worker_at_home at 06/27/07 9:45PM
  • nicky62894
    AWWW {this is Amber by the way} I miss David soo much i havent been able to see him all week cause i was at a basketball camp so hopefully i can see him tomorrow before Emmy has to leave me once agian!!! just kiddin Well give Nora a big hug and kiss for me!! Good talking to you again hope to see you soon!!!
    by nicky62894 at 06/28/07 11:59PM
  • collinsmama
    Hey, girl! I'm so glad you're finally getting to paint that little boy's room!! Not just because it's pink (ha, ha!), but because I KNOW how much you've been wanting to do it! Yay! We're still on our trip and having a FANTASTIC time! You can check out pics on the boys' website link on the left on my blog. Talk to you soon!
    by collinsmama at 07/02/07 12:08AM
  • phyllisophical_mom
    How does David's room look?
    by phyllisophical_mom at 07/09/07 10:40AM
  • chica
    So ambitious! Sounds like his room is going to be geat! I'm so boring, I never paint anything in my house, the whole thing is just beige with whie trim. The end! I bet it'll look great!
    by chica at 07/10/07 10:08PM

Father's Day...and the unforgettable Clammy Sosa

Thank you for all the explanations of the groups. I'm looking forward to exploring them as I can. It's so nice to have such easy contact with Christians.

Well, we went to a minor league baseball game on Friday night. It was quite an experience. A ton of fun, very exciting, and very memorable. It was David's very first big baseball game (he sees little league fairly often as Tim umpires). There was a lot going on...minor league games seem to be more entertaining than major league....special activities between every inning and a sound effect guy with a really fun job :-) David was pretty much in shock for awhile and then settled into the swing of things.

They had zooperstars performing. Zooperstars are very large characters....actually actors in very large balloon costumes of animals dressed like superstars. The costume legs go to the actor's knees, but the rest of the costume body is as big as the rest of the actor's body knees to head. Then the costume head is HUGE, kind-of wobbling around above the head of the actor (whom you can't see at all, of course). Anyway, they make a very funny sight with their short little legs and huge heads. They dance and run around causing trouble. We saw Elephant Prestley (sorry if I misspelled that), Lebronco James, Harry Canary, Dennis Frogman, and Clammy Sosa. Clammy Sosa will forever be remembered in our family. He is a very large clam with tiny legs. The actor was able to put his hand through the Clammy's tongue, so that he could play catch with a ballboy. David loves this, until Clammy got upset and ATE the ballboy! What actually happened was the ballboy jumped into the costume head first, legs kicking in the air until he disappeared. Tim and I were dying laughing, but David was terrified. He was totally red, tears running down his face, sobbing, shaking....it was horrible....and yet even funnier! We finally calmed David down and said, "Look, Clammy will spit the ballboy out." David was watching for this anxiously.....until Clammy spit out the ballboy's hat! Then his shoes, his jersey, his glove.....oh, boy! David just lost it. It was awful....and yet Tim and I still couldn't stop laughing. The ballboy finally did jump out, but David wasn't quite as humored by the zooperstars after that. Sigh.

