Hi strangers...

I confess I have moved to Facebook. It is SO much faster to look around and certainly faster to upload pictures (an issue dear to my heart). I want to drop my automatic yearly charge on Pleonast for the GOLD level. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I have looked and looked and I can't find how to do it. I did read something about "unauthorizing" the charge in PayPal but I have been unsuccessful in finding it in PayPal. Any suggestions? (I can't even figure out how to send a message to the owner of the list to ask him to drop my GOLD.)
  • jaydon
    Email Kennon if you can not find another way to do it - that is what I did and he'll tell you how. I believe it is through paypal though, I just can not remember how to do it.
    by jaydon at 02/14/11 7:11AM
  • the_mom
    I moved to FB too. But....I think I'm back. FB is good for little things, but I can't tell my long, stories on there. So, at least for a little while, until things get craZY again, I'm back :)
    by the_mom at 06/18/11 3:07PM

My grandbaby...

Wow...I didn't realize I left y'all hanging...Based on my last post, Jessica has been pushing for about 13 days, huh? :) As most of you have heard, we have been blessed with a most PRECIOUS little boy named MAX born at 7:50 a.m. on April 8th. Yes, they successfully kept his name a secret from ALL of us until after he was born. (I just KNEW they would let it slip!) He weighed in at a whopping nine pounds and was 21 inches long. Thank you ALL for your prayers and for sharing in our joy!
  • sallyanne
    You need to put some pics here, too! He is a doll!
    by sallyanne at 04/21/10 10:56PM
  • nycami
    Glad I keep up on fb! ha
    by nycami at 04/22/10 5:47AM
  • ootda
    I can just feel your excitement!! So happy for all of you!!
    by ootda at 04/22/10 7:23AM
  • phyllisophical_mom
    I keep forgetting to tell you that my niece had a her first baby 6 months ago today....His name? MAX!!
    by phyllisophical_mom at 04/22/10 7:56AM
  • ashulee
    Congratulations! I like the name Max. It has punch and vigor and verve. That baby is going places!
    by ashulee at 04/22/10 8:46AM
  • sweett
    To her, it probably felt like 13 days... ;)
    by sweett at 04/22/10 10:21AM
  • diminished_seventh
    Oh...well, I've been praying for 13 days for nothing...
    by diminished_seventh at 04/22/10 3:55PM
  • mamap
    Sorry you wasted those prayers, Matt..Just think...you could have put that energy into praying for Brian's grammar issues... ;)
    by mamap at 04/23/10 4:42PM
  • juliamiriam
    Congratulations! :)
    by juliamiriam at 04/24/10 4:24PM
  • mtnestr
    That would be a really bad labor! So glad you're enjoying that precious, gorgeous grandson of yours!
    by mtnestr at 04/28/10 1:23PM
  • dressednyella
    by dressednyella at 05/12/10 11:18AM
  • ruthkrumrei
    So happy to hear of the new addition to your family :)
    by ruthkrumrei at 05/13/10 9:16AM
  • ruthkrumrei
    Hey--So glad you got to meet Jack and Thomas. They are so precious. Hope you and the family are well. Grandchildren truly are a grand blessing from God :)
    by ruthkrumrei at 05/27/10 6:29AM

A Long night....

My poor baby...She has had such a long night. She is finally pushing...Hopefully, we will have news soon...
Thank you all so much for the prayers.......
  • sallyanne
    Any time now!! Hurray!!
    by sallyanne at 04/08/10 7:19AM
  • aleta
    Praying for J as she brings this deliberate little soul into the world.
    by aleta at 04/08/10 7:24AM
  • sallyanne
    Yay for healthy baby boys!!!!!!!
    by sallyanne at 04/08/10 8:34AM
  • mtnestr
    I vividly remember that feeling, even from sooooo looooong ago, and pray that it isn't much longer for her. Can't wait to hear the news!
    by mtnestr at 04/08/10 9:15AM
  • mother_hen
    Congratulations! I saw it on Renita's facebook!
    by mother_hen at 04/08/10 11:38AM
  • juliamiriam
    Congratulations, Miss Nancy!
    Love you! :)
    by juliamiriam at 04/08/10 12:52PM
  • mtnestr
    Saw your photos on FB and loved them. Congratulations, Grandma! He's beautiful!!! I couldn't leave a message of FB because I just realized we are not friends on there, but they were terrific photos and I loved seeing the smiles and wonder on everyone's faces!
    by mtnestr at 04/08/10 1:12PM
  • schmidtkins
    love you! So happy he is hear! He is beautiful!
    by schmidtkins at 04/08/10 4:38PM
  • leahabigail
    by leahabigail at 04/09/10 6:12PM
  • ruthkrumrei
    CONGRATULATIONS :) Grandchildren are truly grand :)
    by ruthkrumrei at 04/17/10 12:22PM
  • dressednyella
    Congratulations! Hope everyone is doing well!
    by dressednyella at 04/20/10 6:59PM

Ready for some good news???

