Question ~

Hi, Pleonasters! I have a question of Great Importance .... and when these arise, I naturally turn to you lovely people to answer them for me. ;o) Can you guys tell me what exactly "LinkedIn Pulse" is/does? I've been able to figure out that it's an app connected with LinkedIn, but that's about it ... lately I've been getting referring url's on my blog traffic sources from, and when I click on the link, it takes me to the "LinkedIn Pulse" main login page. I've heard of LinkedIn, but I am not much of a social media person, so I'm really not up on these things ... but my curiosity has been growing! Thanks for any enlightenment. ;) Goodnight!

  • sirtarin
    Your guess is as good as mine. I've never heard of it before. :P

    Sorry not to be any help.
    by sirtarin at 10/18/14 2:47PM
  • ryan_s
    I believe it is just the app version of Linkedin - which is sort of a business networking website. Do you have a linkedin account? Companies use linkedin to find potential employees. I am not sure why it is connected to your blog.
    by ryan_s at 10/24/14 8:10PM
  • magnolia
    ^Thanks Ryan - hmm, no I don't have a Linkedin account. Weird!
    by magnolia at 10/24/14 11:34PM

Good morning!

Hop over here to see some pictures of my trip to PA a couple weeks ago! We got to visit some fun/historical spots while there for the Bible Forum/Gettysburg Weekend again. Had such an uplifting weekend with brethren -- if you are ever able to make it ... go. It's truly wonderful.

Have a lovely day!
  • marmee
    Thanks for sharing the photos! Amber and I visited Lancaster County a few years back with some older ladies who just wanted to make a trip to Amish country. So we took them. Drove from Georgia in one day. ;) We also spent time with the Bishop family. I hope you got to see them. Glad you have a delightful trip. I enjoy that landscape, but much prefer these mountains of Idaho ... so thankful to live here. :)
    by marmee at 06/09/14 4:33PM
  • sirtarin
    Nice pictures. Sounds like a lovely trip.

    Planning a few trips this summer. Singing School, maybe the Whitsitt's Volleyball tournament, a friend's wedding in Missouri, a cousin's wedding in Bowling Green. I might be rather busy for the later end of the summer. But first things first: I need to figure out what is the matter with the climate control system in my car. And preferably the cruise control, but that's not as important. :)
    by sirtarin at 06/09/14 6:27PM
  • onelittlecandle
    Thank you for the encouraging comments and relating your mother's experience. Definitely helps!! Things have actually been much better during class/services the last couple weeks, like somebody hit a switch and he "transformed." It's been great. :)
    by onelittlecandle at 07/11/14 12:22PM
  • granny
    Thank you for your thoughts on false teachers and the need to stand. This love we have not only for truth but for the false teacher too.
    by granny at 08/09/14 1:24AM

So excited!

All you fellow Narnia fans ... I just found out that The Silver Chair from the Chronicles of Narnia is finally being produced! Thought I'd share the joy ;o) My family are all Narnia lovers so this is quite exciting, y'all. ;-)
  • marmee
    We like Narnia, too. Will look forward to this movie. :)
    by marmee at 01/06/14 12:58AM
  • sirtarin
    They're finally getting around to continuing, eh? It has been a while since the last one. :)
    by sirtarin at 01/06/14 11:23AM
  • granny
    I'm glad I went over to your blog. a lovely read and good thoughts. Thank you.
    by granny at 01/23/14 9:48AM
  • trekkiemom
    :-) I love them too!
    by trekkiemom at 02/06/14 12:22AM
  • ryan_s
    by ryan_s at 02/07/14 8:45PM
  • raifhaus
    Hi! This is Amy :)
    by raifhaus at 05/19/14 12:09PM

Another Bend in the Road ...

A quick New Year message over here. :) Have a joy-filled 2014!
  • granny
    May yours be joyful through both trials and happiness.
    by granny at 01/01/14 1:30PM
  • sirtarin
    And the same to you! =)
    by sirtarin at 01/01/14 4:02PM
  • trekkiemom
    You too :-)
    by trekkiemom at 01/04/14 10:52PM

Hey guys!