The fireworks after the show thrilled David, as did getting to run the bases after the game. He continues to ask several times a day to "go bay-ball game now." I guess he's not scarred for life. :-)
  • worker_at_home
    What an experience......for everyone!!!
    by worker_at_home at 06/18/07 5:29PM
  • paula
    How cute!
    by paula at 06/18/07 5:37PM
  • polaramy
    How fun! Our kids' distresses do make things funnier sometimes. :) Patrick's 4 (he's the last of the "triplets" with Abigail and Joy) and Samantha will be 2 in September (2.5 months older than Grace).
    by polaramy at 06/18/07 5:44PM
  • saricbradley
    Clammy Sosa, yeah, I can see how that could be a little tramatizing for a young guy. Though I have to admit, I would have been laughing like crazy too. Sounds like it was fun overall. Such good family memories!
    by saricbradley at 06/18/07 5:47PM
  • lyndie
    Oh that's just hilarious! Poor David!
    by lyndie at 06/18/07 9:19PM
  • pdawg
    Awww!! Poor little guy!! That sounds so cute!!
    by pdawg at 06/19/07 1:48PM
  • txwhittlec
    I don't think I know you but I'm assuming your name is Amanda. I just had to say I think your pleo name is cute...mandible...aka the bone that holds the lower teeth. :)
    by txwhittlec at 06/19/07 3:24PM
  • txwhittlec
    BTW, I am a dental hygienist. :)
    by txwhittlec at 06/19/07 3:25PM
  • worker_at_home
    Thursday is good, tentative is good, just keep me updated on how it looks as it gets closer!
    by worker_at_home at 06/19/07 6:30PM
  • cdillman23
    Sounds just hirarious!! I could see that and my girls with the same reaction. We had an experience at a comedy show in Gatlinburg last December, it involved a shoe, a fake explosion, my oldest and my youngest. It was so funny to us but my youngest was balling her eyes out assuming her sister's shoe had blown up and turned to mush. So funny...
    by cdillman23 at 06/20/07 1:04AM
  • polaramy
    You may not know her, but she's my cousin's husband's sister's husband's brother's wife's brother's wife. Seeing as you're my brother's wife's brother's wife, that means y'all are related! :)
    by polaramy at 06/20/07 8:58AM
  • polaramy
    It gets pretty confusing. Send me your email here or at polaramy @ hotmail . com and I'll send you a list with all the names to see if you know any of them. Most of them are around Trevor & Sharon's age, so I'm not sure how many names you'll know.
    by polaramy at 06/21/07 12:23AM
  • txwhittlec
    Yes, she amazes me with how she keeps track of us being related! ;)
    by txwhittlec at 06/21/07 9:01AM
  • cdillman23
    You might now my brother's wife. She was Beth Erickson. But she has a brother who's wife who is now Beth Erickson. The current Beth E went to came with Brian. I thought that I would through in the confusion since Amy did.
    by cdillman23 at 06/21/07 11:38AM
  • waterguy
    Glad you you are on here now
    by waterguy at 06/21/07 4:41PM
  • waterguy
    Sounds like you all had a pretty goof time. I agree minor league teams are more fun to watch.
    by waterguy at 06/21/07 7:07PM
  • phyllisophical_mom
    Amanda!! Hello from a Weebler...remember WBL? I guess I lost track of your 2nd child!! How exciting for you!
    by phyllisophical_mom at 06/22/07 10:12AM
  • cdillman23
    Good thing we are all related, right!!
    by cdillman23 at 06/22/07 4:19PM


I've been invited to four groups that I don't know much about....
Keeping up with IL
Married women

Can someone tell me about these? I figured out the FC97 group, which is fun. I'm assuming that one is all on the blog. The IL group doesn't seem to post on the blog, so how does it work? And the others?
  • paula
    I think that I am feeling better. No more tuna for me! I too am looking foward to having you all over on Saturday!
    by paula at 06/14/07 4:50PM
  • polaramy
    The others are probably private, so you can't read them unless you're a member. Kind of makes it tricky to decide if it's worth joining or not. Hopefully whoever submitted your name for invitation will let you know what's going on...
    by polaramy at 06/14/07 5:17PM
  • polaramy
    I'm so glad you're on here now! Any chance you can get Alisha Drew to join? I haven't managed to yet. I'd love to have more regular updates on Alayna. Maybe you can twist her arm. :) My 2 are Patrick and Samantha (Abigail is Brooke's). They're doing great. Annoying/enjoying each other on a regular basis.
    by polaramy at 06/14/07 5:19PM
  • ucnclmeal
    Married Women is for, well, married women! There's alot of discussion about marriage- how to make your marriage grow, ways to show your husband love, etc. Very little negativity, we don't condone husband bashing. :)
    by ucnclmeal at 06/14/07 5:42PM
  • ucnclmeal
    I had to go back & read all your posts- didn't realize there were so many I missed! And, yes, this is Allison! Kevin's a... well, he has his masters in instrumental conducting, and will be teaching band in Memphis. He's moving out at the end of July, and I'll follow at the end of August. I can't wait to be close to home again. :)
    by ucnclmeal at 06/14/07 5:46PM
  • peanut_st_mom
    Hi Amanda - it's Blayr - your Colombia excursion buddy! Sounds like you all are doing well. Good to see you on here.
    by peanut_st_mom at 06/14/07 6:19PM
  • mcmilwj
    Hi Amanda, its Bill in Peoria. :) Welcome to pleo... Guess you got your computer fixed!
    by mcmilwj at 06/14/07 7:39PM
  • collinsmama
    As I'm sitting next to Aaron, each of us with our laptops, checking on things before bed, I scream, "AMANDA'S ON PLEONAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Good thing I didn't wake up the boys! YAY! I'm so glad you are on here now! Just one more way to communicate with you! :)
    by collinsmama at 06/14/07 9:19PM
  • luckyinky
    Yes, I'm Jen Hewitt the wife, not the sister. Jen Hewitt the sister is now Jen Walker, anyway. :-) Dan and I are well; busy and hot right now -- we're holding out on turning the a/c on, and it's starting to get pretty toasty! We think about y'all all the time....We need to get together for another visit soon.
    by luckyinky at 06/14/07 10:24PM
  • saricbradley
    About the names and "deadlines" when we were waiting for my c-section with Eden, Eric asked, so, Eden Elizabeth, that's really what we want if we have a girl, right? :) I said yes and that was the end of that talk, I was so nervous and scared, I think he was just trying to lighten the air and keep me from thinking about surgery...
    by saricbradley at 06/15/07 9:56AM
  • cdillman23
    Guessing the groups have been pretty much explained so I won't. Saw about the moving thing. I don't think I could do more than 3 kids. If Brian was really set on 4 then maybe but we had actually agreed to 2. Anywaym I want to know how you manage if you do get to 5 or 6.
    by cdillman23 at 06/15/07 9:57AM
  • saricbradley
    I'm in the married woman and mothering groups and I really enjoy bouncing ideas and questions off others. Sometimes you have to choose what to listen to and ignore the rest, just like in life. Mothering - anything having to do with you as a mother, with your children, with your family. Married women is anything from body questions to marriage questions to suggestions and ideas for traveling husbands, newly married, etc.. both good groups, I think.
    by saricbradley at 06/15/07 9:58AM
  • onelittlecandle
    Amanda! Hi there! this is Sherri! I'm so glad you joined! :)
    by onelittlecandle at 06/15/07 3:23PM
  • worker_at_home
    Hey there! So very glad to find you here! I've been thinking lately about our plans to get together sometime......how about if you let me know when there is a time that looks good for you. Hope all is well with your sweet family. And I hope you know we love you all so much. Say hi to Tim for me!
    by worker_at_home at 06/15/07 11:18PM
  • forgetmenot
    Hey Amanda :) glad your on :) This is Shelley
    by forgetmenot at 06/16/07 11:24AM
  • worker_at_home
    It looks good for me! What day would be best for you?
    by worker_at_home at 06/16/07 1:55PM
  • collinsmama
    It was a VERY nice surprise! We're heading west on Tuesday. Looking forward to the trip!
    by collinsmama at 06/16/07 7:18PM

