9 days!!!

It is nine days untill i come home again.... i cant wait.... and its my bday in 14 days.. allisons in 17 days.... josh's (my josh)in 15 and Anna's in 16 days... Funfunfunfun... Well i am lookin forward to that week.. cause i only work two days and i only go to school two and a half days... than i'm home... Oh and my mom will be seeing the docotor this week to see if she will have to have surgery or not.... Praying for not... But if she does at least i will be there for the after math of taken care of her.... Well hope to see yall soon... Oh and jessi i must make is a point to see you i havent seen you since i left in August..... i would like to see my big sister... well i guess thats it for now have to finish gettting ready for school.. have a great week... love yall...

  • whipsmile
    i know...it seems that every time you're in town, i'm working or something
    by whipsmile at 02/06/06 6:33AM
  • clarinet_jen
    You'll be here SOON!!!!!!!! YAY!
    by clarinet_jen at 02/06/06 9:06PM
  • jillybean
    by jillybean at 02/08/06 2:36PM
  • curlie
    Hey... sorry I missed your birthday!!! Happy belated one! :)

    August should be fine. I don't think we have anything going on that month. :) Let us know a more specific time frame when you have one in mind.
    by curlie at 03/05/06 12:58PM
  • deusvitae
    Hope you have a happy holiday season and a good new year. :)
    by deusvitae at 12/23/06 9:19AM

As of this morning.....

As of this morning i have lost 5 lbs..... YEAH!!!!!! i feel alot better that i know see important and not just working out for nothing.... my arm are getting buff... and my legs are gettin stronger from bike 30 mins everyday... and i usually do like 4 miles... i think that whats is said this morning.... well i just wanted to let yall know.... Oh and i stoped doing slim fast... i wasnt gettin enough to eat... so i am started to just watch what i eat.. and not snack.... its hard but its better.. well i hope yall have a great day.. and rest of the week... See some of you soon when i'm a year older...funfunfunfun... less than three weeks away i think.. k byebye

  • whipsmile
    by whipsmile at 02/01/06 9:31AM
  • clarinet_jen
    by clarinet_jen at 02/01/06 9:23PM
  • clarinet_jen
    oh, and I'd love to hang out with you guys on Sat., but it'd have to be in the afternoon as my band kids are going to BE ON TV that morning (me too)!
    by clarinet_jen at 02/01/06 9:24PM

Its almost been one week!!!!!!

So it will be one week on thursday that i started my diet and working out at the ymca..... I must say it was hard at first but i a m loving it now... i have to get up in the morning at 4:45 to be gone by 4:55 than i workout from 5 to 5:50.. than come home and get ready for school.... AND I HAVE LOST 1 POUND!!!!!! i know its not alot but its a started as jeni b. said... so i will keep yall on an update on how my working out and dieting is going... but so far so good... have a great rest of the week.....

  • whipsmile
    keep it going, keep it going...
    by whipsmile at 01/25/06 6:39AM
  • mister_c
    Keep working and soon you will double that weight loss.
    by mister_c at 01/25/06 11:31AM
  • flattyer
    Hi there Sarah! Nice to meet you :) Are you still enjoying Texas? Houston is pretty much the greatest city ever!
    by flattyer at 01/29/06 6:39PM
  • clarinet_jen
    nope...the complex isn't accepting dogs anymore, and even if they were, dogs are only allowed on the first floor...
    by clarinet_jen at 01/29/06 8:47PM

I'm out of shape

I worked out for the first time in a long while.... today and let me tell you i am really out of shape... and this is how you know you are out of shape.. when you go to the gym and someone that could be your grandma looks in better shape than you are.. and isn't sweating at all and you are about to die.... So i'm going to start workin out.. hope i can stick with it.... wish me luck.....
  • whipsmile
    me too deary
    me too
    by whipsmile at 01/16/06 5:26PM
  • clarinet_jen
    it's a very recent decision (within the last week). And I hear ya on needing to work out! That's one of the things I'm trying to do more now, and I'm hoping having her around will help!
    by clarinet_jen at 01/16/06 9:13PM
  • clarinet_jen
    yes, you must come over...hopefully she'll be all settled in by the middle of Feb!
    by clarinet_jen at 01/17/06 2:51PM
  • clarinet_jen
    you and allison living together...how scary
    by clarinet_jen at 01/24/06 6:57PM

Great things to remeber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you read this, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. (Or an impression that I might leave on you). It can be anything you want
  • whipsmile
    thank you
    Watching Firefly with you and watching you quickly get hooked. :)
    by whipsmile at 01/13/06 9:20PM
  • mister_c
    Teaching you in jr high bible class and now feeling old because you are in college.
    by mister_c at 01/14/06 1:24PM
  • clarinet_jen
    I remember when you were born! My first big memory of you was how I felt so grown-up getting to hold you. I think you fell asleep, which was SO cute (much better than when your dad first held me).
    by clarinet_jen at 01/15/06 1:17AM
  • greeneyed_monster
    Keep Snoopy on!!! thats all i have to say.
    by greeneyed_monster at 01/17/06 9:34PM