I wanted to share with y'all -- I've had a couple of sweet people who have asked to see my blogspot, so I decided to share it with all of you here if you are interested in taking a look! I began blogging at "Gather Ye Rosebuds" back in January, and have been enjoying this project so much -- but you can read all about it on the blog. :) Don't feel obligated to check it out if you're not the blogger type, but you're more than welcome if you're interested! Enjoy! Gather Ye Rosebuds

*Edit* Hum, I'd hope I was familiar with my own blog name, but apparently not ... it's "Gather Ye Rosebuds," not "Gather Ye Roses." O.o Changes have been made!
  • sirtarin
    I read your top post at least. Very good thoughts. And if those pictures are from around your home, you live in a beautiful area. =)
    by sirtarin at 10/21/13 10:58PM
  • ryan_s :-) I saw this article on Facebook by another of my fellow messy deskers ( he is a principal at a school) :-) I hope all is well up north :-) I read the first post of your blog, good thoughts about waiting and trusting in God. We often don't know the why or how, but we can know that God is in charge. I will read the rest of your posts too :-)
    by ryan_s at 10/22/13 12:37AM
  • onelittlecandle
    Hi! I'm Sherri and I just stumbled across your pleo page. Your blog is really nice and I loved the fog pictures. Wonderful thoughts! :) I live on a farm also and enjoyed the pictures of your Jack. Our Hannah is nowhere near patient enough to sit for that long and be buried in leaves. :-)
    by onelittlecandle at 10/23/13 7:33PM
  • beavermom
    Wise, beautiful thoughts, young lady! Come visit soon!
    by beavermom at 10/26/13 2:46AM
  • ryan_s
    You need not despair, I will gladly help you be more messy ;-) I can be a consultant, just send me some photos and I can give some pointers and tips ;-) (haha, I am not that messy, I like to keep my house clean, but I have always tended towards messy desks :-) i need someone more organized in my life to balance me ;-) ) I enjoyed your blog, I haven't finished reading all of them yet :-)

    I saw some of the brethren from Gettysburg and Exton and Bethlehem at the congregation at Marietta. The congregation at Marietta happened to have a gospel meeting this weekend, so I spend Saturday there! it was a blessing :-) then I did a short walk around York. Sunday afternoon I hope to visit the Gettysburg battle ground visitor center. :-)
    by ryan_s at 10/26/13 7:17PM
  • ryan_s
    P.S. I had lunch today with the Kosek family and then dinner with some of the young people :-)
    by ryan_s at 10/27/13 10:12PM
  • onelittlecandle
    Thanks for the positive outlook on gray hair; still working at not minding it. My mom started graying in her 30's, and is now completely silver. While I think her's is beautiful, I like my present hair color very well and would rather take after my dad's side of the family, which starts graying a much more normal age, if at all. :-)

    Hannah is an australian shepherd mix and exceedingly full of exuberance and energy. (i.e. crazyness) Some of her shenanigans are amusing, like how she plays with rocks and buckets, jumps fences and carries turtles around, but others are exasperating, as when she used to try to chase the calves in the lot next to our yard, caught a chicken and began pulling its feathers out by the mouthful, and destroys things. Though, to be fair, we did eventually break of her bothering the calves and chickens. And she is a great watchdog. Someday I ought to write a book about the antics of the two dogs I have owned, the first being an angel and nearly human, the second (Hannah) being a nut. Smart, but a nut. :-)

    My husband farms part time, helping his dad who still farms full-time. (he's actually out plowing right now.) He has a very full-time job as a service manager with a company that builds barns and grain bins for farmers. Spring and Fall are extremely busy times of the year for him. We live on the family farm, at the end of a dead-end road, in the house that his grandma built and his dad grew up in. For many reasons, including sentimental ones, I love it! :) It was always my dream to live on a farm and now I do. Sometimes I am amazed at how many of my dreams and wishes God has granted me. :)

    Where do you live? And were you, by chance, homeschooled? I like the C.S. Lewis quote you have posted. :)
    by onelittlecandle at 11/02/13 2:24PM
  • marmee
    You can see my ham gravy recipe on her blog! misssonja also put one there! Enjoy!
    by marmee at 12/25/13 9:26PM