Catching up

OK. I've spent some time running around other people's blogs. I thought I might tell everyone what's going on with us before I log off.

Tim and I live in the Chicago area....not too far from Midway airport. We LOVE having company....whether you're here to see us or just need a place to sleep and save money on a hotel :-)

Tim works downtown and really enjoys his job. The commute is long, but he doesn't seem to mind. He sleeps on the train and enjoys his IPOD.

I'm home with David and Nora. David is almost 2 1/2 and Nora is 9 months. David is really taking off vocally, especially in song. He is very much like his Uncle Ben, who loves music and coffee. No, he's never tasted coffee, but he's obsessed with it nonetheless! We enrolled him in a little music class this summer....for me to meet area women as much as for him to enjoy :-)

Nora is just now crawling/army crawling and started feeding herself peas and carrots a couple days ago. She's jabbering (sp?) all the time....which is especially hard in worship! She's a mommy's girl, but learning to be more independent now. She is much more active than David ever was, which makes me think she'll be an athlete....but that's to be discovered :-) She and David are already "wrestling" together....and it's not at all one-sided!!!!

We work with the church in Bridgeview and feel very blessed there. My sister Abby lives up here and worships with us, which is WONDERFUL. We surprised ourselves in finding out we are "city people," but we are. We LOVE Chicago and intend to stay here unless and until the Lord directs us elsewhere.

For anyone who has visited us in the past, we did move about a year ago. The beautiful old house we had just wasn't big enough for 5-6 kids, which is our plan (but NOT our commitment yet;-). We found a house that is great for a big family and entertaining and not too far from where we were living. It doesn't have the character the old house did....and it isn't our very first home....but I love it for its space and practicality. Since we moved during my last trimester, we had to settle in pretty quickly. The study was the only neglected thing and we're digging into that now.

I think that's it. I'm really excited about catching up with everyone else. There are so many people I think about and wonder how they're doing. If you're out there and you know me, don't hesitate to speak up. I'll be glad to hear from you! In Him, Amanda
  • chica
    Amanda! Welcome! This is Amanda (Lumpkin) Wilson. I'm so excited that you are on here now and we can catch up! I've missed you. Did you know I named my baby girl Abigail and call her Abby? I've thought of your sis because I've never really known any Abby's but love the name (obviously). Anyhow, glad your an official pleo-naster now!
    by chica at 06/13/07 10:51PM
  • saricbradley
    Thanks for filling us in on your life. Yep, baby #3 is on the way in September and we are waiting to find out the sex. The girls have been convinced by Eric that it is a boy, so hopefully they won't be too disappointed if we have another girl ;) We are working on names and it is hard, always has been difficult for us to settle on names....so the vetoing continues. Glad you
    by saricbradley at 06/14/07 9:36AM
  • saricbradley
    sorry hit the wrong button..Glad you're on here so we can talk much more!
    by saricbradley at 06/14/07 9:36AM
  • pdawg
    Hey!! Eleanor is 3 1/2 months now!! If you go to the one and only link on my page you can see lots of photos of her!
    by pdawg at 06/14/07 1:31PM