Somebody can get my kids to smile!

Mom and Dad hired a friend from church to come take the cousins' pictures while we were in Tennessee. Amy did a great job of getting the kids to warm up to her and caught their real smiles!

Can't wait to see all the final pictures!
  • kingslh
    by kingslh at 01/18/11 4:53PM
  • hopefullgirl
    I look goooood in black and white! ;D
    by hopefullgirl at 01/18/11 6:37PM
  • thejoyoftom
    Great picture. I like the black and white, too!
    by thejoyoftom at 01/19/11 12:09AM
  • hmjmom
    Great picture!
    by hmjmom at 01/19/11 4:23AM
  • rainout
    why does it always take someone else??!! same with mine! and they're teenagers! one of these days I'm gonna figure out how to get MYSELF in the pic with them cuz if anything happens to me, no one will know I was there mother!!
    by rainout at 01/19/11 8:26AM
  • phyllisophical_mom
    Now that is what I call cool. I would have loved to have been PAID to teach my children every day of their school days! ha

    I love subbing at this school, but being private the pay is pitiful! So, I sub more becuase I love it so much! I'm working another job Mon./Tues that is constant and the pay is almost twice as much. So, this is a great "if I don't have any other job that day" job.

    I hadn't seen pictures of your children in a long time.They've grown!!! Cute picture of the cuddly smiles too! ha
    by phyllisophical_mom at 01/28/11 9:16AM
  • sugarcane
    My ear is better, but not well, yet. Still taking pain killers a couple times a day- but the pain is less of a sharp stabbing pain and more of a... heavy ache. Love you and miss you, too!
    by sugarcane at 03/21/11 7:00PM
  • teelside
    of course you do...can always count on you to like yellow:) XOXO
    by teelside at 05/13/11 5:14AM
  • teelside
    of course you do...can always count on you to like yellow:) XOXO
    by teelside at 05/13/11 5:14AM
  • teelduo
    Something like that. LOL
    by teelduo at 06/13/11 4:20PM
  • homeschoolmomma23
    That would be great!!
    by homeschoolmomma23 at 06/15/11 4:01PM
  • teelside
    I think the lilies have a nice smell ... subtle, but nice.
    by teelside at 06/15/11 7:45PM
  • teelduo
    That's just wrong! You told me to have fun and then stay out of trouble in the same sentence! WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! I will be with Nina so trouble will be our middle names. ROFL
    by teelduo at 06/24/11 6:46PM
  • sugarcane
    we're trying to stay low key- it's just so hard!! But I'm getting to bed early, so that should make up for it!
    by sugarcane at 07/19/11 8:00AM
  • sugarcane
    Me too!!!! Any ideas about what you want to do?
    by sugarcane at 07/20/11 10:08AM

Christmas in the south

Do you see what I am dealing with? Every year I try to get ONE cute picture of the kids to put on our Christmas cards and someone usually ends up in tears. This year we avoided the tears but still ended up with lots of silliness - mainly from Ian.

We have a week left of school and then two and a half weeks of freedom. I can hardly wait to sleep later than 6 a.m.!

What are you up to?
  • curlie
    So you mean it doesn't get better? ::sigh::
    by curlie at 12/08/10 9:41AM
  • hmjmom
    Fun times. Try getting a good picture of 7 kids ages 8 and under!
    by hmjmom at 12/08/10 10:40AM
  • maucknot
    Great photo! Miss those kids (you and Stacy too).
    by maucknot at 12/09/10 10:13AM
  • missysnapp
    That's funny. WIth four kids, I gave up on the one good photo and just do a collage every year. The one photo will never happen. I also gave up my stringent photo-taking ways. It just wasn't worth it. I like this one!
    by missysnapp at 12/11/10 7:13AM
  • wifelet
    I'm reading this post on a netbook, which has a much smaller screen than normal. To see the whole picture, I had to scroll over. So, when I first got here, all I saw in the picture was Maddie. Then I scrolled over and saw Ian ... and nearly woke the baby up laughing!!
    by wifelet at 12/12/10 9:04AM
  • teelduo
    by teelduo at 12/17/10 7:03PM
  • sugarcane
    Where have I been? I have been in the NORTH! No Chic-fil-a up this way. Love you! And I rather liked my Crimson shirts!
    by sugarcane at 01/06/11 10:36AM


