22 Years ago

22 Years ago tomorrow God decided to gift us with a bright , sparkling jewel of sunshine.
We named her Katherine and have loved her ever since. Happy Birthday dearest darlin' girl!
We love you more today than all the yesterdays put together. Everyday God has granted us
with you has been a gift.

PS Thanks for the "hacking" . You are very kind.( and obviously I don't visit my pleo very often)
  • smallgreenbug
    She is indeed a very special person, and I know that my life would not be the same without her blessing :)
    by smallgreenbug at 04/06/10 8:37AM
  • mtnestr
    Happy birthday, Kate!!
    by mtnestr at 04/07/10 8:36AM
  • the_mom
    Okay, wait. Did Katherine hack into your account and write the above post? hehehe
    by the_mom at 04/09/10 7:18AM
  • malissa
    No she hacked it and wrote the previous post.
    by malissa at 04/09/10 6:45PM
  • sallyanne
    I'm so excited for you ;)
    by sallyanne at 03/23/11 12:12AM
  • kattath
    this is over a year old... oops!
    by kattath at 04/06/11 6:22PM

hehehe... hacking is fun... :P

This is Kate, and I just wanted to say that my mother is an amazing woman and I could not have asked for a greater example...

~Proverb 31:28-31~

"Her children rise up and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her:
'Many women have done excellently,
but you surpass them all.'
Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain,
but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
Give her of the fruit of her hands,
and let her works praise her in the gates."

  • sallyanne
    Sweet :)
    by sallyanne at 03/26/10 12:53AM
  • teelside
    by teelside at 03/26/10 8:21AM
  • anna6689
    I agree! :)
    by anna6689 at 03/26/10 4:03PM
  • mtnestr
    A wonderful tribute to your mother, Kate!
    by mtnestr at 03/27/10 2:41PM

Fun stuff....

Going with -it is always better to find humor in lifes "little dramas" ,let me tell you alittle story. After two full weeks of flu like sickness ,finally beginning to feel human, I go looking in the chest freezer for dinner ideas. Now keep in mind this freezer is normally plugged into an extension cord that runs under a rug across the laundry room to a socket on the far wall.(Yes I am aware of the "fire dangers" of that arrangement ,but its the only option.) So anyway I open the freezer and notice it isn't very cold right away, so I check the plug. It was dangling uselessly ,so I plug it in and return to the freezer to find dinner.Still fairly calm. Now once I start actually looking I realize there are two completely empty unopen boxes of icecream and an open sherbert (also empty) right on top. Calm begins to exit. This was followed by bags of warm chicken breasts, mushy hamburger and roast that is better left undiscribed. Next comes the fully risen yeast rolls in bags that look like one more minute and the whole room would be covered in dough. Well three bags of totally ruined food later we come to the bottom of the freezer. At this point I realize I have two inches of really nasty icecream / meat juice based slop beginning to refreeze.... because I plugged it back in. Craig quickly fixes that mistake. Kate being the best daughter ever born had been valiently aiding me in my fight with the beast. But as some of you are aware we are both alittle ....short. So eventually she ends up standing in the silly thing trying to clean it from the inside out. She looks at me and announces "We had a complete meltdown ,but its okay because we're both in agreement". This was followed with some reference to her being the "Ice Princess" (not the one from the movie) Now we are both feeling just a tad yucky.... washing ourselves may be required and for some odd reason both of us have cold feet.....And just for your information ,I am not making dinner . I am too worn out.... So how was your day?
  • sallyanne
    Oh no!! That is awful. I'm so sorry for all that loss of time and money!!
    by sallyanne at 12/04/09 3:58PM
  • metzgermom
    It sounds like a Kodak moment to me! You did take a picture, didn't you? :^)
    by metzgermom at 12/04/09 6:08PM
  • bzyabsma
    That really stinks. Sorry about that.
    by bzyabsma at 12/05/09 7:51AM
  • the_mom
    Daughters can truly be blessings. I hope you managed to laugh at the absurdity of the situation instead of crying at the disaster. (That's easy for me to say, right?)
    by the_mom at 12/06/09 10:18AM
  • cherri
    *chuckles* I'm so glad you are able to find the humor in the situation, at least! :)
    by cherri at 12/14/09 9:40AM
  • smallgreenbug
    It is always best to find humor in such situations, because otherwise you'll find yourself crying. And you've got a good story out of the whole ordeal as well :P
    by smallgreenbug at 12/14/09 11:03AM

Missing in non-action...

Feel free to ramble...
  • metzgermom
    Hey there, Craft lady! So are you settled back into your 'routine' now after driving all over the place last month?
    by metzgermom at 09/15/09 6:41AM
  • bzyabsma
    Could you give me some more information on the doctor deal you were talking about at the bakery the other day? Just e-mail me or send me a Facebook message.
    by bzyabsma at 09/17/09 2:19PM
  • quack
    I miss you and your offspring. I feel like my life has been Knudtson-less for a very long time!
    by quack at 09/18/09 9:33PM


Hello all, Thanks for all the birthday wishes.I read them when written ,even if I did take forever to reply. I'm at Rob and Becky's preparing for CFCBC camp. YAH!! I do love camp. I am almost as giddy as some of the kids. After camp I pick up Craig's mom and take her home with me so she can stay with Craig while I take Geoffrey to FC.I get three days recovery time from camp before the road trip to Florida. I am looking forward to that trip too. I don't really have any other news.So take care.
  • mtnestr
    Have a safe trip and a good camp adventure! Glad to hear that you had a good birthday.
    by mtnestr at 08/06/09 7:28PM
  • horselover13
    I can't wait! We leave tomorrow. (We're going to stop at the Whitsitts' recharge weekend on the way.)

    I love you!

    Tell the Speers hi for me if you get this before camp!
    by horselover13 at 08/06/09 9:25PM
  • metzgermom
    See you....tomorrow? Wow!! :^)
    by metzgermom at 08/07/09 6:36AM
  • bzyabsma
    Be careful on the road!
    by bzyabsma at 08/07/09 11:23AM
  • kendrad
    I'll see you tomorrow, but you won't see this til you get home. Hehe!
    by kendrad at 08/13/09 5:13PM