We are in Bowling Green. Our sweet Jessica is in labor. We are still at her house. She wants to wait a while before we go to the hospital. Please pray for a safe delivery of this special little bundle of joy and for his sweet parents! Please also pray for the safe travels of all who are on the road! This is one excited Grandma!!! :)
  • aleta
    I pray that all goes well today, Nancy. So exciting to think about Jessica being a mommy!
    by aleta at 04/07/10 12:40PM
  • ootda
    Oh how exciting!!! Keep us updated as you can...I know you will be busy...you did remember your camera right?!!!
    by ootda at 04/07/10 1:03PM
  • momster
    Oh man Nancy....how exciting for sure...praying for safe travels and safe delivery!!
    by momster at 04/07/10 2:06PM
  • schmidtkins
    Yay for some happy news for you! So glad. Praying! Wow, Grandma! How does that word slide around your tongue? Pretty smoothly, it seems? Love you, waiting eagerly to hear!
    by schmidtkins at 04/07/10 4:10PM
  • ethantweedie14
    Very exciting!!! Please keep us posted on the progress!! :)
    by ethantweedie14 at 04/07/10 4:25PM
  • phyllisophical_mom
    Praying and waiting!!! How fun!
    by phyllisophical_mom at 04/07/10 5:00PM
  • sallyanne
    by sallyanne at 04/07/10 5:06PM
  • ashulee
    by ashulee at 04/07/10 5:30PM
  • lizsmith
    So excited for you! Lots of my friends at Northside in Russellville are excited and praying for you also! And I got to meet Norm and Renita tonight at Bible study. That was very nice!
    by lizsmith at 04/07/10 8:00PM
  • jaydon
    So excited for you~ anxiously awaiting the news!
    by jaydon at 04/07/10 8:41PM
  • mtnestr
    Praying for a safe delivery for both mom and baby. Please keep us updated!
    by mtnestr at 04/07/10 9:22PM


Spry Funeral Home, Huntsville, AL
4:30-9:00 p.m. Visitation Monday night
noon-3:00 p.m. Visitation
Funeral follows at 3:00
Internment following at Huntsville Memory Gardens, Hwy 72
PhotobucketWe are all doing okay right now. It's later, when all the busy-ness is over, when the loss will set in and we will be leaning upon you heavily. :(
PhotobucketThanks so much for your prayers and acts of kindness.

My love to you all...
  • mamap
    This picture was taken exactly one week before he died.
    by mamap at 03/15/10 12:28AM
  • crazy_mama
    I'm sorry that I never met your father but I've only heard amazing things about him. He was loved by so many. We will be thinking of all of you tomorrow and on Tuesday. Many prayers for your family.
    by crazy_mama at 03/15/10 2:31AM
  • missysnapp
    Prayers and hugs to you and your family. People are going to surround you with love when the busyness is over.
    by missysnapp at 03/15/10 6:47AM
  • sallyanne
    Lots of love and prayers to you all! I love you!
    by sallyanne at 03/15/10 10:12AM
  • aleta
    I absolutely love that picture of your dad with Connie, and how precious the one of you and your dad and siblings. Thinking of all of you.
    by aleta at 03/15/10 10:20AM
  • matermagistra
    Thinking of you with much love, friend. (((HUG)))
    by matermagistra at 03/15/10 12:57PM
  • schmidtkins
    Love you! Praying that the love of all of us and the support of those near you will hold up your arms during this fight through pain! (hugs)
    by schmidtkins at 03/15/10 3:18PM
  • anutty
    Nancy, I'm so sorry for your loss, but what a great Christian man he was where there is no question that he is now in his eternal home. I love you and wish I was there with you!
    by anutty at 03/15/10 3:38PM
  • mommysteph
    Roomie, we are sending love & prayers your way tonight & tomorrow & in the days to come. We love you so!
    by mommysteph at 03/15/10 8:42PM
  • mr_and_mrs_berry
    Oh Nancy. I love (and envy) the joy you have had with your dad; I ache for you as you weep with your loss of him in your life here on earth. I'm sorry.
    by mr_and_mrs_berry at 03/15/10 8:45PM
  • bzyabsma
    We're so sorry about this. you are in my prayers!!
    by bzyabsma at 03/16/10 9:45AM
  • sirtorin
    I'll be praying!
    by sirtorin at 03/16/10 8:43PM
  • lauriw1030
    Still praying for your family to continue to look to the Lord for peace and comfort.
    by lauriw1030 at 03/16/10 11:13PM