This was our view yesterday morning at 7 a.m. Stacy ran another sprint triathalon in Panama City Beach. The water was too cold for my taste - 69 degrees - but he had a full wet suit. The cold water didn't stop the kids either. Crazy children.

We are home now - trying to get ready for another week. But I am missing the beach view. (But not all the ridiculous college students! Where in the world has spring break in the year? Isn't school almost done?)
  • hmjmom
    I love looking at the beach.
    by hmjmom at 04/12/10 5:52AM
  • teelduo
    by teelduo at 04/12/10 7:19AM
  • teelside
    I wanna be there -- in a laid back lounge, listening and soaking up rays. (Looks like a quilt pallet to me)
    by teelside at 04/12/10 10:35AM
  • laurenn84
    They have spring break this time of year in Canada.
    by laurenn84 at 04/13/10 8:39PM
  • bumbly77
    How about I just got back from there today...we've been on SB this week....crazy?!?! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by bumbly77 at 04/15/10 11:00PM
  • sugarcane
    NOW I remember!! It is in Coffee Time Quilts.
    by sugarcane at 04/17/10 6:18AM
  • wifelet
    Oh, yeah, I guess I did see Nomi then ... There was much fighting, indeed! I loved it - gave my tired arms a break!
    by wifelet at 04/21/10 8:00AM
  • teelside
    Only reason for sneaking is to let everyone who can sleep in ... and I think it might be easier on Grandmother too :)
    by teelside at 05/08/10 8:38PM
  • sugarcane
    Two little ones- The girls are very excited to have another girl in the family. Love you!
    by sugarcane at 05/28/10 7:52AM
  • missysnapp
    Don't you find it depressing, though? It's just dead on Pleo.
    by missysnapp at 06/16/10 9:24PM
  • kristindoula
    Are you serious??? Have we really not seen you all in the last year?!
    by kristindoula at 10/23/10 8:47PM

04/07/10 1:52PM

All dressed up. I have made the difficult decision of no longer feeding my children - in order to prohibit them from growing any more! Ian has grown over two inches in the last six months. Thankfully he has worn shorts (mostly the silky basketball type) to school EVERYDAY this year. Even when it was 32 degrees outside! He has only worn long pants to school maybe three times this year. Crazy boy.

Only about 6 weeks left of school! We are ready for summer vacation. Next year Maddie will be at the middle school! She is looking forward to it. Ian and Maddie won't be at the same school again until Maddie is a senior and Ian is a sophomore.

What are your plans for the summer?
  • hmjmom
    Wow! Your kids are really growing up. They are beautiful/handsome kids.
    by hmjmom at 04/07/10 3:09PM
  • doodleallthe
    Thank you! We did enjoy their visit. Will you please tell them they forgot to stay longer. :)
    by doodleallthe at 04/07/10 10:06PM


This is a sweet self portrait I found on Maddie's camera when I borrowed it the other day! Along with it were pictures of flowers, a random cat, and the neighbor's baby. The things that catch an 11 year old girl's eye!
  • hmjmom
    Nice picture!
    by hmjmom at 04/04/10 5:47AM
  • teelside
    a stacy-sweet portrait.
    by teelside at 04/04/10 6:09AM
  • hopefullgirl
    the cat was Gwiny. She walked if front of the camera.
    by hopefullgirl at 04/04/10 7:40AM
  • aucowgirl
    i just teared up a little.
    by aucowgirl at 04/05/10 7:56PM
  • teelduo
    by teelduo at 04/05/10 8:30PM